Going on a Ramble

I’m going to ramble a bit because I seem to be pretty good at that. The less fluid I can make a post, the better. It keeps you on your toes. Here goes:

I’ve posted this on instagram and on my personal fb page, and since I think it’s hilarious, I’mma post it here, too. Backstory: I made a batch of The Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon buns this past weekend. They were extra sticky because I improvised on the icing ingredients. Ok, boring part of the story out of the way. Reggie (the beagle) hopped onto the center of the dining room table and got to one of the pans. Since he is a master of hiding things, we suspect he ate between 8-10 of them (10 are missing and we only recovered 2). He is obviously the worst dog ever for doing this, [No he’s not] so I subjected him to a bit of dog shaming. Also, Layla is jealous of everything, so I had to make her a sign too. Please note: she was not an accomplice.


I went to hot yoga yesterday. NEW YEAR’S DAY. And my sweat stunk of alcohol. Pro: I actually worked out and didn’t die. Con: The yoga instructor actually massaged my feet at one point during savasana and she probably went home and chopped off her hands. Also, the following picture is so true:

photo 1

Except I’m probably way worse.

So, my office building just opened a gym which is great for a butt-ton of reasons:

  • it’s cheaper than any other gym
  • it’s convenient and I can workout at lunch
  • can free up my evenings
  • d all of the above

Only little qualm I have about the whole thing is now I’ll have to lug yet ANOTHER bag into work with me everyday. I have my trusty Lululemon bag that I’ve been using for a couple years, but I found out this morning it’s not conducive to public transit. Meaning, I practically take up a whole bench seat with me and all my bagcessories. [Can I make that a new word? Yup, just did.]

Does anyone have any bag recommendations that are easy to carry for my commute and somewhat roomy? I’m thinking enough to hold my sneakers, outfit, iPod, and 3,564,785,642,345 baby wipes for dry showering. For the record, the gym has showers. And for the record, I never use gym showers. Shall I go on a tangent? YES I SHALL.

Picture it (Actually, PLEASE DON’T) it was junior year of college and our volleyball team had a weekend tournament in Pennsylvania. So it was like a billionty hour bus ride. Since this is a shower story I won’t go into the fact that our coach hoarded our travel money and spent it on Wal-Mart rotisserie chickens, Oreos, and peanut butter for us to live off of. (One of the many reasons we did not do well at that tournament). Anywho, after our last match on the last day, we all agreed we’d rather shower in the gym than waste time going back to the hotel and getting back on our own campus even later. Cut to the locker room where it’s a GROUP SHOWER. And it was ONLY COLD WATER. And we only had ONE tube of shower gel to use and maybe 2 towels. There was a lot of screaming and a lot of ‘don’t look at me-s’ and basically just terror.

So yeah, I’m not a fan of any public showers. And here’s a pic of me playing volleyball. I was really good at it.

photo 1

Also on the topic of recommendations, let’s hear about your favorite headphones. I am sick of my earbuds that fall out when I jump too much or get too sweaty. Yurbuds maybe?

Today, I got added to a group on facebook for my friggin high school 10 year reunion. Yes, you totally just did the math to figure out how old I am. And no, I’m not going to it. For a few reasons:

  1. Just NO.
  2. I only went there junior and senior year.
  3. I really only remember about 10 of them.
  4. I live in Canada and that’s a stupid ass waste of airfare.
  5. Refer to #1.

Except now that I think of it, I WOULD be staying at my parent’s house if I went…

No, Jen. NO.

And to end on a happy note: In just over a month from today, my best friend from high school (ok, so I did make at least ONE friend at that high school) is coming to visit! Do you understand my excitement that I’m actually getting a visitor in Canada?! I’ve on been here for 675 days. Who’s counting? There are so many things I want to do, I can’t even stand it.


Let’s all laugh at my little motivational snippet taped to the dresser: “Running. Good for you.” Bahahaha.