On the Radar

This week, I’ve been obsessively scouring Etsy. It’s kind of ridiculous. But just as I’m adding things left and right to my shopping cart, I realize how much I hate spending money and how much I’ll need to actually save before going on mat leave (FOR A YEAR, you guys. Canada is so cool like that). ¬†BUT, if you have any favorite Etsy shops you think I should check out, PLEASE let me know!!! ūüôā

I’ve also been pretty obsessed with candles and ice cream and hot chocolate this week. Tyler and I scored a massive deal on 3-wick candles and I’ve been lighting them up all over the place. It makes me feel so cheery. So does hot chocolate with way too many mini marshmallows.


Next on my obsession list is how much I’ve actually enjoyed researching what baby items I want. (But it’s only enjoyable if I don’t look at the price tags). It’s crazy how different Canada is versus the US on top picks for various items. Plus, I have the help of my trusty ol’ Baby Bargains book.


10th edition, obviously. For all the latest and greatest. I’m way too excited to head to a baby store tomorrow after work to check out all my top picks in person!

Know what else I’ve found to be addictive as hell? Two Dots.


Thanks to this game, I’ve been successfully occupied (at work) for hours!

Other things on my radar lately:

  • dried fruit
  • homeland. OH MY GOD this week’s episode got my SO worked up. I won’t say anything in case anyone out there hasn’t seen it yet. But……SAUL!!!
  • any exercise using a kettle bell. SO fun.
  • Christmas decorations. I’m currently on the hunt for a few stocking holders and maybe some other decorative bits for the mantle. Anyone have pointers/suggestions?
  • vitamin D gummies. I can’t wait to have 2 every morning. So tasty with my daily glass of chocolate milk.
  • lululemon wunder unders. Life savers for every day. every occasion. every size of belly.
  • actually going online after shopping and filling out the surveys mentioned on the bottom of receipts to win stuff. Yes, I spent the good part of an hour completing a dozen or so of these last weekend. Fingers crossed I win something!
  • My parents are coming to stay with us for the holidays (4 WEEKS!!) and I was just able to find them each a good comfy pair of slippers and robes to use while they’re here. Can’t wait for them to be here! Not so secretly bummed that I can’t wine it up with mom on Christmas.
  • Figuring out what the hell I want for ME for Christmas. Diamond earrings will always top the list until I get another pair (I know, so spoiled that I have a set already and still want another for the extra set of holes in my ears)
  • Going to spin again this weekend! It’s so fun and exciting to do these high-intesity workouts now incorporated with a ton of my stretching, yoga, pilates and other low-impact workouts as of late.

PS: Guess what?! We’re having a BOY!!!!!



I’m really trying to stop buying things. Really, I am. But sometimes it’s just too hard. I mean, I went to Shoppers on Saturday just to buy $75 worth of stuff so I could earn 2 free movie passes. And half the crap I didn’t even need. Ok, will I sort of did. But it would have been more cost effective if I just bough the movie tickets separately. Oh well. You live and you learn. And then you go shopping.
With that said, I have some stuff to share with you. Stuff I like, stuff in my life, and stuff that’s just….well….stuff.
One of my purchases this weekend was some fancy shampoo/conditioner. I have almost always strictly been a cheap shampo/conditioner purchaser, but with my gradually changing hair color (gross, it is SO dark now) and the stupid ass weather here, I have been forced to venture into the market of more costly beauty products to maintain hair ‘health.’ Or is it all a ploy? Who cares, this stuff smells amazing:
Think: creamsicle meets salon meets the good-smelling section of a perfume counter.
I also got some of these puppies:
I figured it would be a good investment to use after my lunch time workouts so I don’t get body acne from changing back into my work clothes without showering. Turns out, it leaves somewhat of a sticky residue. No worse than my sweat, yet I smell like a grapefruit. Ok, I’ll take it.
¬†I won’t talk anymore about how much I love my new gym at work. Because that would be rude to rub in such a great thing. MOVING ON…
THIS playlist-> it’s weird and random and motivating and fun and I love it! (PS: any song recommendations?)
 Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 8.49.20 PM
I had SO much free time the other night that I whipped up a batch of Vegan Carrot Muffins. I’d love to say that I concocted this recipe, but sadly I did not. If, however, you want the recipe- head on over to fANNEtastic food. Don’t get me wrong- I WILL play around with the recipe and share any successes!
Last week, Tyler and I watched the entire series of An Idiot Abroad. Has anyone heard of it? It’s HILARIOUS. In season 1, he guy is sent to each of the seven wonders and is forced to endure whatever embarrassing/idiotic/weird thing that Ricky Gervais puts this through before making it to the wonder. I was dying of laughter through every episode. I highly recommend this for a good laugh- and it’s actually a bit of a learning experience to see some of the behind-the-scenes stuff near the sites! (Provided video of an episode below!)

