Guys guys guys…

Guys guys guys, I just found the best app ever. Fitradio!
Holy amazeballs it jacks up the BPMs to just about anything and mashes them together so there’s no dead air. Mmmyup it’s now on my iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. I’m in love.



Hello, Eh!

Hi all,

Here’s the intro:

i am jen

i love chocolate

i am now canadian (oof, i miss dunks, in-n-out, and Bravo)



lots and lots and lots of workouts.


There, that should sum up what this here blog will be about. Mostly because I am bored and partly because I want something other than facebook to post my eats and sweat seshies. There’s a good chance I won’t follow through with this because F i have no idea how to do this technical bloggy thing. we shall see how this goessss!

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