…From the Week

Monday was our last full day home in New York. Ugh face. But hey, I got a whole month there! Not too shabby. We tried to make the most of the last day and took a family drive to the mall. SO EXCITING, HUH?!! Ha, well I had to return some things I bought for Wes (kid doesn’t fit in 18 month jeans! What the hellllllll) Afterwards, we drove to Grant Cottage only to find out it was closed. Womp. In case you’re wondering, Grant Cottage is the cottage where General Ulysses S. Grant died. See, those are the types of attractions near home. Thrilling.

We picked up my aunt for lunch at Panera and it was delicious. Half of me NEEDS one here in Calgary and the other half of me doesn’t want it because it would take all my money. Wes ate mangoes and flirted with the entire 70+ year-old population. Small baby boomer town = lots of places filled with gray hairs. Everywhere.

photo 2-98

Oh, and I tried that limited edition pumpkin quest bar! I thought it was gonna be yucky but it was SO GOOD. I should probably buy a box. (no jen, no. you have no money.)

photo 1-102

I packed. And I packed. And then there was more packing. It was a tight squeeze. I’m glad I won’t be flying for a while. PHEW.

Wes was in his carseat for a good part of the day, so I put him in the Ergo and went for a long walk. I would love it if somebody would strap me to them and walk around so I could nap. Could you even imagine?

photo 3-73

The night ended with a weenie roast! It was on the small scale. Like, micro-mini.

photo 1-103

photo 2-99

photo 3-74

photo 4-48

photo 5-28

Tuesday. Ahhhhh Tuesday. I am SO glad Tuesday is over. Let’s bullet point Tuesday, shall we?

  • 2:45am wake up. Except my alarm wasn’t until 3:15. Can someone say anxious?
  • TSA lost my laptop. I had about 3592730293 bins to go through security (camera, laptop, stroller, car seat, breastmilk, toiletries, jacket, shoes, diaper bag, backpack…..) I had a minor anxiety attack before they finally recovered it.
  • The first flight was pretty uneventful. I got the row of three seats to myself, so it was easier to feed and change Wes.
  • RAN from arrival gate to departure gate of second flight. Made it just in time. Wes starts screaming profusely as I got to our seat so I started to feed him. No sooner did that happen, the flight attendant told me I needed to move seats to be on a side that had extra of those pig-nose bag thingies that drop from the ceiling in case of emergency (who cares what they’re really called). Cue MORE SCREAMING. And there was no changing table on the flight…I’m just going to end this bullet point because: RAGE.
  • I unpacked everything once we got home because I wanted to make sure there were no foods in my luggage that Reggie would get into. We went to run some errands and came back to find Reggie had gotten an ENTIRE box of Quest bars from the counter. 7 were among the wreckage (unharmed), 3 were recovered from various hiding spots and 2 are MIA. PLEASE NOTE: He buried one in the pillows of the guest bed and got so ferocious with his nose-burying, that his nose bled…..ALL OVER THE WHITE DUVET. Cue more rage.
  • Frozen breastmilk thawed en route and leaked all over my laptop. You know the end result because I’m typing from said laptop, so that’s good.

No pictures from Tuesday because: see above.


This was a total get-our-lives-back-in-order day. I was stressed x infinity about the number of things that needed to get done around the house- reorganizing Wes’s stuff, laundry, cleaning the dang house, groceries…….

Wes woke up nice and early, but I didn’t mind since I actually got in a good night’s sleep! I quickly got started on the eleven thousand shows that were recorded while I was gone, while Wes went through the usual eat/poop/lay/jump morning routine. We then went to the store to get some essential groceries. There was approximately ZERO perishable items in the house and one cannot survive on boxed goods alone.

photo 1-104

PS: notice it’s the same jumperoo as the one I bought in NY? The kid is obsessed with it, so I had to find another one!








I set up Wes’s compact high chair and he got right to it and ate SO MUCH. High five for that thing.

photo 3-75

And some stuff I won in a giveaway arrived! Yesssss


The weather was SO NICE that I put Wes in the stroller and walked to the bank to deposit some stuff, then continued on a nice long walk. It was hilly too, which felt good since all my walks back home were completely flat. By the time we got back home, I was drenched in sweat. LOVE.