An Idiot Abroad: Season 1 Episode 4 – Mexico by f100000879525754

¬†BAHhhh I almost forgot! The winner of the Kinnikinnick giveaway isss……..Sarina!
Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 9.05.58 PM
Email me at jennifer(dot)l(dot)linton(at)gmail(dot)com your mailing address and phone number and I’ll make sure your package gets sent out! Congrats!

Latests 12/20 {& Giveaway Winner!}

I love a lot of things. Right now, what I’m loving most is the number of Xmas gifts under our tree. There’s only 2 of us! Yayyy for Christmas morning.
 photo 1
Wow I sound selfish. Whatever. At least I have a job this year so I can actually buy GOOD gifts! (Don’t worry mom and dad, yours will be in the mail shortly- and they’re pretty good gifts, too)
I really want to post all the goodies I’ve bought for others here, but it looks like that’ll have to wait until next week. I’m really good at spoiling the surprise, so I MUST stay tight lipped until then! But what I CAN share with you are some of my other favorite things as of late:
Gingerbread cookies. I am 27 years old and this is my first time making them. I’m such an idiot that I didn’t even buy ginger for the recipe [GINGERbread, Jen!] and had Tyler run out last minute to pick some up. The verdict? They came out pretty perfect! The dough tasted a little too spicy (obviously I tried it) but the baked end-result had the perfect flavor, texture and color. Yayy for a first time success!
 photo 2
Spaghetti Squash Ricotta Casserole from Athena. The flavor of this bad boy was amazing, but my end product was a tad watery–maybe I should have pat-dried the squash before mixing with all the ingredients? Meh, whatever…it still tasted divine (Athena, even Tyler loved it! And there was no meat in it! YAYYYYY). I highly recommend this dish if you want a healthy alternative that doesn’t lack in flavor!
 photo 3
Naps on the C-train. Yes, I am that awkward lady all bundled up and head bobbing every which way until I arrive at my stop. I love these little cat naps though because a.) it’s a much better thing to do than make eye contact with odd fellow commuters, b.) it makes the ride go by faster, and c.) it makes me less likely to nap at work or right when I get home (most of the time).
Christmas Pajamas. I get these every year. More specifically, I get THESE every year. I bought Tyler a pair (NOT from Victoria’s Secret) so he can get in on the tradition as well.
 photo 4
¬†Crossfit style workouts. I’m not sure what the OFFICIAL format needs to be to make it a crossfit-esque workout, but I think it fits and so does Tyler. Therefore, we are correct. I did some heavy weight tabatas earlier in the week, then there was the 4×100 workout I posted on Instagram, then there was the reverse ladder sets I did (posting that next week!). If you only KNEW how sore my glutes and abs are..But I LOVE me some soreness, means I’m working the muscles that needed working the most!¬†
 photo 5
All the while, my dogs have been lazy turds. Layla is seriously turning into a fat little porkchop because the temps have really limited her outdoor time. Reggie, on the other hand is always a little turd. His most recent victims were a tube of chap stick and a bag of sesame bagels. Gross little a-hole. But cute.
 photo 1
GREEN SMOOTHIES CAME BACK.¬†I was doing cereal in the morning, but it was starting to wreak havoc on my digestion (and carb intake), so I decided to suck it up buttercup and revert back to the cold breakfast during the cold weather. Staples in the smoothie are: unsweetened almond milk, ice, spinach, chocolate protein powder. Rotating fruit add-ins: blackberries, pears, apples, raspberries. So far, it has really helped. My energy level is up, I have been sleeping like a BABE, and I feel better in the evenings when I workout. Oh, and my GREEN smoothies aren’t really all that GREEN.
photo 2
Can’t wait to share my latests [PRESENTS]¬†with you next week!!
PS: The winner of the OMG’s Candy giveaway is.. Fiona! Congrats! Email me your mailing address and the people at OMG’s will send your case!! My email is jennifer(dot)L(dot)Linton(at)gmail(dot)com.
Pssssst, guess what? I¬†have ANOTHER giveaway for US and Canadian¬†residents that will be posted this weekend!!! Don’t¬†forget to check it out and enter to win!!¬†

