Morning! (this is in a yelling manner for all you hungover folk. If I had cymbals, I’d bang them. Boom, you’re up)

Last night was mucho fun. There was a large group of us that went to the lacrosse game (Roughnecks vs Stealth…. See, I pay attention)

We even downed a few of the Dome’s ‘Heroin beer.’ Apparently they were supposed to be strong. I can’t remember of they were or not (good/bad thing?)

Nicole had a beer that they filled from the bottom. Yes, I said from the bottom. Believe me, we were perplexed. It wasn’t until Nicole sat down and was halfway through her beer did she decide to push on the bottom of her cup. Once a ton of beer poured over her lap, we then figured out how it was bored from the bottom- there was a magnet covering the hole:

For some reason, I thought finding a tv in the back of the bathroom stall door as picture-worthy:

Some cartwheels and a cab ride later, we all arrived at Hudson’s. I have no words- just pictures…





Time to make some chocolate chip pancakes for my potentially hungover boyfriend (he hasn’t awoke from slumber yet.) I’m willing to bet he is since I found him in the kitchen last night eating turkey from the fridge that I thought was stale. His comments were: *hiccup* April 10th! *hiccup* good till April 10th! *hiccup*- and you can quote him.