About Me

Hi there! Thanks for checking out my blog!

My name is Jen and I was born and raised in the US (California to New York to Massachusetts) but now currently live in Calgary, AB Canada with my husband Tyler, our chocolate lab Layla, beagle Reggie and son Wes (born April 2015).

I have 3 major passions in my life (in no particular order):

  • craft beer
  • fitness
  • baking

Is there anything you want to know about me? Ask!

If you want to follow me on other social media, I can be found @nutcaseinpoint on twitter, instagram AND Facebook!

If you’d like to contact me by email: nutcaseinpoint(at)gmail(dot)com


17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Have you been to the Cattle Baron in Calgary? Since you’re a chocolate lover, I think you’d enjoy it. A relative and I once stopped in there for dinner (coincidentally, we were coming back from Banff) and they had this HUGE dessert called The Chocolate Tower. So big we couldn’t finish it. It has since become our Olympic standard for dessert. (“Ok, this is good, but it’s no Chocolate Tower!”) Probably had about a billion calories, but SO delicious! I think I needed gym workouts for a month to work it off!

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  4. Hi Jen, I just came across your blog and love your personality! So sorry to hear about your 2008. :/ I thought I had bud luck but your year blows any of my problems out of the water. Holy shiza!

  5. I’ve just found your blog and wow, 2008, what a sucky year for you! Hopefully things will only get better for the rest of your life because I think you’ve suffered enough! I also live in Calgary so always nice to see a local blog 🙂 I’ll be back!

  6. This is so funny. I’m Canadian also…want a roomie? Seriously…your “2008” account is hilarious, yet so sadly mirrors about 4-5 years of my “continuing-to-rock-bottom-life”.
    Yeah, roommate? I need change 🙂
    I’ll do housework for ya…get a part time job somewhere 🙂

    Email me sometime if you can or want also because I’m curious any tips on forming a bones-basic exercise plan ….maybe. I’m a….um, mess 🙂

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  10. Hi Jen! Just wanted to stop in and say I’m happy to see another beer lovin blogger! We definitely have a little in common with the whole cheese, bacon, beer….I even have a post to prove it (http://wp.me/p47aVP-iV) so you know I’m not just making that up to make friends 🙂 Looking forward to looking around your blog a bit more and future posts. -Mariah

    • ok, here’s the quick answer:
      Graduated college in 2008, moved to Boston and got a brand new apt. The day after I moved in (on my first day at my first job ever) my apartment burned down. Then, my hotel room I was living in flooded the day I was supposed to move out of there. Then my new apartment got struck by lightening. Then I got in a car accident. Then I was hospitalized for some mysterious bacterial infection. Then I quit my job (sort of a forced quit..and it was during the economic turn down in the States in ’08). And found out my bf at the time was living a double life and had another girlfriend in Canada. All in 3 months. PHEW

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