Winesday Wednesday: 6/5

Happy Winesday Wednesday, y’all! Sadly, I am not indulging today BUT I am going to continue writing about the good stuff.


Michael posted this pic to my facebook page:

6.5 WW1

He wrote that is was a Sam Summer clone he made. Dry hopped with Hallertauer hops and infused with Lemon zest and Grains of paradise. Sounds good! Speaking of Sam Summer, Tyler and I are stil in debate over what two beers to have on tap for the wedding. We agreed one would be Bud Light to appeal to the masses, and the other is between Sam Summer and Heineken. Perhaps we will just end up going with 3 kegs.

Jon @thehoss41 (twitter) sent a pic with this appropriate hashtag: #betterthanwine. Ha! I don’t discriminate.

6.5 WW2

Katie @kepotts (twitter) had some vino on Friday! She said: “What to do with #TornadoSirens on #FridayNight? Drink #CupcakeChardonnay #winesdaywednesday” Umm yup, would’ve done the same.

6.5 WW3

Mary @marykcurran (twitter) had tweeted me a pic a LONGGGGG time ago with a malbec she enjoyed with her friend with salad and pizza. Apparently some privacy settings were active on the stupid twitter box, so I never saw them! Rest assured, that problem has been amended! Phew

6.5 WW4

Keith ( emailed me a pic of some Cab Sauv with the description: This was bottled July 2007, and there is only one more bottle left. It was never really one of my favourites, even though I love me a good Tempranillo. There is a Spanish one I made almost exactly the same time, and I think it is by far the better. This is just a hair thin and sharp. The other problem is that damn label. This is the hardest one to remove of any of the kits I’ve ever done. Soak in hot water to soften. Scrape it off with a tool designed to spread cement floor grout. (I live to improvise). The swab at it with a generous helping of Goo Gone. Then wash with Comet. At the end the bottle is clean, but there is still a very faint residue that sheds water slightly better than glass, so I can still tell where it was. I’ll be glad to see the last of these.

I totally had the same problem trying to get off my Massachusetts inspection sticker from my front windshield. Lots of Goo Gone, lots of scraping, and lots of filmy residue. Thanks a lot, MA for the lasting gift.

6.5 WW5

Monique Instagrammed this am-ahhhh-zing pic the other day. Love the pose and the sound of the bevvy!

6.5 WW6

For my contribution, let’s just pretend this is me (cuz I am guilty of this all.the.time. except not in public, because I hardly drink in public anymore. Le shame)

This is disheartening: nutrition labels on booze? C’mon, people! Booze is what helps me relax about that!

Have you ever seen this video clip from Funny or Die? Hahahaha I think it’s hilarious!

From my FAVORITE episode of Friends:

And one of my favorite I Love Lucy episodes:


(I also love the one where she gets drunk from doing multiple takes for a Vitameatavegimen)

Please please please send me your pics for #winesdaywednesday!!! (email, twitter, instagram, facebook, you name it!)