From the Week

And just like that, another week is in the books. This one just FLEW by! How is it already mid-February? I am so confused.

Monday: Breakfast a super delicious smoothie (vega + sweet potato + oats + almond milk + ice).


It was sunny and warm-ish out so I took Wes to Bowmont park for a walk.


We didn’t stay long because I brought the wrong stroller (the citi mini gt isn’t that great on somewhat icy/rocky/snowy/terrain and I left the BOB at home) and Wes kept taking his hat off! Silly boy.

After we got back home, I walked us down the street to our mini makeshift park and introduced him to the swing for the first time. HE LOVED IT. As soon as I put him in, he grabbed the handles and just sat there enjoying me pushing him non stop for EVER.





We had burgers for dinner and they were so good, I had a second patty. I could have probably eaten three. We gave Wes some burger to try and he loved it too. He’s just like his daddy- loves burgers and pickles and cheese :)

Tuesday: I remembered there was a baby playdate scheduled at our local library, so we walked over there to see what it was all about. It was another nice day out, so it was great to get even more fresh air! Plus, we live super close to the library and it would take just as long to load and unload him from the car as it would to just walk on over.




They had set out a bunch of blanket with various items for babies to touch and play with. Of course Wes wanted to just shove everything in his mouth. I was dying on the inside about all the germs but what are you gonna do?



There were about 10 other babies and although Wes wasn’t the oldest..he was definitely the biggest. The other moms were shocked when I told them how good of a sleeper and eater he is. And I got to brag about it a little bit :)

We went back to the swings again later that afternoon and it was still a hit.


We had chicken tortellini for dinner- it was a Costco find and we didn’t think it was that great. Not bad, just not yummy enough to buy again. Good thing we have two more packages of it in the freezer ha.


After dinner I was playing with Wes and did the worst thing EVER…I spilled a full glass of water all over my laptop. Tyler quickly swooped in and took my laptop of to the laptop ER (the bathroom counter) to inspect the damage and set it up to dry out. I was a nervous wreck and took the doggies on an even longer walk that night because I was having heart palpitations over the potential cost of buying a new one.

Wednesday: I drowned my sorrows in a batch of sweet potato pancakes. It did the trick for the time being. I’m pretty sure anything drenched in maple syrup helps.


We went over to Safeway to pick up some produce (thank GOODNESS they lowered their prices on produce. It was over $2 PER PEPPER before!) and Wes got a kick out of sitting in the cart. So much so that he was doing his Tarzan call over and over again to entertain other shoppers.


I love that the cover has a couple of loops in the front to attach toys so he can’t launch them onto the dirty floor. (This is the one I have)

We had chicken tenders for dinner- they were so good! I could have eaten way more, but wanted to leave some leftovers for lunch the next day. Next time we have these, I’m going to prepare 4x more to put in the freezer for quick meals in the future!


AND GUESS WHAT? Tyler tested my computer and it was fully functional! Hip hip hooray. We already ordered another one just in case, but will be returning it (free of charge) once it’s delivered. I did a major happy dance. Major.

Thursday: I posted a Parker & Posie giveaway. Have you entered? You’d be crazy not to! These soft soled baby shoes are to die for!!!


Not much got done since Wes decided to only have one nap. It’s crazy how much that can affect my productivity! I still managed to get some stuff done around the house and before you know it Tyler was home and I was headed out the door for a brewmasters dinner downtown.


At the very last minute (and I’m VERY thankful for it) I got two tickets to the Bomber Brewing Beer Dinner at National on 8th. It was a 5 course meal with beer pairings from the Vancouver brewery as it was introducing its beers to the Alberta market.




Thankfully, Brie was able to go with me (thanks Brie, and sorry for the last minute invite!).

With the exception of the first course which I didn’t eat (oysters…ew) the food was really good. Like, really really good. I was really glad I wore stretchy pants. I’m not a fish person by any means, but the cod dish was my favorite! And who doesn’t love grilled cheese? It was paired with a spicy tomato soup- perfect for dunking. Then there was the brisket which didn’t even require a knife to cut. And the dessert I could have eaten 10x over because I have the world’s worst sweet tooth.

The beer was pretty good too! A bit too hoppy for my taste (as a stand alone beer), but I think they did an excellent job of pairing each with great foods that really complimented the flavors. My favorite was the chocolate porter that came with dessert- that one I could probably drink on its own! Check out Bomber Brewing here.

