Ask Me Anything

Ok, now I seriously don’t understand how some people make the time to sit and put their blog posts together! Between, work, dogs, commute, gym, food prep and house chores, I have zero extra time. Except to watch The Bachelor. But even then, I’m using multi-tasking or constantly pausing the show to get other things done.

So props to you, fellow working/busy bloggers.

I should probably make time this weekend to share what I was up to this past weekend (this is just a note to myself)

I have some fun workouts that I should also share. Ok, maybe ‘fun’ is not the word to use. Maybe just that they could be something to change up your routine or refresh on certain exercises. (Again, note to myself)

I’ve also bought a ton of crap that I could share (don’t think it’ll be everything, my memory isn’t that good)

I could share my opinions on things. (HAHAHAHA well that just opens the floor for potential rude responses)

Or, I could just keep living my life and try to keep up with the 30 hours of things to do in a day in only a 24 hour window.

BUT FOR NOW..I leave you with this: ASK ME ANYTHING! That’s right, post a question in the comments below and I’ll compile them all together- with responses- in a future post! RULES: Don’t be nasty. 🙂