Winesday Wednesday

First, I’d like to just do some quick housekeeping:

  1. What the heck are {} used for? I really don’t get it.
  2. I haven’t been to Subway in ages, but with ZERO kitchen and our propane running out yesterday, I was forced to pick up some sandwiches there tonight. And again, it was a chore to get the order correct. Snap.
  3. I am SO OVER this reno. I go to bed every night screaming in my head because I am so frustrated with the lack of kitchen and disorderliness everywhere. PS: totally grateful for Tyler doing so much about it himself though!
  4. Work has been really crazy lately. Like INSANE crazy. I actually called a broker annoying today. Good thing he thought I was kidding and sent me an email after our phone conversation saying I made him laugh. Ha!
  5. I am patiently waiting the day I don’t have to wear a jacket to work.
  6. I have been playing my iPod on shuffle lately, and during today’s workout Wanted by Jessie James played. I normally skip over that song but felt obligated to listen since I had a pretty dreamy dream about her hubby last night. (insert goggly eyes here)

Now where were we?


Nothing new on this end. Except that I found the Shock Top Summer pack at our local liquor store. It was nice to have a taste of home while we were pulling wire for the kitchen. Totally not dangerous, by the way.

I fully anticipate lots of fun stuff to share next week after I spend YET ANOTHER weekend in Chicago!

Things of interest:

  • I need this shirt:


  • Holy shit, I NEED this in my life: Stack Wine. What a genius idea. It would totally prompt me to go on more picnics. Except they don’t sell in Canada. Guess I’ll just have to fashion my own stackable wine.

stack wine


  • I feel like this is something that my mom would put on her front porch:



  • I like these reasons:


  • When they pout mimosas, I totally judge OJ to Champs ratio


See you next week!