Here’s What I’ve Been Thinking


Hi there!

So here’s what I’ve been thinking.

This blog. It supposed to reflect me, right? And before, ‘me’ was booze and baking and fitness. For the most part. And random things. But now there’s this baby in the picture. I promised myself before I got pregnant that I would NOT turn into one of those crazies who blog all about baby (note: ‘Crazies’ is a word former me would have used. My hormones now tell me that it’s not crazy to gush over your kid. I get it now) Because HOLY SHIT all I want to do is talk about babies. And buy baby things. And dream about future baby-involved adventures. Nevermind the inevitable mishaps.

Actually, I’m not gonna lie, the excitement is all around my own baby. I am not good with other people’s kids. Sorry to all those that I babysat many moons ago.


I want to share all my nursery things.

I want to share all the cute clothes I buy.


OMG I need this hoodie. You can buy it for me here

I want to share what I’m doing with the baby while I’m on mat leave FOR A WHOLE YEAR.


**PS: let’s be real for a second- I am not sharing that shit on Facebook, because there are some people on there that are crazy. I prefer giving my anonymous worldwide internet-folk the pleasure. Or displeasure, whatever your point of view on babies might be.

Is that cool? Don’t worry, I am POSITIVE there will still be plenty of boozy posts.

plug chug

Because life is all about balance, right?!

PPS: I have about 32059723095 tabs open right now and they are all baby sites and I have about a zillionty things in each shopping cart. Things I can’t afford, but it’s way more fun to do than ogle over the lululemon website. Well, just a bit more fun :)

God, I’m such a hypocrite.


This Week

photo 4-18

I think these guys are ready to have daddy back. Tyler has been gone all week for work and I had already planned on using some vacation days to have this week off, so it’s been….weird.

photo 4-18

Or maybe I’ve got a serious case of cabin fever and have just bugged the crap out of my two companions.

Monday: After dropping Tyler off at the airport in the morning, I came home and did 3 different workouts (a cardio interval workout/upper body strength/deck of cards workout)…with naps and snacks in between each. I think that’s it. Oh, .and I’ve had to walk the dogs all week (good timing that the sidewalks have been snow/ice free so that I can actually take them out. Hindsight now I probably shouldn’t have because my back is in SERIOUS pain. Grr)

photo 2-32

Tuesday: I checked out a couple of stores to see if they had anything I needed (baby related) with no luck. I even checked out the Target liquidation sale and it’s a total joke. Nothing is really marked down and the prices are just stupid. In the afternoon, I had a prenatal massage. AMAZING. And I didn’t want to leave. The evening was topped off with a yummy snack plate, another workout, some household chores, and I forget what else.

photo 3-25

Ever had a grapple? It’s a grape flavored apple. Not bad, but really not worth the extra $$

Wednesday: I drove all the way down to Ikea only to realize as I was walking into the store that I left my wallet at home. So I actually drove back to get it and returned to Ikea (that’s like 2 hours in the car. BOO). I ended up buying some goodies for the baby’s room, then hopped over to Gap and got some cute clothes for him on sale. Nothing for me, because I’m selfless like that. HA. I did a few other errands than came home to attempt to put together all the Ikea crap. Note to self: Ikea is the devil with all this ‘assemble yourself” business. After about 7 hours, I managed to half-ass 2 pieces and complete 3 others. So frustrating! To reward myself, I took a nap in an upright seated position then did a workout at like 10:30 at night. I think it was something that was strength/cardio intervals.

photo 5-13

PS: Tyler took his laptop with him this week so it prevented me from using any of the workout DVDs. Grrr. My Mac doesn’t have a CD thingy, so I’ve had to improvise. I could’ve gone for a run, but who are we kidding. And spinning is pretty much out of the question at this point.

Thursday: Taped and painted half the guest bedroom. I’ll have Tyler do the other half because I really don’t have the patience. Plus, my back hurts. And I’m now sick. Also, had a routine doctor’s appt at the maternity clinic. I am starting to get annoyed with this whole ‘you never know who you’re gonna get” thing (8 rotating doctor’s and it varies who you see at each appt AND who delivers your baby. What the WHAT?!!) because the doctor yesterday essentially came in, asked if I had questions, then left. I feel that at this point, the appointments should start to get a little more in depth. I actually had to call her back two times to ask her some questions. Ran a few more errands, walked the dogs, ate a whole pizza, then practically died on the couch. Cold is in full force. I attempted a deck of cards workout but it was SO painful to get through. Might have to just lay off the workouts for a bit…as hard as it is to say. Sad face.


Friday (today): I have managed to stay in bed all day. I think I’ve earned it. I was practically a SWF, a carpenter, a chef, and dog walker, and a dog groomer (had to wash the dogs about 230597230592735 when they came in the house muddy after every potty break) all week. I’m really for a true day off. Too bad I still have a zillionty things to do!

Do anything cool this week? 

Chocolate Banana Date Smoothie

photo 1-32


I just made the best smoothie EVER and I had to share.

photo 1-32

I’m not one for measuring, so here’s the ballpark recipe:

  • one banana
  • a handful of ice
  • chocolate milk (I’d normally use unsweetened almond milk and some cocoa powder, but I indulged today. Call me crazy)
  • 5 dates
  • dash of cinnamon

I blended that sucker up in my handy dandy (MIRACLE) Vitamix and threw it in a wine glass to make this early morning- and Valentine’s day no less- a little special. Before I chugged the whole thing, I asked Layla if she wanted any.

photo 2-31


Good. More for me!

PS: Tyler got me those flowers. Wanna know what I got him?


I know, pretty great right?!!

Weekend Recap

Well, this is my 3rd Monday in a row that I’ve called in sick from work. My boss must think I party hard on Sundays…even though I no longer have alcohol as an excuse! Two weeks ago, I was super dehydrated, last week I was just extremely exhausted and this week I seem to have a stomach virus! Lovely. At least this time I went to the doctor and got a note to excuse me from work for a few days. Can’t hate that!

This past weekend was pretty low key-

Friday: Left work early for my prenatal appointment- everything checked out great. Although, I do have to say that landing a male doctor for this visit made it feel extremely different. Weird. We grabbed takeout from Brewsters for dinner and watched a few movies.

Saturday: I was up at 7am and got ALL the laundry done before we ventured out to Costco and to purchase yet another beloved wine kit-from The Home Vintner (cabernet sauvignon this time!). Jalepeno burgers on the BBQ and homemade french fries for dinner and a couple more movies. PS: I always fall asleep through the Lord of the Rings movies, but managed to stay up for the entire Desolation of Smaug EXCEPT the last two minutes. So close.

Sunday: I did ZERO things. Zip, zilch, nada. I was progressively feeling yuckier, so I plopped in front of the TV with the dogs while Tyler did a bunch of stuff around the house.

Fingers crossed I get a bit of shut eye today. And I totally just typed ‘shit eye’ and laughed for approx 524592073 minutes.

PS: Cadbury eggs come in little plastic capsules now? I miss the foil. Is that weird?

How was your weekend?

Fun things

I wish I had more fun things to post.

Like new beers I’ve tried.
Or bars I’ve gone to.

Sad face.

I need this shirt.

BUT, life goes on and there are some other fun things going on that aren’t alcohol related (how many people are shaking their head right now?)

For instance:
-Tyler and I have successfully watched 350923752309 movies on our new projector screen. It’s super awesome. The dogs love it down in our ‘new’ basement too. No pics yet as half of it is still not finished (Tyler ripped out the kitchen that was down there and we are currently in the process of deciding the design for what will take it’s place)

(Repeat photo from last post)
-I checked out Corbeaux Bakehouse with Susie last weekend. I’ve noticed a lot of hype for the new place all over social media and had to give it a shot. Bad news: there was a 2 hour wait when we got there. I was super tempted to pull the ‘but I’m pregnant and hungry’ card, but I forgot. Instead, we bought some goodies from their counter and if I have to be honest- they weren’t anything special. I’d prefer something made at home any day.


