Thought I’d share some of the stuff I’ve been digging lately…

Latest Breakfast: A smoothie made with chocolate protein powder, sunflower seed butter, almond milk, and ice (BC Cherries too if we have them!)



Latest Book: There Will Be Apricots by Jessica Soffer



Latest Workout: Hot Yoga. I mean…it’s cardio, strength conditioning and stretching all combined into one! And my fave new thing to bring to class is this snazzy yoga towel by bestie gave me in a gift basket as my ‘something blue’ the morning of the wedding!




Latest Nail Color: I actually strayed from Essie and picked up this gem of a color (1- because it was on sale, and 2- because it’s cute) It’s Stand By Your Manny- from the Modern Family collection




Latest Music: Aka: Songs I have on repeat RIGHT NOW.

Latest Show: Weeds (still) We’re up to Season 7, Episode 10. I’m dreading when it’s over because I am addicted to that weedy goodness. 




Latest Lulu Buy: Track Attack Shorts. Gave them the ol’ test run yesterday when I did a 6km walk through Fish Creek Provincial Park yesterday, and I gotta say I really liked them. I’m not really a short person…ESPECIALLY when I’m working out…but I found that the length was pretty good and the waistband stayed put.



Latest Beer Find: Okanagan Summer Weizen. Simply put: it’s a summer brew with a hint of apricot. Yup. SOLD. We first tried it last weekend in Edmonton when MKT had it on their menu, so we stopped by the liquor store after dinner to pick up a couple more. And of course, the liquor stores near us don’t have it in stock (and yes, we already asked when it will be available..the answer? TODAY!!!)



Latest Deal: Well, I DID get a pretty sweet J.Crew dress last weekend (originally $59 marked down to $9) but my LATEST deal was a groupon for The Clayground (pottery painting studio). A few weeks back, my friend Mackenzie and I attempted to meet up at a particular studio but found the prices to be WAY too high. I saw this groupon yesterday morning, so we both quickly bought one. Hello, cake stand, I’m coming to paint you!!!

Latest YouTube Funny: Tyler posted this on his facebook the other day and I thought it was hilarious:

Latest WANT: Ray Ban Aviators with mirrored pink lenses. Can’t find them on the Canada website (go figure) but they’re on the US website! Feel free to send me a pair.



That’s about it for now, tell me some of your latests!!

7 thoughts on “Latests

  1. When you finish weeds, you should watch orange is the new black on Netflix! Same creator as weeds and a similar feel! I love it so far!

  2. I’m drinking a Summer Weizen right now! I went to a couple craft beer festivals last year and I have to admit, I’m slowly starting to like beer. It’s just tough to find one that doesn’t taste gross/inflicts a headache.

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