In the Beauty Bag


I am by no means a fashiony person. I’m pretty sure there’s a word for it, but I’m so far from fashiony that I’m using the word fashiony. I’ll stop now.

These are just a few things that have become my go-to’s as of late and I like them enough to share them.

bumble and bumble Surf infusion- My hair dresser recommended this to me when I had my hair done a few weeks ago. It’s just like the surf spray except there’s also oil in it. I love this now that my hair is shorter to create a soft, tousled look.

essie nail polish in watermelon- I only use essie because I’ve found it to be the best brand [in my price point]. I love this shade because it’s fun and I can wear it year round without it looking too out of whack. Plus, pink nails make me feel girly on days when I don’t brush my teeth or have a nice batch of baby barf running down my leg.

Maybelline THE NUDES palette- I picked this up after seeing others rave about it and I now believe the hype. The colors are on point and the duo/trio/quad recommendations on the back really help take the thinking out of applying each shadow. Not that I use them a lot, but it’s nice for when I do go out- I look a lot more put together than the effort I actually put in to it.

Carmex Lip Balm Cherry Stick- This is the ONLY balm I use. Year round. I’ve been using it for years and have found it to be the best for curing chapped, dry lips. Biggest downer? I don’t think any retailers in Canada carry it anymore! I make sure to have my mom send some up or I stock up each time I’m home. I need one in every pocket, every purse, every room in the house, and the car. #addicted.

Maybelline Brow define + fill duo- I had previously tried wands and waxes to fill in the ol’ eye hats, but this duo pencil is pretty neat AND easy. One side has a wax pencil to help define the brow while the other end holds powder to help fill the brow. After reading a magazine article recently about doing at-home brows, I just realized I may have bought a shade darker than I need, but I still find it to be a quick and portable way to put a little definition on my face.

Rocky Mountain Soap Co. bath bombs- These are bath time GAME CHANGERS. I drop one in the water behind my back once I’m already in and boom! it’s love. The initial fizz while the bomb dissolves feels really awesome on my back and the resulting water makes my skin silky and fragrant. I’d feel like I were at a spa if it weren’t for the whale shaped bath mat or the handful of baby toys lurking in each corner. Only downfall: the colored bombs leave a ring around the tub. It’s not hard to clean, but it does require cleaning. Which can kill the whole point of taking a bath….to relax!!! Amiright?

What fashiony things are you loving lately?