Where the Tweens Go {& a Giveaway!!!}

I can’t believe I’m actually telling you this. I went somewhere this weekend and it was completely embarrassing. Here, let me give you a hint: said location is plastered with pink and purple and glittery things, smells like a combination of plastic and cherry chapstick, and is running rampant with tweens.

Did you guess Claire’s?

You’d be correct. I need a drink, I feel so ashamed.


(If I stayed in there any longer than I actually did, I might have just come out looking like this cheapy Cinderella.)

Let me rewind to tell you exactly why I had to step foot into my former store of bejewelled choice. Sometime during the week, the screw ball of my belly button ring came out. Since I’m no where NEAR mature enough to actually take it out and leave it out, I freaked that I needed a replacement ASAP. You’d think I’d be able to find a replacement in one of the bajillions of kiosks in the malls, but NOPE there were none. So I was fated to be a Claire’s customer yet again.

I had to elbow quite a few little 4-footers (girls ranging from 8-12 years old) to find the spinny display of ‘alternative’ jewelry. (Which is odd because no girls in that age range should be checking out jewelry for belly buttons or eyebrows or tongues or anything of that sort). Anyhoo, I ended up having to call one of the associates over to actually unlock the case so I could buy a glorious 6-pack of belly button rings. First gripe with that situation is the fact that they actually lock up really cheap jewelry. Second gripe is that my lovely assorted package even came with a zebra/glittery ring. Not sure when that would ever get use.

I guess I can be optimistic about the whole situation and not feel as embarrassed as Tyler must have been since he was with me.


Can I get a slow clap for my first ever real giveaway?!!


A while back, I posted about a new-to-me energy bar: Elevate Me bars. Tyler had bought a few on a whim, and when I saw them in our pantry- and eventually tried them, I was intrigued and decided to check out their website. Not only do they have amazing flavor combinations, but they really are aiming at keeping their products as natural as possible <—something I love. I NEED to be able to pronounce every ingredient! The below info is taken directly from their website:


Key facts on these bars—>

  1. Gluten free, wheat free
  2. 24% protein (whey isolate)
  3. 3 pieces per ‘bar’
  4. cold formed, not baked
  5. low fat, high fiber
  6. no added sweeteners, preservatives or flavors

What I think is the coolest part of these bars is that they’re portioned into 3 sections, so you can save a square or two for later (more often than not, I could eat the entire thing all at once!) And their flavors are just so unique! They include:

  • Cranberry Blueberry Goji Berry
  • All-fruit Original
  • Banana Almond
  • Cocoa Acai Berry
  • Coconut Cocoa
  • Cocoa Espresso
  • Cranberry Matcha Green Tea
  • Apple Strawberry

The kind people over at PROsnack Natural Foods have offered to send ONE lucky winner a 12-pack box of their choice! There are 209527039 ways to enter (I lied. There are only 3 ways to enter.)

Leave a separate comment for each of the following you complete:

1. Check out additional info on all the flavors of bars here, then leave a comment on which flavor you’d choose.

2. Follow @nutcaseinpoint on twitter and tweet: “I entered to win a box of @ElevateMeFoods energy bars from @nutcaseinpoint and you can too! http://wp.me/p2fSnj-3sX” <—Copy and paste the link to you tweet in your comment!*

3. Like Nutcaseinpoint’s Facebook page. If you want to be EXTRA nice, you can leave a comment on the link to this post! 🙂


*how to get the link to your tweet from your computer: once you send the tweet, scroll over the time in the upper right hand corner and click. Then copy and paste the URL.

Screen shot 2013-11-24 at 7.11.33 PM

you’re welcome for the awesome example.

Giveaway is open until Friday, November 29th at noon (PST) and open to US and CANADIAN residents! Good luck!!!


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