Latests 11/14

I did a flow class at yoga tonight and it was TOUGH. I think mostly because my entire body has been extremely sore the last few days. I did manage to get in my first full bind though! So now, 16 hours after I began my day, I am finally showered, in bed, and watching SOA. The chances of me falling asleep in the next 10 minutes are highly probable.

But, [hopefully] before that happens, I want to share this week’s latests!

We hopped over to Home Depot this weekend to grab some paint and FINALLY cover the god-awful orange that’s in our entry way downstairs. So far, we’ve only had time to put one coat on and it already looks fantastic! It really makes the space lighter and larger. We opted for Behr”s Manhattan Mist.



Metamucil! Tyler and I are both adding more soluble fiber to our diets. And I gotta tell ya, it’s working wonders for my digestion- especially during the week when I load up on veggies and get stuck at a desk all day. It also helps lower cholesterol and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. The orange flavor isn’t that bad, either! (Has anyone/Is anyone taking this?!!)



A cast iron skillet! We found one at an unbelievable sale price and couldn’t resist. I absolutely cannot wait to make frittatas and [more] cornbread!!!



My music obsession for the past week or so has been Eminem’s new CD and the Dubstep Pandora station. Both are great for workouts.



Well isn’t that a sad roundup of latests. There might be more that I’m forgetting to include, but I am .2 seconds away from getting some serious shut eye.

Tell me: What are some of your latests?