I Ate a Cauliflower

Hi guys. Happy Thursday! Some things from the last couple of days…

Dog Park with the puppies..wanted to get a few more trips in with my babies before Reggie goes into surgery tomorrow. He broke a tooth and it having it removed and needs to go under. Layla is going to love having the house to herself for a whole day!



BV yoga on Tuesday and Traditional on Wednesday. I also squeezed in a full-body strength workout and 10 minutes of cardio at the gym in the early afternoon. Feelin’ good you guys!!!



I bought a head of cauliflower on Tuesday. CAULIFLOWER IS THE ONE VEGGIE I DESPISE. And yet…I wandered into the store and bought one for the first time ever. I chopped it up, tossed it in EVOO/S&P/Garlic Salt, baked for 20 and broiled for 10 and bam, it was delicious. I ate most of it, but Tyler liked it as well (odd enough, he doesn’t like cauliflower either!)



A few weeks ago when we were in Edmonton, we stopped to have lunch at Local after an afternoon of shopping. We chose the restaurant because it looked like it had a cool vibe and the menu sounded pretty good. Plus, the patio was really nice. I ordered what was called the West Coast Chopped Salad and Tyler got a burger. My meal was super underwhelming, so Tyler was nice enough to let me take a bunch of bites from his yummy burger. I tweeted about the disappointing meal and was quickly contacted by the restaurant regarding my experience. After a couple of back and forth chats, they offered to send me a gift card!



The good news is that there is another location here in Calgary, so we will be able to take advantage of their generosity pretty soon (I’m totally ordering the burger next time)

Hmmmmm……what else……..



549 days after saying goodbye to my last job in MA, I FINALLY SNAGGED A JOB AS A PERMANENT RESIDENT IN CANADA. So excited. I start on Monday, so that’s why I must leave you now and hit the mall for a new wardrobe!!!!!!!!

17 thoughts on “I Ate a Cauliflower

  1. Congrats on your job! Spill the deets chica!

    Roasted cauliflower is the shiz. I like it like that with lemon juice and garlic too, mmm.

  2. YAY to both eating cauliflower and a job!!! super pumped for you!!! What is the job? We want deets! Hope surgery goes ok for your babe.

  3. Congrats on the job! That’s awesome! Pretty nice of the restaurant to send you a gift card. That’s great customer service.

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