Brewsing 10/6/16


Last week, I headed down to National on 17th to hang out with Susie and her mom. I ordered a flight (surprise surprise) and here’s the list:


All were pretty good but a couple of them were really only worthy of a taster (FOR ME) because they just aren’t styles of beer that I prefer aka: the brown ale and altbeir. I was pleasantly surprised by the blonde ale from Olds- its had great flavor and a richness to it that I didn’t expect. The Fahr Away hefe was ok, but not the banana/clove flavor I crave.


Later that night, I was lucky enough to stop into Craft and try my first Belgian Dip by Tool Shed. Ummm you guys……find it and drink it all. It’s fruity without the fruit, hoppy without the PNW hop-ness and just around juicy and flavorful. They have been canning the Belgian Dip this week so be on the lookout Albertans! It really is the tastiest. I was really bummed out that I wasn’t able to get my hands on some cans to take with me to New York.


Ok, so I’ve had the White Raven IPA from Bench Creek before (And love!) but I gotta say that I almost equally love their Naked Woodsman Pale Ale. I usually have a had time finishing pale ales because by the time I get to the bottom, it has warmed a bit and almost starts to taste metallic. This one though didn’t do that and was perfect to the last drop. Twice.


Ah and then there’s the Goat Locker Fainting Bock. I first tried it the week before at Oktoberfest and didn’t care for it, but my mind was changed after having a can of it. There was a significant malt flavor (without making my teeth feel fuzzy) and it just tasted subtly sweet. I’m not sure if I would buy it again, but enjoyed this since Tyler bought it for me.


And then Tyler bought a mix pack from GP Brewing. It was a mix of everything hefe, IPA, stout… I only tried the Hefeweizen and found it nothing to write home about. A beer that tasted like….beer. It wasn’t bad, it just didn’t have any flavor that would make it memorable.


So that’s it for this week. Now that I’m in New York, I’ve got lots of different stuff to try and share with you guys next time.

PS: Tell me a beer you’ve recently tried! How was it??

From the Week

Hey friends! Happy Friday! It’s gonna be another gorgeous one over here, and I can’t wait to spend as much time as possible outside to soak it all up! Got a few things on the agenda this weekend, so it should go by in a flash. Bummer. Backing it up…

Monday: Right after breakfast, Wes and I walked to Safeway to pick up groceries for the week. I actually made a meal plan and lucked out that all of our dinners only required minimal additional ingredients.

The rest of our day was pretty laid back (from what I remember). I did day two of 22 Minute Hard Corps and we played in the basement for a while before Tyler got home.






Dinner was zucchini ‘meatballs’. They were pretty good taste-wise, but still a bit mushy. I’l have to simmer the heck out of the zucchini next time! Wes played with one for a while, but didn’t manage to get any pieces in his mouth.





Tuesday: Man, I need to up my picture game so I can remember what the heck we did! The usual morning hang outs..oh right! I actually got up early to do my workout while Wes was still sleeping! I even got in a shower too (perks of being able to shower in 60 seconds).



I had an interview that afternoon and ended up landing the position on the spot! Keeping it on the down-low, so don’t ask! I’ll share eventually 🙂

As soon as I got home, it was time to head out again to attend the media launch for the 2016 beer for Alberta Beer Festivals! I was really grateful to be able to attend AND bring Susie along. We chatted at Pig & Duke downtown until I ran out of time on my parking spot then we headed over to Last Best for another beer. If you haven’t been there yet I HIGHLY recommend checking them out!






I was home in time for dinner- which was Pickle Brined Baked Chicken Tenders then put Wes down and walked the doggies. I even squeezed in a second workout that evening since I had some extra energy.


Wednesday: The best part of waking up at butt crack? Being able to make a pancake breakfast. Only thing that would make it better would be if a handful of bacon was on the plate and a splash of Baileys was in my coffee 😉


While Wes was down for his morning nap (I’ve been lucking out all week with him taking 2 naps a day) I had a quick Skype meeting for a freelance job. Timing worked beautifully and Wes woke up just as the call ended so we had lunch and headed out for a walk and to cross a couple of errands off the list.


In case you didn’t see on my Instagram or Facebook pages, there is a limited time sale on a few of the Focus T25 programs and they are REALLY good prices. The sale started on April 5th, but we don’t know how long it will last. SO….if you’ve been thinking about biting the bullet, now’s the time! It’s my favorite program 🙂


For dinner we had BBQ pork tenderloin which was out of this world delicious. I rounded the day out with a long bath and simultaneously completed some online certifications I need for my job.


Thursday: Man oh man was Thursday a beautiful day. It seems that our ‘day’ doesn’t really start until after breakfast/workout/morning hang outs/nap/lunch and I’m pretty a-OK with that. I love my morning routine with Wes. But after all that stuff was done, we hung out on the patio for a good long while. It seems our patio absorbs the sun’s heat so much that the temperature was a bit warm out there, but none of us were complaining.









After sufficient patio time, I put Wes in the Bob and we walked to the liquor store. You know, as you do with an 11 month old while you’re still on mat leave. In the middle of the day. BUT- it was National Beer Day! And I celebrated by wearing my newest favorite shirt.


We walked back home so I could put the beer in the fridge then headed back out to the park to take advantage the last few weeks we have left with our playground. Apparently the city deems it too dangerous and since our part of the neighborhood doesn’t have enough appropriately aged children to use the area, it’s getting demolished. Wah.







We had Korean Grilled Chicken Breasts for dinner and paired it with a new Wild Rose beer. (Native to Alberta…or should I say, Albeerta?! ha I’m so funny)



Tyler has been full speed ahead on some home improvement projects, so my weeknights usually consist of me managing Wes while he work work work work works. Sorry, that Rihanna song has been stuck in my head all week.

So that’s our week in a on to the weekend!!