I put together a dinner of turkey burgers and roasted veggies, then took the dogs for a walk and got in my workout. It was nice to have a little me time, but I did feel bad for putting Tyler right back to serious baby-duty (Ok no, I don’t feel bad).

photo 2-100

Also: posted my extremely in-depth review on the latest pumpkin beers. If you missed it, you can read it here.


In the morning, I did my pilates workout while Wes was in the jumperoo. As luck would have it, he fell asleep just as I finished so I put him in the stroller and went for a nice long walk. It felt really good to get some fresh air and quiet time.

photo 1-105

photo 2-101

I picked up some stuff at the grocery store for dinner..mind you, it took two trips because I forgot my wallet the first time. WOMP. And somehow this pint of gloriousness made its way into my cart..

photo 1-106

Dinner was Crock Pot Sweet Potato and Quinoa Turkey Chili (I used beef instead since we had turkey the night before). I highly recommend it, it’s SO good!

photo 2-102

Wes had a couple of friends during/after his own dinner.

photo 3-76

photo 4-49

Poor Wes, the stupid eczema is back on his neck and chest. This dry weather is taking its toll and I’ve been slathering him with CeraVe every two seconds.

So that’s this week in a rather long nutshell! Back to the same-old same-old routine at home!

Weekend Recap


As usual, pancakes on Friday! Love them SO much- except I do miss my real Canadian maple syrup back home :) In case you’re wondering, the recipe is SO simple: 3/4 c quick oats, 3/4 c greek yogurt, 2 egg whites. (I add a bit of almond milk to thin out the batter since the consistency from my mom’s blender is a bit more grainy.)

photo 1-96

I noticed in the local paper that there is a new baby boutique downtown, so my mom and I went to go check it out. Unfortunately, I don’t think the shop will last long- she had barely any inventory and it was extremely expensive for the area. There was one little fleece coat there that was adorable, but I wasn’t about to pay $52 for it!

We walked around for a bit longer and stopped in another shop where I saw they had Hunter boots- and they had my size!!! (11). My mom convinced me to buy them since there was a sign that said 40% off- which I could still justify given the current exchange rate. Apparently it was NOT my lucky day, because they were improperly marked and were full price. UGH. I’m really hoping Tyler reads this and sees that I want a pair of ORIGINAL TALL BLACK HUNTER BOOTS. SIZE 11.

Tyler- are you reading this? Please be reading this. I really want those boots.

To make up for all the bad shopping, we stopped in to Rock Hill Bakehouse for lunch. I’m mad at myself for being home this long and waiting until the end of my trip to order my favorite sandwich, the Granny Smith. It has roasted turkey, sliced granny apple, sharp cheddar and curried mayo on toasted raisin bread. Mmmmmm

photo 2-92

photo 3-67

I’m the biggest idiot in the world and had a bit of ice-cream when we got home. <–That part isn’t me being an idiot, but working out less than 10 minutes after eating the ice cream is. I just about barfed. I was literally sweating Ben and Jerry’s out of my face.

photo 4-43

Dinner was pretty f*ing good too. My dad made homemade balls and sauce which I paired with a THICK slice of Villas bread. OMG I love Villas bread- it’s so thick and well, bread tasting. I used to eat entire loaves of this stuff in high school. You know, back when metabolisms were great.

photo 1-97

photo 2-93

photo 4-44

photo 5-26

News alert: I opened that beer and drank a whopping 3 sips of it. I think I’m losing my pumpkin beer mojo??! I’m not liking any of the ones I bought!

Wes INHALED some cereal, green beans and pears. The boy loves his food!

photo 3-68

Before bed, I decided to whip together a coffee cake. I’ve been craving one lately and secretly hoping my mom would put it together. Instead, she gave Wes a bath and a bottle while I got to work in the kitchen. Totally fine by me.

photo 1-98

photo 2-94

photo 3-69

So basically, Friday was a day revolving around food. Actually, that’s most days.


Ugh. Wes is really liking this whole wake-up-at-5AM thing. I’m not liking it at all. Especially these last few days- I have been feeling a bit under the weather. WOMP. The good news is, he falls asleep right after eating, so I can get back to bed for a bit longer as well.

Even though I was feeling crappy, I made breakfast (BAE- bacon and eggs) for all of us AND cut into the delicious loaf I made last night.

photo 1-99

I could have eaten the entire thing.

My dad took Wes for a walk while I napped (very important!) ad my mom and I eventually got out the door for a girls outing (+ Wes). We wanted to drive out to Salem, NY for a couple of different fall fests. Funny story: We drove to Salem, drove through Salem, then drove home. At least the view was scenic and Wes got in another long nap! Fun fact: There are more cows in Salem than people.

photo 2-95

photo 3-70

photo 4-45

PS: I took this photo while getting ready this morning..I am too lazy/frugal to buy new pjs, so I’ve been rubber banding my existing ones. I’m convinced I’ll fill them out again soon, so I’m not about to spend more money on smaller ones!


We had dinner reservation sat my favorite local restaurant, Bistro LeRoux . I can’t say enough good things about this place- the service is so friendly, the food is AMAZING and the atmosphere is nice and cozy for a delicious evening out of the house.

I stuck with my all time favorite: the Mascarpone Stuffed Poached Pear Salad. It comes with candied walnuts, cherries, mascarpone cheese and spinach with a vanilla fig vinaigrette. I added filet to mine to make it a heartier meal and it didn’t disappoint in the least.

And of course we had a bottle of wine for the table.

And of course we split warm apple pie for dessert.

And of course I multi-tasked and fed Wes once he woke up.

Of course.

photo 1-100

photo 2-96

photo 3-71

photo 4-46

photo 5-27

I hate to say it, but this trip is coming to an end with both Wes and I having colds. UGH. Which made sleep on Saturday night pretty much non-existant (for me). The poor boy just had a bit of a hard time getting to sleep, but stayed down for a solid 10 hours. Lucky.


Well, I couldn’t sleep worth a crap. I ended up watching My Best Friends Wedding and sobbed like a baby. Also, ummm now that I’m watching it, Kimmy (Cameron Diaz’s character) is only 20 and in college and Julia Roberts is supposed to only be 27. HOWWWWWW did they all get such great jobs? I would DIE..strike that…KILL to be 27 and be a food critic. Or a sports writer. Stupid rom coms.

I then got super desperate and watched Drive Me Crazy (which drives me crazy.) At least it did the trick and I fell asleep.

Despite the yucky feelings, Mr. Wes woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed. (Me, on the other hand…WOOF).

photo 1-101

My dad took Wes for a long walk in the morning so I was able to squeeze in my workout. Having a sniffly nose + cardio do NOT mix, but I powered through it and felt about .5 billionty times better.

In the afternoon, we ventured back over to the mall because I wanted to see if I could find any good deals on clothes for myself. I wound up getting 2 shirts and a sweater which I think will fit into my upcoming fall/winter/spring lifestyle. PS: I dread going back to work to wear more put together outfits. Barf.

I also picked up another box of Quest bars and managed to work a single pumpkin pie bar into my purchase. This is just about the only pumpkin thing I’ve succumbed to this fall. Well, besides the beer but that was an EPIC fail this year and more than 75% of it went down the drain.

photo 2-97

The weather in the late afternoon was so nice, I decided to take Wes for another walk. The fresh air did us both good and I am so dreading going back home to colder, non-walkable weather.

photo 3-72

I made myself a stuffed sweet potato for dinner and absolutely inhaled it. For some reason, the ‘sweet potatoes’ I find in Calgary come nothing close to these in taste, so it was an especially nice treat to have a ‘tater I really loved.

And I bought a case of LaCroix at Target today too. Guess how many are left? None. I’ve already polished them off. Is that gross?? I guess there could be worse habits to have. Like heroin.

 photo 4-47

To wrap up things nicely, my mom made a wacky cake for dessert. I would have taken a picture of it but we ate it and it’s (mostly) gone already. CAKE FOR THE WIN!

How was your weekend?

..From the Week

photo 3-64

Some highlights from the week (10 points for anyone who actually reads the whole thing):

Lazy Monday morning! Lazy= jumping in the jumperoo (Wes) and eating lots of peanut butter (me) while watching the Today show (both of us). Short walk, iced coffee, dinner at Outback, quick cardio workout, champs and a late night chat with my friend Amy at her house. PS: I didn’t get back home until almost 1am. Note to self: that’s a stupid thing to do.

photo 1-89

photo 2-85

Ugh. I forgot to ask for a plain sweet potato. The poor thing was drowning in butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. Our waiter seemed to lack any personality or enthusiasm, so I didn’t dare ask for another. 

photo 3-64

Perusing the cocktail menu. 

photo 4-40

Amy gave me these awesome products to try out on Wes..

photo 1-92

Still crappy weather on Tuesday, but we got dressed and headed to Saratoga Apple to pick up some apples, peaches, and the beloved CIDER DONUT. Noms. Oh, and we picked up some free coffees at Dunks on the way!

photo 1-90








photo 2-86

Can somebody please remind me to do my hair every once in a while? I hate having all these pictures with my hair up, I look like a goon!

