Tanner Owen {ONE YEAR!}

My sweet, happy, chubby boy Tanner. He’s not a baby anymore! It didn’t hit me until a few days ago that an entire has flown by with this guy and I am refusing to accept it! Life with him has been beautiful and I wouldn’t have it any other way.



Eating: Everything! He’s still nursing 2-3x/day, loves his water sippy cup, plows through oat bars, pancakes, fruit, veggies, potatoes, cereal, goldfish, cheese…the list goes on and on. He has 8/9 teeth so he’s been a lot more adventurous -and successful- with trying new things.



Sleeping: We have gotten into somewhat of a better routine lately. He will sleep from around 8pm-9am with one wakeup to dream feed (he really wakes up at like 5-6am and I’m lucky to have him immediately fall back asleep). During the day, he will nap once for 2-3 hours.



Movement: He took his first unassisted steps last week and I caught it on video! It doesn’t occur on the regular yet, but he walks around with stools/chairs/toys and can crawl SUPER fast. He loves racing up the stairs and tries to climb up on furniture or to look out the windows.



Activity: He loves playing on his own and can keep entertained for hours. He does enjoy playing with Wes, but Wes is terrible at CONSISTENTLY sharing..which means there are often tantrums and tears from either of them. He loves to wave and clap and throw his head back & make funny faces. My favorite is when he’s standing with his toys and dances (mostly to Baby Shark). He’ll also try to babble a few words and make animals sounds from several of the books we read.


For a while, he wasn’t a fan of baths, but I finally figured the trick goldfish. If I keep a bowl of them near the tub, he will happily oblige to getting bathed and will continue to play for a bit.

He’s great in the car, he’s amazing to take on outings (I’ve especially loved taking him out solo- it’s nice one on one time and he doesn’t get pestered by big brother.

At one year, he is still a mama’s boy through and through. When he’s tired, he will scream until I hold him, at which point the tears immediately stop and all is well. He enjoys looking out the back window and observing/listening to everything that Wes says and does.


I want to remember every single little detail of his mannerisms at this stage which is SO HARD since I can barely remember what day of the week it is! I am so glad (hashtag spoiled) that is a late sleeper and a good eater- he’s been slightly more ‘work’ than Wes because he took longer to sleep through the night AND he had his torticollis issue which required more appointments. But at the end of the day, he is a HAPPY, HEALTHY boy and that’s all that matters.

I’m in a whole heap of trouble once he really starts walking and talking (and I fear my future Costco bill!)
















Love you so so so much Tanner xo


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