Winesday Wednesday

Happy Winesday Wednesday, folks!



It’s been a while. Too long, really. This whole ‘working’ gig has really put a damper on my Wednesday drinking schedule. I really just can’t do alcohol during the week (even a glass!) otherwise, I’m totally thrown off for the rest of the week. And Friday becomes less fun.

But I’m gonna try to bring it back. Keyword: TRY. Just to share what I’ave had. And maybe get some suggestions from you guys. Or maybe it’ll just turn into a reason for me to find wine-related photos online. I DUNNO.

What I want to share with you this week (Hint: It’s alcohol)





THIS. Do you know who makes this? Wayne Gretzky, that’s who. And you think it would be one of those craptastic wines to bring as a funny dinner party gift. But you know what? Bring it as a gift. Because it’s actually pretty tasty. And here in Canada, it costs a measly $20. Then imagine everyone loving the wine and drinking all of it and having a grand old time.



That would be if you’re social. But me? I like to drink my wine in my pajamas on the couch. In the dark. With 2 dogs worth of drool and hair all over. 

Here’s another wine to try:




Jo introduced this to me last weekend on my visit. It’s too bad the bottle was half empty when I got there, otherwise I would have had a much bigger buzz going into the hot tub! (If this is the part where I’m supposed to explain to you what it tastes like: it tastes like red wine. Red wine that is super easy to drink.)


Boozy things of interest: