No Elsas

You guys- prenatal massages are legit the best thing ever (minus bagels with cream cheese). I had one last week and it was SO relaxing. I went to  The Spa Ritual right by my house and had an hour massage followed by a mini nap on the heated stone chair. Oh boy, I’d do anything to go back real soon. In fact, I already booked my next appointment in a couple weeks!



I’ve started to pick up the intensity of my workouts in the last couple of weeks, which is sort of a double edged sword. On one side, it feels amazing to move my body and sweat. On the other, it makes me so damn tired! (Don’t worry, I stop whenever I get too tired, I get that there’s like a CHILD to consider). But, WOO!







I bought a few maternity tanks at Target when I was in the states a few weeks ago. I’m kind of kicking myself for never having bought them before I was pregnant because they are nice and long and I love them. I’m also majorly bumming that Athleta is super expensive to ship to Canada because I NEEEEED all the Breathe tops (tanks, short sleeve, long sleeve).


I made bread pudding for the first time this weekend. Let me rephrase that: I made bread pudding for the last time this weekend. The verdict? I don’t like bread pudding. Lesson learned. I do, however, know that I like cinnamon Life cereal.


I’m reading a book! Ok, well I am reading a couple books, but the non-baby related one is worth sharing:



We had ZERO Elsa’s trick or treat at our house on Friday. I thought for sure every little girl was going to show up as her. Just our luck, we only had a few kids and they were either super little babies or older boys.


I also have about 3059723059273 full sized candy bars still in my cupboard, so THAT’s deadly.


Just when I thought home renos were over, we have started redoing our basement. Yuck and yay at the same time. I’m not looking forward to all the mess and chaos and stress (ok, who am I kidding. Tyler is doing most of it. And I have a good excuse) but I AM looking forward to having a more useable, comfortable living space!

Your turn: What’s your favorite recent purchase? (I’m on an online shopping kick)

10 thoughts on “No Elsas

  1. Love prenatal massages! Or any massage for that matter!! Get as many in as possible now- I rarely get a message these days.

    I love those Target mat tanks! I bought 4 more after the baby was born!! I’m wearing one now! Best tanks ever!!

    I hate bread pudding. It just sounds gross!

    Mmmm I can’t wait to eat all the leftover chocolate when I get home. Hubby didn’t get home in time for the trick or treaters so 3 bags of candy leftover for me!! Sadly I don’t have pregnancy as an excuse to get fat though.

    • I am keeping all the candy in the freezer in an effort to eat it all at a slower pace!

      I was actually thinking of you earlier today (in a non creepy way!) – hope you’re enjoying the warm weather- and if you love Angry Orchard, see if you can try a Crispin..they are SO good!

      • The freezer does not help me eat the candy less 😦 I have a problem!

        Funny, I was thinking of you today, in a non- creepy way, when I went to trader joes for the first time. Found a few new things to try. My hubby wasn’t too impressed by the idea of cookie butter but that means more for me!

        I’ll have to look for a Crispin.

  2. I can NOT turn away from Banana Republic. They send you those emails every day and always have a pretty decent discount, then you start looking at GAP and Old Navy and before you know it you’ve maxed out your credit card #noshame

    I wish we had Athleta too..I’ve heard such great things about it!! I also wish we had American prices at J Crew too…buuuut alas a girl can’t have it all!!

  3. Totally agree with pre natal massages!! I still wear my mat tanks! The long Target ones are the best, no rushing and they are so soft and cover your butt!
    Nice work on the workouts!! I felt so much better after I got a bit sweaty when working out while preg too! Cant wait to see that bump! Are you guys finding out the sex?

  4. I must be the only person in the world who hasn’t seen Let it Go. or Lost, or whatever it’s called with whatever her name is. I don’t think any of them came to the door. I’m mainly head down, shoveling candy, not looking at costumes.

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