Latests 12/5

I have so many things to share with you guys, it’s almost kind of overwhelming. But I’ll do my best.
Going on any type of trip almost always warrants an extra purchase or two. And seeing family over the holidays is usually accompanied by a few gifts. Needless to say, we spent hours strategizing how to most efficiently pack our bags for the return trip home.
But guys, it’s all GOOD stuff. Well worth the extra time it took to cram socks in boots, roll leggings in the tightest balls ever, and hope to god that those suckers still weighed less than 50 pounds.
Some of the amazingly awesome things we received as gifts:
My grandma (ok, she’s not really my grandma but she’s my godmother’s mother) gave us a beautiful silver platter FROM ITALY. I immediately displayed it on our dining room table when we got home, along with all the winter napkins she sewed for our wedding gift.
She also gave us 2 candle holders that are currently accompanying the platter on the dining room table. I love them.
(not everything is posted in the photos…that would be too much work and I’m just too dang tired! But you can pick most of the stuff out. Whoops, crooked candle.)
My parents gave me 2 scarves and leather gloves. They gave Tyler gloves and an accesorry organizer. Jointly, they gifted us a few ornaments, a cheese board, coasters and my mom made us yet another wonderful quilt.
 Onto stuff *I* bought.
See’s Candies. My favorite stuff ever that I even¬†recently mentioned in my 2013¬†Christmas Wish List. I was too spoiled living near See’s locations growing up, so whenever I travel to a spot where there’s actually a See’s store, I make it a point to go and put together my own 1 lb box of favorites. This box included: Milk Bordeaux, Scotch Kiss, Scotch Mallow, Caramel, Milk Butterchew, Milk Pattie, Dark Butterchew, and Peanut Butter Pattie. Oh my yum, I can’t repeat enough how much I adore these chocolates.
Benefit‘s Advent Calendar. TALK ABOUT A WINNING PURCHASE! I mentioned in a previous post about how I stalled too long to buy this before it completely sold out, so Tyler allowed me to buy the 12 days of Essie instead. WELL. Looks like I now have the best of BOTH worlds! I stopped in an Ulta on Dec 1st and saw the advent calendar itself sitting at the end of the Benefit Display. I totally thought it was a fake display, but when I asked an associate, she said it was the last one left and they were going to send it back at the end of the day since it was Dec 1. She mentioned that because this particular box was on display, people had punched many of the days but hadn’t actually taken any of the product and¬†she would offer me a 10% discount because of that. I looked at the price, and it was $68! (In Canada, the EXACT same thing retails for $79) Of course, I snatched it up and only paid $61.50 for it. Bah-BAM.
Essie Nail Polish. Because, ummmm, DUH
Toggle To The Top and A Crewed Interest
I stocked up on warm stuff at Ann Taylor Loft on Black Friday. (See above pic) They were having a 50% off sale, so I snagged 3 sweaters and a wool dress. Then mom bought me a hat. I love slouchy knit hats because a.) they’re cute, b.) they don’t make my head look too ridiculously big, and c.) I can pull them down over my eyes when I catch a few zzz’s on the train.
Can we all just take a second to picture that? Down parka, HUGE cable knit infinity scarf and knitted slouchy hat pulled down over my eyes. Not creepy/awkward at all.
BURGR in Planet Hollywood. After miles of walking up and down the strip- this please is a ground meat mecca. Tyler and I both ordered the Hells Kitchen burger which included a whole roasted jalepeno and it was HOTTTTTT. Like triple XXX hot. Like, my throat is on fire and I’ll murder you if it means the pain will go away type of hot. Thankfully, we both love heat. And we had some insanely good onion rings and a Sam Adams Cherry Wheat to wash it all down.
photo 3
But seriously, go there if you get the chance.
That’s all I have to share for this week..more to come next week! And check out tomorrow’s post and my latest AWESOME workout!

