Tanner Owen {11 months}

I thought his month birthday wanted until next week and then I woke up this morning and saw the big 29 on my phone calendar and thought ‘WHAT?! Where the heck did time go?” How is my baby almost one?!!!!”


It seriously blows my mind that in one short month, I’ll no longer have a little baby anymore. I already miss all of the tiny newborn snuggles and coos and having them rely on my for just about everything.


But here we are, and I’ve now got an 11 month old that eats just about everything, moves all over the places, and is doing his best to keep up with his big brother.



Clothes/weight/everything else is pretty much the same as last month. He’s filled out all of his jammies, so I need to dig out the bigger ones from Wes’s stash ALREADY (he now up to 3T). I even had to put him in the bigger bathing suit for his class swim class and it wasn’t until after I undressed him did I notice that his swim shirt was 4T. Big boy.




I’m loving all the clothes he growing into and it really just showing me how much of a little man Tanner is quickly becoming.


From what I can see, Tanner has about 7-8 teeth. He’s eating pancakes and eggs and fruit/veggies, crackers, pasta, soft granola bars, etc. He’ll randomly find Wes’s cups around the house and try downing a glass of water. He thinks its a game and it entertains hi for a good chunk of time! He nurses (surpassed Wes who gave up just after hitting 10 months) 1-2x/day and at night.




He’s is SO CLOSE to walking on his own. He’s always pushing stools and chairs and toys around the house and shuffles along furniture. He has mastered the stairs and will giggle like crazy if he starts to go up them before you can reach him. He actually just recently started showing interest in learning how to go down the stairs as well, so I’ve been helping him with that (obviously I’m supervising. DUH).


Sleep tends to come in the form of a 30 minute morning nap and a 2-3 hour afternoon nap. He’s mostly consistent with going to be at 8-8:30pm and will either wake once in the night or get up at 6-6:30 for a feed then go back to sleep. I sorta luck out in that it’s still dark out when he gets up around 6am, so he’s tricked into falling back asleep. -WE ARE NOT MORNING PEOPLE IN THIS HOUSEHOLD-


I rarely use the stroller except for zoo trips or the occasional walk (if I think he’ll fall asleep. He loves to sit in the shopping carts and has a killer grip- I don’t think I’ve had a single shopping trip where he hasn’t thrown stuff out of the cart!


We were doing joint baths with Wes, but there had been some minor fiascos come hair-washing time, so the baths are separate for now- Tanner will stand throughout most of his bath and dance/throw toys out of the tub. He strength are mobility are something fierce and it is a full-time job trying to wrestle the kid into a new diaper and change clothes.


Downstairs play time mostly consists of Tanner trying to play with his brother, but Wes having a hard time sharing. When we go upstairs to the toy room, Tanner is usually pretty good about playing on his own, or standing at the bookshelf and pulling books off the shelves.


We still haven’t fed Tanner any formula and he generally doesn’t do any bottles (thank goodness I didn’t go out of my way to purchase any new bottles for him!) He’s growing into a really chill little brother- he’s always entertained by Wes’s latest antics and doesn’t throw any fits during outings. He loves his little chair and can really whack the mini golf clubs that we have- fingers crossed he doesn’t break anything or hurt the doggies.


Oh, and his eyes are turning brown!


What more can I say about this loveable kid? When Ipick him up from lap lap at night and hold him before laying him down in his crib- he always wraps his arms around my neck and I absolutely melt. 95% of me wants to cradle his little body forever, and the other 95% of me wants to go to bed myself.


I love his giggle, I love his smile, & I love his adoration for his big brother. I can’t believe the next time I write an update for him he will be ONE YEAR OLD. I’ll admit, I have baby fever something fierce and want to add another cuddly little babe..but who knows.


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