Friday Thingamajigs

1Has anyone ever tried Elevate Me bars? Tyler recently bought a box and I received one for free from our local supplement store. Since I still had lots of Quest Bars in the house, I opted to finish those off before even giving the Elevate Me bars a shot. (It usually takes me 3 attempts to finish a Quest Bar because they are so filling!)


The verdict? They’re so tasty! Think Larabar meets extra protein. Plus, the bar is divided into 3 portions, so it’s easy just to have a bit for an energy boost or to curb hunger. So far, I have tried the Chocolate Acai Berry Brownie and the Cocoa Coconut Cluster. It’s not often I find a bar I like, but these definitely pass the test!

2. Remember when I went to a kickboxing class a couple weeks ago? Well, I must’ve kicked the bag way hard because I still have scabs on the tops of my feet. No bueno when the wedding is coming up in TWO WEEKS. But hey, I gots mad skillz.


3. Some days ya got it, and some days ya don’t. In my case: I have found that days I do strength training, I am barely bendy in yoga, and days I do only cardio, I am super bendy. It’s cool cause I have accepted it, and it is making for some interesting classes!


4. Reminding myself it could always be worse:


5. Will someone please send me a bag of Ghirardelli chocolate chips? Thanks


6. When I want people to get back to me ASAP.


7. This is seriously one of my favorite songs of all time. And the video is one of my faves as well.

8. This is a little video for my fellow Calgary friends. Since there is some massive flooding/rain/gross weather, this gives light on how to entertain yourselves. I’m¬† totally doing it.

Time to booze workout.

Tell me something about your week!