-I got my hair done a couple of weeks ago (made sure to squeeze in one last appt with my stylist before she went on mat leave) and I actually had her cut my hair. Sure, the length doesn’t look any different but HOLY CRAP did it make a world of difference in how my hair washes/dries/styles. I am a happy lady. But sad that I won’t have her do my hair for a while.

-I booked my maternity/newborn photo sessions! (after 2 full days of dying over the cost of them, I finally just pulled the trigger) To my childless friends: I hear ya, this is so barfy to read. I’m guessing the hormones have got me unusually giddy.
-I made no bake cookies that had no butter, no sugar and only a quater of the pb the normal recipe calls for. And guess what? They were good! Still not the real deal, but Tyler ate a few so I know they are somewhat decent.

-I DO NOT want to talk about the Super Bowl. Sad. Very sad.
-But I will talk about Super Bowl food! It was just Tyler and I (and two eager pups) so I didn’t want to make too much, but decided on wings, pulled chicken sliders and potato skins. The potato skins were my fave- next time I am totally putting more cheese on those suckers! PS: I may have also made a chocolate pie which I consumed ALL BY MYSELF…in 2 days.

-Is it OK for me to say that some of my home workouts have actually been fun? I did a 1000 rep workout on Saturday night and just LOVED it. About 700 of the reps were squat related so that was even more fun about 48 hours later. I’ve also been able to hang around with the pups and Tyler while getting my workouts done which you’d THINK would be distracting, but it’s been some weird sort of motivation for me since I can’t participate in some of the advanced moves. Call it TOGETHERNESS if you will. (I did a tabata workout last night while Tyler played video games and the pups slept next to us. Cue the cheezy awwwww cute family noises. But seriously, I loved it)



-Shows I’m currently watching on the weekly: Downton Abbey, The Bachelor (barf), Kate plus 8 (double barf), My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Gold Rush, Moonshiners, Mindy Project, Blacklist, RHOBH. I’m missing a couple, but you can see I don’t discriminate on the variety.
-Not that I’m counting or anything, BUT I only have 37 more days of work before I get a WHOLE YEAR of mat leave!! (for my US friends: and I still get $$!) Man, I love Canada.
-Speaking of loving Canada, I also just found out that I’m almost eligible to apply for citizenship here. Downside of that: I also just found out it’s taking about 24 months for the government to process those applications. Upside of that: Once I obtain citizenship, we may consider a move back to the states! (Obviously that is in the way distant future. And it’s only a consideration) HELLO: I need my child to understand that he is half American. If he grows up thinking it’s ok to spell ‘favorite’ as ‘favourite’ and refer to his hat as a toque, well then I just might die. No offense.

(I love it here, just not the snow. Or the $$$ to fly just to see family/friends!)
-We lucked out at Home Depot last weekend and found a can of paint on the ‘oops’ shelf (you know, when people buy paint then realize it’s not the color they want, so Home Depot takes it back and tried to resell it for way cheap?) WELL it was a gallon of Behr Marquee paint in a really pretty bluish color and we got it for $9 instead of the regular $60ish! Yay project for me to do when I have time off in a couple weeks. PS: Tyler and I now swear by this paint, so if you are in the market for a paint recommendation Behr Marquee is the way to go- it really does only take one coat to cover ANY existing color!

Any fun things you want to share? I need to add more than a Home Depot purchase and a pastry to my list. For reals.

