Winesday Wednesday 11/13

Another week rolls around and it’s Winesday Wednesday again. And you know what? I’m a total slacker and have NOTHING to show for it. I had a couple sips here and there of Tyler’s beers over the long weekend, but really nothing outstanding. I did however manage to ‘spill’ a few drops of Bailey’s into my coffee on Sunday morning.
I honestly felt drunk off that. I was attempting to do a ton of loads of laundry, and I was winded as all hell from the combination of boozy coffee and the several trips up and down the stairs to retrieve various loads. Is it just me, or does anyone else get out of breath super easy when they’ve had a drink?
I remember in college (nicknamed ‘Harvard on the Hill’) I would be profusely sweating if I tried to get anywhere on campus by foot. And that was SOBER. If I had a drink, you can forget it, I would probably sit down somewhere to rest for a bit. I’m not even kidding. Also, I weighed about 50 pounds more at the time, so that might have had something to do with it.
Totally derailed there for a minute and had a brief moment of reflection. Man, I really didn’t like myself in college. I ate too much, drank too much, didn’t exercise much outside of volleyball season… oof.
Now, everything’s more in moderation. Except for watching anything on the American Bravo channel (binge watch when I’m home) and drinking water (I swear to God straws make me consumer SO MUCH MORE).
Back to booze.
Friday night, I sipped a stinky Italian beer. It tasted average, but stank to high heavens.
Saturday, I had a Brewster’s Raspberry Ale.
Sunday- Bailey’s in my coffee. And maybe a vodka soda.
To be honest, I splurged on a nonfat no-whip peppermint mocha from Starbucks last friday and it did some serious damage to my stomach and appetite for a few days. Probably the reason why I wasn’t my usual alcohol-indulgent (well doesn’t THAT make me sound like an alcoholic) self.
So here’s what I’ve got for submissions from this week- some newbies have been added to my list of contributors! Thank you so much 🙂
mmmmmm….that looks delicious. And yes, I could usually go for a glass of wine on a friday evening!
The rest of the caption read “L-what I wish I was drinking R- what I am drinking” Ha, I love it (and so jealous of your access to Angry Orchard even if you can’t drink it, mama of 2-to-be!) Thanks, Nicole!
Alison emailed me this pic! “Ravenswood Zinfandel – my fav.
Drinking while I feed. That way it’s out of my system by the time she
eats again. ;)” 
And with that, I’m signing off. (Hoping to get tomorrow’s ‘Latests’ post up for you guys, but I’m currently working on a project that’s a bit time sensitive..we’ll see!)

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