Tanner Owen {10 months}

This has been the fastest month yet! Our un-routined weekly routine shifted a bit with my gym schedule changing + Wes heading off to preschool 2x/week and each day has become a blur. Let’s move right on into some stats:



Weight: If you’re new here–> I have a big boy. He’s up to 2T clothes and has transitioned to size 5 cruisers. I think he’s about 28 pounds and growing!



Mobility: He’s a crawler. He’s a climber (can go up the stairs without stopping!). He walks with assistance, and does whatever he can to keep up with his big brother. I’ve hardly used the stroller anymore since he’ll fit in shopping carts, or I carry him.


Eats: Breastmilk (still not a lover of the bottle). Waffles. Bread. Squeezies. Crackers. Fruit. Eggs. Cheese. Steamed veggies. Anything, really!



Sleep: THIS KID. A few months back, I was getting full nights from him. And now we’re back to 2 wakeups a night. I had tried the cry-it-out method, but he had a touch of a cold and was/is teething, so I know the discomfort on his end wasn’t really helping any training efforts on my end. Plus, he’s got a set of lungs and is incredibly resilient. Some session were 45 minutes before I’d cave and go in there to snuggle with him!


His naps are a lot more consistent, though. While my daily teaching schedule kind of puts us out of whack, he’ll usually sleep 10:30-11am and then again at 2:30 for anywhere from 90 min to 2.5 hours. The afternoon nap on Tuesday and Thursday is my secret favorite because it’s when Wes is at preschool and I get some quiet time to workout and shower.




Play: He loves anything that makes noise- we have a few craft instruments that he really loves to play. Balls are fun (hahaha). And all of his big brother’s cars and monster trucks! He likes to play with measuring cups and pasta boxes while I’m in the kitchen. Anything is pretty much fair game and he can make interesting for himself.


Development: He’s getting a third bottom tooth and all four top teeth are coming in as well. He will reach for things and can pull himself up to grab items or snack (namely my LUNCHES!) He’s obsessed with crawling towards the dog’s dishes and I find myself making countless trip to stop him from splashing the water all over the place.


He’ll react when you call his name and really enjoys chatting with himself in the mirror.

I can tell more and more each day that he just absolutely adores his big brother. The two have a secret language and share countless laughs and smiles whether it be just from looking at one another or while playing with toys.



I have had many nights in the past few weeks where I’ve held on to him longer than normal before putting him in his crib because I’m trying to savor the littleness of him. The sighs, the smiles in his sleep, the adorable baby stretch he does after feeding where he stretches one arm up while curling both legs in when I pick him up to put him on my chest, the burps…


And mornings have gradually gotten better and better where I can get him out of his crib and we play on the floor together before his brother wakes up. I find myself letting go of that anxious feeling where I need to be home for certain times to feed him or get him to sleep. Rather, I am enjoying the adventures we have together- and I’ll whip out the iPad for Wes to watch a show while I drive around a few extra minutes should Tanner fall asleep in the car.



Tanner and I have been going to the pool for his first round of swim classes! His favorite parts are being tossed up into the air and floating in the lazy river. My least favorite part is trying to change him into dry and warm clothes in the chaotic and WET locker rooms.


We are slowly (or…quickly?!!) falling into place as a family with two boys and I’m excited to see how much more these two will interact!


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