raining= shopping. basic math

It’s only right to go shopping on rainy days. Both online and at the mall. Here’s what happened:

Lululemon embossed crops, courtesy of Athena



(That’s obviously not a picture of me. I easily weigh 60 lbs heavier, and my nail polish is a deeper red)

Benefit Cosmetics The Pretty Committee makeup set


The best makeup company EVER. Can’t say it enough.

This button:


..because it made me laugh at loud in the store. What I’ll do with a button, I have no idea. Probably put it on my gym bag. Or wear it on my shirt everyday.

Canvas flats:


Super comfy. AND I got these for $40 off the original price. (In my opinion, I wouldn’t even pay $40 dollars for these, so no wonder they had a bunch in inventory that needed to go on sale. Jen for the win)

CLICK espresso protein powder:



THIS IS MY FAVORITE PROTEIN POWDER OF ALL TIME. I love drinking it, baking with it, and adding it to my oats. I only ordered it now because it only ships in the US so I am having it sent to my parents house. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

Another thing I’m having shipped to my parents:



(Also, not me. Sigh. I got black bottoms and a white top)

The rest of the stuff I got were gifts, so I can’t post them here. It’ll spoil the surprise.

Anybody have some good purchases recently? Let’s hear it!