Tanner Owen {9 months}

This past month has been an absolute whirlwind. I rounded out my NY trip with the boys, and even though it’s been over a week since we’ve been back, I’m still recovering! Travelling solo with two little kids is no joke, and the combination of new environment, different weather, teething, crawling, and the TERRIBLE 3’s was enough to take a grown man DOWN. I’m totally appreciative to be their mama, I’m just worn the heck down and need a darn break. To all of you who have friends or family nearby to help watch kiddos from time to time: I am SO jealous.


Enough about my emotional turmoil, let’s talk about this dude!


Tanner has had a HUGE month in terms of development. There’s no question he’s ahead of his brother..because he now has to keep UP with his brother! He’s in all the same sized clothes (anywhere from 18 month-2T) and I’ve upgraded him from size 5 baby dry diapers to size 5 cruisers! I think he’s 27 pounds, according to our last unofficial weigh-in.



The boy is on the move all the time. I get a good chunk of my steps in for the day just by constantly chasing after him before he reaches the dog bowls. He’s obsessed with swinging the spring door stops, swinging doors back and forth (I put towels over the top so he can’t slam them on his fingers), getting into the pantry and somehow dragging the broom all over the house, taking the register covers off the vents, and checking himself out in the floor-to-ceiling mirror.



Since we got back from NY, he has built even more strength to pull himself up to standing position on the regular. He’ll stand up to the couch and laugh at his brother for up to 20 minute segments. The increased mobility has been more of a frustration for Wes, and he’s having a hard time understanding that the house isn’t just his and that things need to be shared (or as I’ve been saying: We ‘take turns’).



Added strength from this guy has allowed me to push Tanner in the little blue car when we go out for bike rides. I also push him around in the little red car Wes used to have. AND: I make a little train ride for the two of them using a train whistle and an empty laundry basket. They both love it and I get a heck of a workout pushing them around nonstop. Tanner even had his first shopping cart ride while in NY and absolutely loved it!


If I can chime in for a second: traveling with the double stroller was a total pain in the butt. The 3 year old actually never sat in it the entire trip and the excessive force on behalf of the airline staff caused a screw to come out of the base and I had a squeaky stroller for a few weeks. PS: The manufacturer sent us a replacement. Next travel experience, I plan on just using an umbrella stroller. Also next travel experience, I plan on not doing it alone.



Food wise: Tanner is still easing his way into REAL solid foods. He loves his squeezies and oatmeal, but shows tons of interest in sucking on peppers, cucumber, crackers, cheese, egg, meat, fruit, my COOKIES….He’s also still exclusively on breast milk. Mostly directly from the source since he’s still not a huge fan of bottles. We’re working on the hand to mouth function so he can start feeding himself a bit more, but he’s usually pretty distracted by watching the dogs or his big brother all the time.


He’s got his two bottom teeth in and I think I see a third on the bottom about to emerge. Lots of ¬†blonde hair and a severely dry scalp. Hazel eyes just like his dad (we’ll see if he joins the brown-eyed club) and favoring his left hand (WOOHOO!) He’s sitting up in the tub- loves to splash and read bath books and chew on bath toys-and is a tremendous challenge when it comes to changing diapers. EXCEPT post bath, when he’s wrapped up in his towel and giggly as heck.


Tanner is still pretty reliant on me for getting to sleep at night. I get it- it’s a comfort thing and I’m totally amazing. He’s either sleeping through the night entirely, or has a quick wakeup anywhere from 1-3AM. If he does wakeup around 7-8, he’ll usually drink himself back to sleep until 9-10, depending on if we need to get out of the house or not.


Naps have been a bit more consistent. I try to stay home when I know it’s nap time, since he’s no longer in the bucket seat and I can’t just carry him into the house if she falls asleep in the car. His daytime naps are in the crib and last anywhere from 90 min to 3 hours and his late afternoon nap is usually on my lap for an hour or so. I’ve been enjoying the time with him, but I’ve noticed that it has taken a lot of focus away from Wes and I’ve been feeling pretty guilty about it. Parenting is hard, and I just want both of my kids to be happy! But Wes is pretty good about entertaining himself for the most part, so it’s not liking he’s pulling at my leg and whining all day. Ok, maybe he is. I dunno.



Anyways, I have LOVED this month for Tanner! He has turned into a bubbly little boy, who smiles NONSTOP and absolutely adores his big brother. The two of them have been caught in laughing fits on a regular occasion. He has so many expressive faces, and can be easily entertained by a paper towel roll if need be. He is a mama’s boy for sure, and needs me a lot, but I’m totally ok with it.


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