All of our beers went unfinished since we were both driving home. Womp womp.


I was home by 10, in bed by 10:10 and still managed to get my 8 hours of sleep. Can’t hate that!

And that’s the week in a nutshell! There were some baths, long doggy walks, and workouts in between. Never mind the fact I polished off the entire batch of nutella muddy buddies I made on Sunday. Oops!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Parker & Posie [+ a GIVEAWAY!]

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you’re all having a great week. We’ve been enjoying some time outdoors with the warmer temps. Had a bit of a mini crisis the other night when I clumsily spilled a ton of water all over my Macbook, but it seems to be in working order now. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

Moving on..


A while back, I was wandering around Instagram and came across Parker & Posie. Jaimie, the woman behind the shop, hand makes the most gorgeous baby shoes and I desperately needed to get my hands on a pair! (She also just so happens to be located in Calgary, so it’s a great #supportlocal win).




The shoes come with either a fleece or flannelette lining, depending on the time of year, and elastic around the back to keep them on little babes feet. You also have a color choice for the suede bottoms as well as top covers- so they’ll completely customizable.


I waited for some time before placing my order because Wes was growing like a weed and I wanted to make sure I’d have a size that lasted. When I did finally order a pair, I opted for the Golden Harvest print (seen above). But really, she has so many adorable prints it’s hard to narrow it down!

As luck would have it, Jaimie sent us TWO pairs! The teal optical print is great, and both are pretty gender neutral…for IF we have a girl in the future :)


What I love best about these shoes is that they actually fit Wes’s feet. He has a pretty high arch and non-existent ankles (due to chub) so it’s been a struggle to find anything warm that would actually make it onto his foot comfortably.


The lining is nice and soft so he could wear them with or without socks. And the sole is sturdy enough for when he starts to walk (Gahhh..I don’t need this to happen any time soon!)


PLUS, they’re actually easy to get on. I have a few pairs of shoes from some major retailers that take either some serious grunt work to get on OR they end up looking really awkward on his feet. When that happens, I’m convinced he knows this is the case and he’ll grab at them.


Oh man, I can’t handle the cuteness.


Jaimie mentioned to me she was on the hunt for new prints, so I’m keeping on eye out. I have a sneaking suspicion I’m going to gush over just about all of them.


Guess what? Jaimie has kindly offered to giveaway ONE pair of shoes to a lucky reader! This is open to US & Canadian residents and entries to the giveaway can be any- or all- of the following four options (leaving a separate comment in this post below for each entry completed):

  1. Visit Parker & Posie’s site and leave a comment telling me which print you’d choose!
  2. Like Nutcaseinpoint AND Parker & Posie on Facebook
  3. Follow nutcaseinpoint AND Parker & Posie on instagram
  4. Follow @nutcaseinpoint on twitter

Giveaway is open until Wednesday, February 17 at midnight (MST) and I’ll be checking to make sure your entry is valid before announcing the winner. Good luck!


Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend? Do anything fun? We’ve had some pretty good weather here and it only seems to be getting nicer over the week. I’m really excited to get some outside time with Wes!

Friday: Pancakes to start the day… per usual. Now that Wes is eating solids, I’m afraid I’m going to have to start sharing! Instead, I gave him half a banana blueberry muffin with peanut butter. He inhaled it PLUS half of a banana! Kid loves his fruits.


He ended up fighting his normal nap schedule and took a super long midday snoozefest. I can’t complain- I got a lot done around the house! Afterwards, we ran errands. Nothing fun but at least we got some fresh air, so that was nice! I picked up a few beer goodies for Tyler and we inhaled pulled pork quesadillas for dinner.



PS: The beer on the left, from Dandy Brewing Company (local to Calgary!) was really good. I first tried it at National Beer hall a couple of weeks ago and wanted to have Tyler try it. Definitely need salty snacks when drinking! The beer on the right is from Dead Frog Brewery (in BC). I LOVED this beer- it was so tasty and you can really taste the real peanut butter come through. I wish I bought two of these!

Saturday: Not much happened! We got a lot of cleaning done in the basement…..and.that’

Tyler ran out to pick up a prescription and returned with a couple of goodies for me! Can alcohol be a love language? Because I think that’s ours.


