Recent Eats

Here are some pics of recent eats. Hence the title name. Duh.

Jugo Juice is seriously becoming a front runner for a go-to meal. Especially with this warm weather coming around. Important: always get a shot of wheatgrass. It is the bomb dot com

My body was craving some serious carbs in the form of pasta. To health that sucker up, I threw in peas.

Oats with chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles. Enough said. It was pretty sweet though, so I could only manage to choke down half.

Greens with red pep, garlic stuffed olives, scrambled eggs, ketchup and onion dressing. Health craving: satisfied.

Israeli couscous with ground turkey, red pep and mushies. Topped with Frank’s Red Hot.

Green Monster with almond milk, bananas, spinach and ice.

Eggs Benedict with a crapton of fruit from Cora’s, easily one of my favorite breakfast places here.

Doggie Treat. That’s for Layla. But believe me, I was tempted.

Any good eats you’d like to share?