The rest of the day was pretty boring- we went grocery shopping, I worked out, dinner, and bed.

I was NOT in the mood to do my workout and was SO annoyed with how often friggin Shawn T repeats himself in the Insanity workout. Reminded me of Eddie the echo (remember him?)

Wednesday: Winesday Wednesday! Check out my latest post which features Common Roots Brewing Company here.

I think Wes is going through a growth spurt or something, because the dude woke up at 4am AGAIN to eat. At least he went back to sleep for a couple hours afterwards, but hot dang does it throw me out of whack to get up at that time. After our standard morning routine, my dad and I drove down to Saratoga to walk around the mall (one of the few remaining options when it’s pouring out and you get cabin fever!) I managed to pick up a good amount of stuff for Wes and checked out a local natural market.

photo 2-88

PS: Wes now wears mostly 18-24 month clothes. PPS: In case you were wondering, Wes is only 5 months old. He’s a big boy.

After returning home for lunch and having some visitors over for a few hours, my mom and I went on a craft trip to Joanne’s and Hobby Lobby. I swear to God, I could buy everything in HL. EVERYTHING.

Ok no, that’s a lie. There is a lot of Christian themed stuff in there. Not my cup of decorating tea.

We had pulled pork sammies for dinner and Wes jumped for another 42 hours in his jumperoo (while testing out his new hat!) That marks the end of Wednesday!

photo 1-93

photo 2-89

Before going to bed, I upgraded my seat on the flights back to Calgary to Economy plus…just for the extra leg room. Tyler upgraded our seats for the trip out, and I thought it was definitely worth it- especially for a large, wriggly, lap-riding baby.

Thursday: Glory glory, Wes slept until 7:15! After breakfast, I threw Wes is a fleece onesie and got him into the stroller for a walk. The rain has been nonstop for the past few days because of Joaquin, but this morning was pretty dry and sunny so I decided to get out there ASAP before any more rain came.

photo 2-90

photo 3-66

photo 4-42

I had to snap a pic of the signs that have been posted along the bike path because it made me laugh out loud

photo 1-94

..you know, in case anyone was gonna call the cops on a group of dude in colonial garb carrying muskets..

My mom and I went down to Saratoga to check out Kohl’s real quick and I walked out with two full outfits for Wes for $20! Snack plate for lunch, another visitor at the house for a couple of hours, then I made a trip to Walmart to stock up on ice cream and goldfish. #priorities.

photo 5-25

Before bed, I ran the bath and had Wes test the waters (to prep him for his swim classes back home!) We multitasked and I took a bath with him. He loves the water so much, and I can’t wait to see him in the big pool!

photo 2-91

I’d like to say I’m looking forward to the weekend, but two things are preventing me from doing so:

  1. No one in this household has any obligations. My parents are retired, I’m on mat leave, and Wes refuses to work. So M-F is the same as S-S.
  2. It’s the last weekend in NY before flying back to Calgary. I can already feel the gagging of tears.

And there will be no more of this willy nilly->

photo 1-95

Two mega stuf Oreos smushed together. I die.

Winesday Wednesday: Common Roots Brewing Co

I really think sometimes I should just call it Beersday Wednesday because I tend to share more beers than wines. Especially when I’m home because there are just so many beers to try! Doesn’t have the same ring to it though.


Last Wednesday I ventured out to South Glens Falls to check out a new brewery, Common Roots Brewing Company. I actually found out about the place when I was at the beer store a few weeks ago and chatted up the cashier for a few minutes. Thank goodness I did, because I really liked the place!