He then made us pizza from scratch and we enjoyed a cuddly night with our little guy. Also, I’m a great multi-tasked (see below).




Also ALSO, I need to step it up in the appearance department. I’ve been too busy with Wes and crap around the house to even look in a mirror. Maybe that’ll be a goal for this week..

We watched Black Mass and a couple episodes of The Last Kingdom before going to bed.

Sunday: Another super low key day. Once Wes went down for his morning nap, I threw myself in the tub and watched a Netflix movie in the dark. It was glorious! …Until I had to get out.


To celebrate the Superbowl, we made wings and potato skins. And Nutella muddy buddies. I’ve already had Tyler hide the bag of muddy buddies because they’re LIKE CRACK. So good.


Before Wes went to bed, I put together his alphabet floor mat from Christmas and we played with some Mega Blocks! Confession: I played with them- he tried to eat the mat.


How was your weekend? Make any good Superbowl food?

Randoms From the Week

Whoa, where did the week go?! I can’t believe it’s Friday already. YAY WEEKEND!

  1. Did you catch my last post for wee nation? Baby subscription box for the win. I am so in love with the idea of a monthly box of goodies for the little ones and even more excited that all the products are Canadian! There’s also a promo code to get $5 off you’re first box ;)


2. I also posted this week about some of my beauty faves. Turns out, Reggie was channeling his inner beauty and ate my Carmex that night! He only got half of it, and since it’s my last one, I sliced off the top and am using the rest. Is that gross? Also, please send me more Carmex!


3. We’ve been having some seriously heavy dinners this week and it has left me feeling SUPER bloated. Note to self: only have these meals sparingly. For the sake of my digestive system. First, there was the pot roast, then the chicken pot pie. Then pulled pork sammies. Oof.

4. I’ve made a personal goal of hitting 15,000 steps each day this week (M-F). So far, I’m on track but it has caused for some seriously long walks each evening with the dogs and they’re pooped.

5. I’ve been doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts this week and guess who started them with me? Tyler! I’m so glad he’s back on the workout train :) I feel like I’m in a bit of a rut with workouts and probably need to consider purchasing another DVD program to keep things interesting. If only my wallet would agree!

Crap, that’s all I got. How you have a great weekend!

wee nation

Oh my gosh you guys, I have the best [and coolest] thing to share with you.


Wee Nation is a brand new monthly curated box for baby…of Canadian products! How cool is that? When I first found out about wee nation, I quickly contacted the power mamas behind the brand. I needed to get in on this!

Their idea behind the box is to provide age-specific, gender neutral Canadian goodies (with an occasional surprise for parents). You have the option of subscribing on a month-to-month basis, 3 months, 6 months, or gift a box! While the boxes are comprised of Canadian goodies, they’ll ship to the US. You’re welcome in advance, US friends. :)


Last week, I received their first box and it didn’t disappoint. In the least bit.


What a beautiful and fun array of goodies! This particular selection was the Big Baby box (for 4-12 months of age). Other options include Newborn (0-3 months) and Toddler (1-2 years). The box also came with an insert that talks about each of the products included for the month.


I think that’s a super cool idea! It gives you a little info on each company and there may even be a few promo codes for discounts on future purchases. Who doesn’t love a discount? (I totally typed that with an Oprah voice in my head)

PS: There may even be a promo code for a wee nation box at this end of this post!

Included were: a book, stuffed animal, two food pouches, a paci clip, eczema balm and chocolate. FOR ME.

Right away, I loved this collection of goodies because I knew they’d ALL be put to great use. The book has been read 100000x times, the pouches (and chocolate) have been consumed, the balm is in the diaper bag, the pillow is already covered in drool and dog hair, and the paci clip may or may not be gifted…or saved for the next babe…since Wes is paci-free.



And the info card had me back on social media for a hot minute to find all the shops online and follow them.

But the best part of subscription boxes like Wee Nation? All these awesome things come together in ONE BOX. Which means: less hassle with shipping. Which also means: A way funner (not a word, I know) delivery.

No wait…..Here’s the best part—> The lovely ladies at Wee Nation have offered $5 off your first box with the promo code NUTCASE5.

Sign up here or check out their Instagram and Twitter accounts to see what they’re up to!

Thanks, Wee Nation!