Humpday Bumpday

More baby stuff to share! This week, I thought I’d give a little scoop on the online service, Babylist, that I used to register for some baby items we needed.


The features that make BabyList unique are:

1. Add anything from any online store to your baby registry. This means everything from big boxes to little mom ‘n’ pop Etsy shops

2. You can even add gifts that you can’t find in stores. BabyList makes it easy to include requests for help and favors in your registry, like a home-cooked meal or babysitting.

3. Save gift-givers money — Prices can fluctuate a lot between the time you add items and when someone buys it. BabyList will show links to multiple stores that have the same item, so you gift-giver won’t end up paying too much.

4. Access a registry on the go with iPhone, iPad app, or Android app. (And check out those reviews. That’s a lot of love from real users, which means that’s an app that actually works!)

5. Registry Rewards at multiple stores.

6. You can talk to a real person — send an email (or call) and BabyList will respond. 

7. Free registry insert cards. BabyList makes it easy to drop a registry insert card in with your shower invitation, which makes it easy for your friends and family to find your registry.


Pretty cool, right? I was able to get ours up and running within a couple of minutes and have since added the app to my phone so I can edit the list whenever the mood strikes.

I think the best feature of this site is that it allows you to add items from ANYWHERE online. LOVE. I didn’t want to be confined to just BabiesRUs (no offense if that’s the route you took) because other stores out there offer certain products that caught my eye.

Another great feature is that it allows me to add products from .ca sites and my US friends/family can still order them and get them delivered to me with no extra hassle! PLUS- we aren’t having a shower (total downfall of living so far away from practically all friends/family) so I was able to share the link on Facebook!


So, if you find yourself pregnant and in need of a registry service, check out Babylist! (Also, if you want to buy me the baby things from my registry list, email me and I’ll send you the link..because um, yeah 😉 )

FYI: This isn’t a sponsored post! I am just really impressed with Babylist and wanted to share it!

Have you heard of Babylist? Did you register?