MNF date

Still playing catch up.

Monday, we ran a bunch of errands then decided to put on our big kid pants (aka: stretchy pants) and go have wings and beer and watch football at Buffalo Wild Wings.


I am not one for fried foods (I never eat wings or fries or any of that crap) but I was having a craving- not for regular wings. I hate eating meat that still has the bones in the it. It just creeps me out. This place had boneless wings……and……


SHOCK TOP! Tyler is on vacation and I am always on vacation, so I figured back-to-back ‘bad’ meals was ok. So we indulged. I mean, really indulged.


We got there a few hours before the game even started, so we decided to just order stuff whenever we got hungry. I gotta say, the service was fantastic, there were tons of TVs and they even cranked the heat when they saw I still had my friggin parka on. Nice people.


Note: I don’t look like a girl in this picture.

Note #2: I hadn’t washed my hair in a couple days and it was n-aaaaaa-aaaaasty y’all.

Note #3: I really have to start wearing makeup again. Ugh.

Anways, back to the food. Me, the non-fried-food-eating-girl had wings and fried pickles. Ok, I had like 3 of the pickles, but those wings were screamin’ my name.



Tyler was a happy man. We both loved it there, but wished it was closer to home in case we need to walk back or something.


Ok, ok, I have GOT to stop talking about food! It makes my face feel fat just thinking about it all. MUST.GET.BACK.ON.THE.FITNESS.TRACK.

Yeah, I have been working out throughout all these terribly fatty meals (runs, walks, random tabatas with the gliders, etc) but I don’t feel like I’m really ‘in’ it. Youknowhatimean?

I was pretty much dead to the world yesterday until I had to get in gear and head downtown to teach my new TRX class. Oh wait, here’s a funny story- it’s a new-to-me class; these people are already five weeks in. When I found that out, I was like ‘crap, now they already know how hard it can be. What if I don’t push them hard enough? What if they see me refer to my powerpoint slides on certain moves? Oh crap oh crap oh crap I’m nervous. And I’m wearing my bright pink lulus today, I look stooopid.’

There were 11 people in the class, and I decided to change it up a bit and have them grab some other equipment to use along with the bands.

And you know what?

I think I killed them.

——–>insert deliriously happy face here <———-

I would have them do upper body supersets on the bands, then transition to free weights for supersets using the same muscle groups.

Then a core move, on and off the bands.

Then crazy insane cardio (like 30 sec burpees, 30 sec squat jumps X THREE)

Then supersets for the lower body both on and off the bands, more core, more cardio. You get the idea.

I think my favorite part was ending the class with a tabata of single leg squat jumps on the bands. BWAHAHAHA



Now I am off to teach HEAT!