Winesday Wednesday 11/20

It’s that time of the week again…Winesday Wednesday! (I actually used to drink wine on Wednesdays just for the sake of participating in WW, but now I don’t even think of it- any alcohol during the week just kills me!) I just love having a weekly post that enables me (and all of you) to share.


My friend Ashley sent me a pic of something I IMMEDIATELY wanted to try. Too bad I was at work when she sent me the email 😉


She wrote: “It’s a beer float! With vanilla gelato and raspberry lambic! It was sooo good!” 

As soon as the weather warms up- meaning anything without a negative sign in front of it [I’m thinking this will happen around April 2014], I will totally indulge! Actually, who am I kidding- beer is cold and I drink it year round. So yes, I have just rationalized that I will in fact try this soon. Thanks, Ashley!

Athena tweeted:


Great way of celebrating. And congrats for a successful health fair! [I secretly wish I could do something re: health and wellness with my company, but head office is on the other side of the country and my guess is they won’t want to make any major changes. womp]

Keith sent me a great email. It really made me laugh:

This bottle is anonymous. Other than it being a red, you are all in the dark. However, I know it’s an an, hmmmm.
In fact I’m not sure what it is. I think it’s an Amarone, given where it was, and knowing I was inconsistent with the labels on that batch. I don’t remember drinking during the bottling process, but I missed more than a few labels. However, it could be a Barolo or a Sangiovese. All are full rich wines, which is a good thing tonight. It took 2 hours to get home, so I’m enjoying it, whatever it is. 
Last weekend, I had TWO beers. Really partying it up over here. The first one, Big Surf is a beer brewed in Kelowna, BC. I first tried it when we went to the Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Fest a few weeks back. I prefer the Honey Brown Lager, and it was really refreshing to enjoy while relaxing over the weekend. The second is one of my faves -and even more so my favorite after not having access to it since I lived in Boston- Magic Hat #9! The guy at our local liquor store brought in a few 6-packs to see how they would sell, and Tyler and I were beyond ecstatic to be able to stock our beer fridge with some of these!
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 ****Edited to add: I miss Shannon’s tweet last week and then forget to include it in this week’s post (sorry dont be mad.) So here it is!
11.20 ww8

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