Of course, since I had never had any of their beers, a tasting flight was the obvious choice. They had 8 beers on tap (check out the link to their site as previously posted) and we could choose four for our flight. (only $5! Insert super excited/happy/drooly emoji here)

photo 1-91

photo 2-87

My mom and I both got the same 4:

  • Haus Sour- I loved this one! I have yet to see a sour beer in Alberta, but I do remember trying one in Seattle last summer. It’s an easy drinker and I think it’s a great beer for those who aren’t normally beer drinkers.
  • Coffee Cup- This one was pretty good. It was a bit hard to get down because of the high alcohol content, but I could really taste the cold press coffee and the fact that it’s from a local coffee vendor is even better!
  • Spinner- I really like this one because of the grapefruit in it. Still a bit tough for me to thoroughly enjoy since it is a pale ale.
  • Daylight DIPA- Yeah, not sure what I was thinking when I chose this one since I’m not an IPA person, but it was neat to at least try their take on it.

photo 3-65

I made sure Wes was wearing his Pint Sized shirt for out visit and the brewers got a kick out of it.

photo 4-41

photo 5-24

While we were there, we were advised a local food truck would be there on Friday, so my mom and I made sure to come back! If you checked out my Weekend Recap, you’ll remember I had that AWESOME pulled pork quesadilla with my beer. Mmmm so good.

I know for a fact if I didn’t live so dang far away I’d be frequenting this place. The brewery was made up really nice and I saw on social media that they offer extended hours for football games, trivia nights, gears and beers, and even yoga! I’m actually hoping to make it to one of their monthly yoga sessions before heading back to Calgary. Umm yoga + beer= googly eyes.

What are you drinking this week?

Have any local breweries near you? Please share!

Weekend Recap

photo 1-84

Another great weekend in the books! Which also mean one week closer to going home..womp.

Friday: Obviously the day started with pancakes! The consistency of these are way different than the ones I make at home..I now know just how awesome my Vitamix is! But these are still tasty as ever.

photo 1-84

Wes didn’t want to go for our usual morning walk, so we relaxed for a bit longer before going out to run a bunch of errands. I took him all over the town and we managed to be gone for a few hours before returning home for lunch. He had squash and cereal and I scarfed down a green juice, apple, and multi-grain chips.

photo 2-81

If you saw my Instagram post, you’d know that I prefer hamburgers to green juice.

My parents walked Wes to get coffee, so I took advantage of the ‘me’ time and got through a workout and showered. I 20357239057% did NOT want to workout, but pushed through it and felt much better afterwards.

Then we were off to a local brewery for a beer and some food truck eats! (more on the brewery in this week’s Winesday Wednesday post..don’t miss it, it’s good!)

photo 4-38 photo 3-60

Holy moly the pulled pork Quesadilla was SO good! My mom and I both loved that they had diced pickles in it. I paired my dinner with the Haus Sour which complemented the flavors pretty well (oddly enough).

On the way home we stopped by Cooper’s Cave for some hard ice cream. Chocolate peanut butter cup for the win!

photo 5-22

This place is right along the bike path and we watched several runners pass by..I looked it up and it was one of those Ragnar races (193.7 miles from Saratoga to Lake Placid). I felt pretty confident in myself that I was eating ice cream and not running. Sidenote: I went for my first run in almost a year on Thursday and managed to maintain a decent pace for about 3/3.5 miles. Also, I think I broke my groin? I don’t know, but all the things in that general area are sore. So that’s awesome.

The night ended pretty early since Wes fell asleep at 8:15 (YAY FOR EARLIER BEDTIMES) so I painted my nails and got in bed to watch a few episodes of Grace and Frankie. Is anyone watching this? I think it is absolutely hilarious. HIGH-LARRY-US.



Saturday: After our usual morning shenanigans, Wes and I headed over to Local Fest. Know why it’s called that? Because it’s local. Like, literally just down the road from my parent’s house. It was a pretty neat little fest because it showcased all of the people who have shops/space in The Shirt Factory. (The building has a pretty neat history. Check out that link to read more about it!). I carried Wes in the Ergobaby and he did awesome- all the ladies loved him :) There were so many neat furniture pieces that I would have loved to buy, but it would cost a fortune to ship to Calgary. Boo. So I walked away with a bar of peach zinfandel soap.

photo 1-85


It was a tough decision on which scent to choose so I was really happy to see on the card that she has an etsy shop! Perfect for future purchases. Check out her shop here.

After checking out the fest, I put Wes in the stroller and went for a nice long walk. I really enjoy taking the bike path and I get to pass a lot of places around town that bring back old memories (mostly good ones..) It’s totally gonna suck going back to Calgary. Boo.

photo 2-82

After we got back and digested lunch it was time to workout! (<–sarcastic emphasis. I did not want to work out). My parents were out running errands, so I dragged the jumperoo out onto the porch and we wound up working out together! That’s my boy.

photo 3-61

That evening, my best friend and her family showed up from NH! I hate that we live so far away because I hadn’t seen her in almost a year and our visits are SO SHORT. And her daughter Keagan is so big!!! She was the flower girl at my wedding and I can’t believe how grown up she is.