Latests 11/21

Yay, it’s Thursday again! (not as great as Friday, from a work aspect, but quickly becoming my favorite blog-day of the week. WAIT. NO. I love Winesday Wednesday, too. AH MAN, this is a dilemma.)
I really do love sharing stuff I’ve come across lately- whether it’s crap I buy, do, see, yadda yadda (‘yadda yadda’ NOT being used as a verb here, English Majors). And I’ve got some more cool stuff to share with you this week!
1. So I cut my hair this weekend. 6 inches to be exact. Only 2 people have noticed. 6 inches is a LOT (that’s what she DIDN’T say! oooooooooo snap) But my hair was pretty dang long, so I guess it didn’t make that much of an impact. Of course, at the end of my appointment I was suckered in to buying a Christmas gift set of some pretty nice products. Womp goes the wallet. It’s totally getting wrapped and put under the tree for myself.
11.21 hair
This isn’t the exact set I got, but it looks pretty similar!
2. Gastropost! So this is a pretty neat website- they set weekly food ‘missions’ for people to snap photos of foods/meals that meet the particular mission and post then on social media using their hashtag. Some of the best are taken and put in the local paper! Apparently this has been going on in other big cities in Canada and it was just launched in Calgary this week. In fact, I was contacted by the lovely lady who is running this shindig to see if I wanted to be a part of it. UM OF COURSE. I take way too many pictures of my food- and now I can get in the paper for it! Sweet and yummy deal right there.
11.21 gastro
3. A couple of weeks ago, I kinda slammed Lady Gaga’s lastest album. I’m still not loving the majority of the tracks, but after watching her on SNL, I’m sort of obsessed with this song. And the outfit she wore performing the song. It’s been stuck in my head ALL week and I know I’m probably scaring Tyler with random fits of screaming ‘DO WHATCHA WANT, WHATCHA WANT WITH MY BODY.”
11.21 lady
4. I didn’t post about this because I was going to wait until I actually bought it, but now that I know it’s sold out I will proceed to RANT about how upset I am at myself for not purchasing it the DAY it came out: Benefit’s Advent Calendar. Ugh, I would NOT stop talking about it for weeks, and when Tyler actually tried to go get it for me and suprise me with it, he was told it’s sold out everywhere. Insert a night full of tears. Then insert an email I got about THE TWELVE DAYS OF ESSIE. Nail polish, my friends, is AMAZING. I am addicted (remember I went to SEVEN different drug stores to find For the Twill of It?!). In attempts to get me to shut up from my Benefit FOMO, he offered to buy me the Essie gift set. SO I ORDERED IT BEFORE HE COULD FINISH HIS SENTENCE. It gets shipped the first week of December. And I’m so excited. And it’s only available in Canada, so SUCK IT AMERICA. (no no, America, I’m totally kidding. I love you and your Trader Joes and In-n-Outs and lower taxes and amusement parks and Bravo network).
11.21 essie
5. I really love creating my own workouts (this is where I puff my chest and boast about being a group ex instructor and all that jazz. But not jazzercise.) but every once in a while- since I no longer take any group ex classes, I love to rely on other people’s workouts. The past two weeks, I happened to do just that. Below are links to some of the workouts I’ve tried- and really liked!
6. The Chimes Ginger Chews– I’ve seen these all over instgram and the internet, and never gave them any thought because, YUCK I don’t like ginger. But, I needed to make change for a $20 the other day, and opted to buy a small pack of their orange flavored- chews. They were actually kind interesting…in a good way. The chews has good flavor at first, then they had a big KICK of spice. And since I’ve been somewhat of a spice whore as of late, I accidentally ate the whole pack.
That’s it for this week, what are some of your latests?!!