Unexpected hiatus

photo 2-30
Well that was a longer than expected hiatus. Whoops. To catch up:
Yup, I’m still doing them. I’m still rotating through stuff, but have lately used a lot of my T25 DVDs for cardio, pinterest/blogs for strength workout inspiration, vinyasa prenatal DVD (regular and short forms), and Tracy Anderson’s Pregnancy Project. I’ve also been walking for an hour every work day- which surpringly is the most tiring of all!
I’m still trying to eat as good as I can- making sure to get in fruits/veggies/protein every day. Carbs are easy, obviously. My favorite thing lately has been smoothies since I finally got my Vitamix in the mail! It takes a lot of willpower not to whip up a chocolate peanut butter smoothie 2-3x a day because HOT DAMN those are delicious.
Still working on getting his room put together- lots of items are slowly trickling in via Amazon/online orders. It’s currently a bit messy and I’m using a wine kit as a side table (until it can be replaced with a side table I actually like). I bought a TON of diapers from 3 different stores a few weeks ago when I went on a shopping binge. I was the crazy lady with my calculator out trying to see what was cheapest- according to what some baby blogs consider ‘cheap’. PS: diapers are not cheap. PPS: send diapers. PPPS: and whatever else¬†babies need. (wipes/creams/lotions? I have no idea. I’m so stressed)
Fun things tomorrow! (for some reason, wordpress wasn’t working for a long time today, so this is all I got!) Ok wait here’s some random pictures:
photo 4-17 photo 3-24 photo 2-30 photo 1-31 photo 5-12 photo 4-16 photo 3-23 photo 2-29 photo 1-30

The good and the bad

Oh hey, Jen here.

Photo on 2015-01-22 at 6.59 PM

Yeah, I’m sitting on the floor in the living room and our ceilings are STILL unfinished. SOON. I hope. I really do hope.

I’m procrastinating tonight’s workout. Just kidding, I’m waiting for the quesadilla and cereal to digest. So while I’m procrastinating…or waiting..I thought I’d share the good and the bad from today. More specifically ONE of each.

Let’s start with the bad. Fabletics. UGH. Have you seen the commercials with Kate Hudson? Yeah, the clothes look cool and some of them are pretty nice, but I was having issues with sizing and product quality, so I ended up cancelling my monthly membership. I cancelled it 9 weeks ago and still haven’t received my refund check for my last return (don’t get me started on why it had to be a check and not just a credit back to my Visa). Today’s series of phone calls to their *terrible* customer service line resulted in 1) being put on hold for 20 minutes while they retrieved a manager only to come back on the line and say the manager was at lunch; and 2) being told to please respect them for taking their time to process my refund. HA! Respect? The company insisted I return the product within 30 days of receipt, yet they can take 3592739573-237 days to give me my money?! Hmm…

Anyways, it might not all sound too terrible, but I just found their lack of knowledge and terrible script-like speech to be really time consuming/frustrating/give me a drink pleeeeeeeeease. Let’s just say there was a lot of barking back and forth.


The good: Well, it doesn’t start out good. The rug I ordered for the nursery from was delivered and Tyler messaged me when he got home saying there were quite a few dark spots on the rug and to call their customer service to see what could be done before we actually unwrap it. (talk about run on sentence!) I begrudgingly got on the phone- ready to tackle yet another potential disaster- BUT within 2 minutes, the happy lady on the other end of the line apologized for the condition of the rug and ordered another one to be delivered right away. And I don’t have to return the damaged one. WHOA. Does that ever happen anymore? They get a huge thumbs up in my book. Assuming the replacement rug is damage-free!


Well that was a rant and a half.

Want to see some of the pictures I’ve taken with my new camera? Unfortunately, I’m still super green with all the settings, and the winter months give zero light for me to practice outdoor shots when I get home from work…SO- the dogs are my only subjects thus far. I’m ok with that.

IMG_0143 IMG_0153 IMG_0159 IMG_0181 IMG_0183 IMG_0190 IMG_0191 IMG_0192 IMG_0193


Ah, these guys kill me.