10.20 wedding7

Dad made ribs for dinner, we stayed up to chat for a bit, then hit the hay. Oh, and I finished Grace and Frankie. I NEED more episodes STAT.

Sunday: Rise and shine, it’s baptism time! Kristin (or as I call her, Kysha) is Wes’s godmother (hence the visit). We all got ready then headed over to the church. The mass went by pretty quick and Wes was on his best behavior. He was actually sleeping when it came time for the water to be poured on his head, so that was a bit of a rude awakening for him. Buuuuut in true Wes fashion, he didn’t cry! My mom took video of it that’s hilarious—if only I could figure out how to upload it. Hmmmm… My only regret is not taking more pictures!

I just re-read that paragraph and it was so poorly written. I don’t feel like changing it. Sorry!

photo 5-23
photo 4-39 photo 3-62

photo 1-86

photo 2-83

After mass, we had brunch at Morgan & Co. downtown. Almost the whole table ordered eggs benedict and they didn’t disappoint. I’m pretty sure I could eat eggs benny every day. Mmmmm

photo 3-63

photo 2 photo 1-87

photo 2-84

Shortly after, Mike and Kysh had to leave to head back home. Queue the instant onset of Sunday blues. My mom and I took Wes for a long, slow walk to soak up what might be the last bits of warm fall weather. And to ward off that gross Sunday sad feeling.

photo 1-88

And it wouldn’t be Sunday without flipping through the ads! Good thing Wes was there to help grandma flip the pages.


My baby boy fell asleep at 7! SEVEN. S-E-V-E-N P-M. I was going to celebrate by having a beer in the bathtub, but we had no beer. (What the whaaaat?!!) So I settled for twizzlers in the bathtub. Doesn’t have the same ring to it, but still did the trick.


How was your weekend?

PS: I swear I’m not lying when I tell you this kid smiles. He smiles ALL.THE.TIME. I will catch it on camera sooner or later!

Three Things Thursday

WHOA- I’m doing a post that doesn’t start with a ‘W’ (Winesday Wednesday, Weekend Update, Wes’s monthly updates..) I just felt like blabbing a bit here while we are hanging out on the floor watching all the Pope action on TV. So here goes!

1) Let’s talk about mat leave. Or rather, 52 weeks of less pay. I am NOT complaining in the slightest because HOLY CRAP a whole year of paid leave to stay home with my baby is pretty much the best thing ever. GO CANADA! But the cut in pay makes it a bit limiting, especially now that there is another human in the household. With that, I was thinking of potentially getting involved in an online business like Beachbody as a means of generating a little bit of extra $$

200Only problem is, I absolutely cannot stand how my social media feeds are now bombarded with all the entrepreneurial (<–spelled that right on the first try!) posts. No offence to anyone! I don’t want to be a hypocrite and end up doing the same. I know, I know, it’s the best way to reach others. Only, I feel that I might do well with that type of business because I am already a very active, health-minded, and fit person. I would love to share that with others….but not annoy everyone else in the process. It’s a toughie. Please let me know your thoughts!!!!

2) I have been drinking Polar seltzer water LIKE IT’S MY JOB. (If only that were a real job which would easily help me out. See #1)


In the two weeks I’ve been home, I think I’ve consumed 8 cases. Cases. Then there’s the regular water. And the fizzy water I’ve bought while out. And the beer. Haha, the beer. (not as much as you’d think.) I do miss my sodastream at home since it’s more cost efficient, but I can’t hate that my parents have been keeping the fridge stocked with this stuff for me!

3) I am planning on a solo shopping trip for myself before leaving New York. I NEED CLOTHES. No, it’s legit you guys. First, I only brought 3 outfits + a dress with me for this trip. That’s three outfits to repeat for a month. WOOF. Plus, most of the clothes I do have don’t fit me anymore. I was out with Wes yesterday and saw so many cute things I could incorporate into my fall/winter stay-at-home-with-the-baby-but-not-look-like-a-hobo wardrobe.


I’m keeping the budget small, but I think I can do it! So long as I steer clear of the Oreo aisle in Target.

Tell me something random!