Christmas Wish List 2013

I’m not one of those people who really WANT things.

Let me rephrase that.

I’m not one of those people who….ok, there’s really no way to rephrase that.

There are things that I want, but it’s no biggie if I don’t ever get them. This is where the Christmas list comes in. Every year, when the holidays begin to creep in, the Christmas wish list needs to be built. I gotta say, it’s usually pretty hard to get that thing started. But the flyers and email blasts and holiday cheer quickly take over and the list starts growing faster than you can imagine.

11.18 christmas

That said, I thought I’d share the wish list I’ve come up with (so far!). These are in no particular. Except for the diamond earrings…they’re first for a reason 😉

1. Diamond earrings.



I have two piercings in each ear and Tyler got my diamond earrings on our first Christmas together. But now that I don’t really wear any dangly earrings in my first hole, I want another pair of diamonds! I mean, that’s the best reason to need them right?

2. Lululemon


(photos taken from Lululemon website)

The Fluff Off Jacket; Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve; Skinny Groove Pant *full-on luon; Run: Swiftly Tank Short Sleeve.

3. Bosu Ball



I really need to add this piece of equipment to my personal collection. It’s a great tool to use to change up other exercises because it requires more muscles to engage when balancing!

4. Purse

I need a larger purse- one that can hold all the crap I now need on a daily basis as a commuter. And something that’s somewhat fashionable. (I am currently sporting a small cross-strap purse and a large Target reusable/ghetto tote). <—emphasis on the GHETTO. I keep perusing Winners and other less expensive stores for the ideal purse, and have yet to find anything that hits the jackpot. Since it’s Christmas and since I can put WHATEVER I want on my wish list, I have opted to list this insane Michael Kors purse. I go visit it at the store downtown whenever I walk to the mall on my lunch break. PS: It’s the Large Selma Top Zip Sachel in Black. PPS: I only typed which one it exactly is in case Tyler is reading this and needs the name. PPPS: Got it?

11.18 purse


5. Laptop

I didn’t really think of putting this on the list until Tyler asked if I wanted a new one for Christmas. Then I remembered how crappy this computer has gotten— it’s a WHOPPING 4 1/2 year-old MacBook that gives me the rainbow pinwheel all.the.time. And it’s slow. (And this is after everything was backed up, wiped, then restored!)

11.18 mac


6. Pass to my favorite yoga studio (Hot Yoga on Crowfoot)

11.18 yoga


Oh my goodness I just love going to this place. every single class is amazing. I am also loving my progress in my yoga practice, and I love doing it in a convenient, clean, and *pretty* studio. Only downside: it’s mucho expensive. But worth it if you love it so much. True Story: I was looking online for hot yoga studios in Vegas to see if I might want to take a class sometime next week and I noticed that some studios offered new-student specials of 3 months unlimited use for only $99!!!! So jealous of the cheaper price. [In case you’re wondering, a one month unlimited pass at this place runs you $140]

7. See’s Candies

11.18 sees


Growing up in California, there were See’s Candies shops everywhere. Sometimes when we were out shopping, we’d just drop in and buy a couple pieces to snack on throughout the day. Low and behold, when I moved to the east coast I discovered there were NO See’s! Actually, some of the larger malls would get See’s kiosks during the holiday season, but you could only buy pre-packed boxes. Woe is me. I plan on stocking up in vegas and putting them in my own damn stocking this year.

8. Black Parka

11.18 coat coat


I don’t have a particular coat in mind, all I know is that I want a black parka. Something I can wear to work in the winter so that I don’t have to wear my dumpy-dog-destroyed brown parka anymore. Woof.

So that’s what I’ve got on my wish list this year, what’s on your list?!!

8 thoughts on “Christmas Wish List 2013

  1. A little odd for a Jew to have a Christmas list, but I want snowshoes for walking the dang dog all winter. It’s ridic in the woods without them! I recommend them for you and Tyler too…though maybe when you went back to work you have another person walk those pooches? Anyway, given your climate, a thought for both of you! 🙂

  2. That’s a great list! there’s a couple yoga studios in town that do pretty good first timer 3 month sign up rates (I did the Yoga Shala one a while back for like 140 bucks) but after that, pricey! As for my list, not too much, my parents pay for my travel home as an Xmas gift, and I have no idea what the bf has in store for me. But I usually do a wish list of books every year!

  3. I’d love a BOSU but don’t have space:( I got diamond earings for my birthday and love them! And i just bought that lulu long sleeved shirt and am obsessed with it!!! Anything lulu is good. you’ve got a good list!

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