Hey internet strangers!

Oh hey there, internet strangers. I almost didn’t want to come back from my one month hiatus, but my iPhone sent me this stupid reminder saying I should probably post something. Boo. (just follow me on Instagram, it’s WAY easier 😉 )
But if you must know the goings-on over here the past few weeks, here’s a summary:
STAMPEDE: Oh my gosh, it was so fun this year. We went to the rodeo, the grandstand, AND I won VIP tickets to the chuckwagon tent where my friend Susie and I indulged in all you can eat/drink/pet (the horses, not each other). I wore boots and drank Bud and split a fried snickers with my mom at one point.
photo 1-14
GUESTS: Tyler’s mom and my parents came to stay with us. It was a packed house for the week we were all together, so the staggered parts of the visits were a little bit more sane. Lots of food, wine, and sightseeing type things.
photo 2-12
MY BIRTHDAY: I ate poutine.
MANICURE: Got my first shellac and now I’m sold. Only crappy part is that it’s $$. Still a nice little splurge, and I’ve figured out how to cut elsewhere to make this happen.
HONEYMOON: Meh, I guess a roadtrip 2.5 years after you get married isn’t really a honeymoon, but whatever. We took the Mustang on a 12 hours ride through BC to Seattle, then rounded back to Kelowna, BC before heading home. Highlights include:
  • Beer (holy crap, Seattle has a ton of breweries. And even more holy crap, they’re all so dang HOPPY. I got so many tummy aches from trying so many. Tip: Take the Road Dog Tour if you’re in town.
  • Seattle Aquarium. Best part: Fur seal scratching his ass for a good 20+ minutes. We watched the entire time. Worst part: not a single sting ray or shark or whale or dolphin.
  • Seattle Duck Tour: Learned a bit about the history of the city.
  • Mariners game: Can’t beat a baseball game with $11 tickets.
  • Public Market: we bought cherries and hot sauce, so….WINNING.
  • Wine tour via Uncorked in Kelowna: loved the wineries and the WINE, but the driver from the tour guide company was terrible. One of our stops was at a vineyard that won the award for the best white wine IN THE WORLD. So obviously we bought 2 bottles
  • RauDZ regional table. SO MUCH GOOD FOOD.
  • Okanagan Distillery: I BOUGHT ABSINTHE. The end.



WHOA. Too many couple pictures. But……#PROOF.We also managed to duck 2 fatal accidents on the BC roads, saw a bear and a bunch of baby Big Horn Sheep.
Hmmmm… what else? Oh yeah, discovered Calgary radio stations are crap and play the same 5 or 6 songs on repeat all the time and managed to finally throw together a new playlist:
Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 8.28.24 PM
Oh man, there is just so much to share now that I’m getting into it. I probably should’ve kept notes because I know I’m totally forgetting about 50% of the last month.
 We bottled our wine! 60 bottles….and it’s like….half gone. Ok, ALMOST half gone. Sangria and pinot grigio. PS: everyone come to my house for a drink!
That’s it for now. See you next time (hopefully sooner than a month!)