Winesday Wednesday

It’s that time of the week. Winesday Wednesday. But to me, it’s like Winesday Thursday because I took Friday off this week. I can’t WAIT to have an extra day to myself- which is already pretty much packed with things I want to do.


COOL THINGS UPDATE: My friend Susie and I are doing Beer Fridays! We will be meeting up each Friday after work at a different place for some chit chat and a beer or two. We both agreed it’s a great way for us to both get out and socialize, but done right after work so that we can each go home and spend time with our men. Last Friday, we met up at Bottlescrew Bill’s and enjoyed a couple brews and about 5 hours of conversation. Second best part? (with first being beer and friends) NO HANGOVER the next day! Fantastico.

So that’s cool.

NOT so cool would be that I have no new wine to share with you this week.


wine fail.

However, I did get some stuff from YOU GUYS!!!!
Michael sent me this gem:

This is for Winesday Wednesday! Glad you brought it back. Anyway I went to Montana for work and being the craft beer seeker that I am, I decided to try this. It’s a brown ale that was actually pretty delicious. Like an American/better version of Newcastle. It’s made by Big Sky brewing company. I ran the gamut when it came to trying their beer offerings, ranging from IPA ( Big Sky IPA) to wheat ales (Trout Slayer).

I also had one called Cold Smoke by Kettle House Brewing company. I forgot to take a picture but it was my favorite while I was there. It is a Scotch ale and was highly recommended by the locals. I bet some are available near you!


Funny thing, I have actually had this! And it was in Montana, too! For me- it paired perfectly well with a super greasy pizza ūüėČ

Liz sent me the link to Wine Glass holders (like, the kind that suction to the wall in your bathtub!!!) But by the time I clicked on the link, the dang things were all sold out. Womp womb. That’s ok, I’ll still with my straw-in-my-wine-glass scenario for now. Thanks Liz!

Stuff to share:

I watched last night’s episode of New Girl and now I *MUST* play True American. Too bad most people here probably wouldn’t be able to recite as much American history. (or could they??? Raised eyebrow)

I need this:


The end.

Your turn: Have anything to share?

You know how…

You know how certain foods/places/songs/smells can remind you of other things?

You know how when people are about to tell you of something that reminds them of something else and they preface it with the same sentence above?

Well, I have a lot of those and I thought I’d share. Plus, I’m not-so-secretly interested to hear what some of your associations are! (Just so I know I’m not too too crazy). Here goes:

Whenever I blow my nose, I think of:


Whenever I sneeze, I think of:



Whenever I hear I Love It When You Call Me Big Poppa I think about the skanky girls doing their skanky moves at freshman/sophomore dances in high school.


(source)¬†—> also, HOLY CRAP. The link where I snagged this photo is a pretty embarrassing thing. And I went to that school! The shame.

Whenever I hear I’m Too Sexy, I think of how loudly I can laugh in Athena’s class.



Whenever I smell tar, I think of summers living in California.



Whenever I wash the cheese grater, I think of the mouse from Ratatouille.



Whenever I think of Disneyland, I think of the Goofy hat I lost on Space Mountain



Whenever I think of Colorado, I think of the dude ranch my parents I and went to for vacation. (but BEER is slowly starting to take over that one).



Whenever I smell cinnamon buns, I think of my childhood dream of opening a cinnamon bun shop and calling it TJ’s. (hmm…weird?)



Whenever I see those smelly markers, I think of the boy from 1st grade names Matthew who used to draw all over himself with them. Mostly just on his nose because he was smelling them.



Whenever I see a calzone on a menu, I think of the COUNTLESS Buff Nasties I consumed in college (to those of you who weren’t priviledged with attending St. Anselm College- there was a pub on campus that made the most amazing buffalo chicken calzones ON EARTH. And if you are there, you might be in the company of monks. Because they ran the school. Not kidding.)



Whenever I see those weird licorice candy things, I think of grandparents. Not mine, just grandparents in general.



Whenever I see Lindsay Lohan, I think of The Parent Trap and not the multiple jail stints (lucky me)



Whenever I crave a grilled cheese, I think of Bob’s Big Boy.



Whenever I hear the Beach Boys, I think of Full House.



Tell me some of yours!

Jibber Jabber

1. Friday afternoon, I took my lunch break a little late and headed over to Starbucks to enjoy a coffee, cookie and some phone time with my dad. We were about 20 minutes into our conversation, when all of a sudden the phone beeped and cut us off. I called him back and he said that my mom just pulled in the driveway (in his car) so his bluetooth kicked in and my mom didn’t know what the noise was, so she disconnected us. After he handed the phone to my mom when she came in, my dad then left (in his car) and AGAIN the blue tooth connected, ¬†and over me/my mom’s conversation, we could hear ‘Wrap it up ladies, I’m turning the car on and I’m leaving!”

photo 1

So basically, that was the funniest thing ever and not even remotely close to chuckle-worthy when retelling the story. Oh well.

2. I am now OBSESSED with Rise Kombucha. It is infinitely¬†better in taste than the other stuff…and it’s Canadian made! Cool beans. If you ever come across a bottle, TRY IT. Not only are the flavors yum yum¬†x100, but the¬†culture¬†schtuff¬†isn’t as disgusting to ingest like in other bottles. So far I’ve had: blueberry¬† maple, lemongrass, and mint chlorophyll (NOT borophyll. ahahahah I crack myself up. Adam Sandler reference used at its finest)



3. I watched a marathon of Courtney¬†Loves Dallas yesterday¬†afternoon. What did I learn? I learned that I should have used my Sunday afternoon doing just about anything else. I also realized how unfashionable I am and that I do not buy clothes at all anymore. I also learned that I don’t ever want botox, to be single again, or to constantly reference everything in relation to ‘my blog.’ (Seriously, does anyone watch this and hear how many times she talks about her blog?! I guess I can’t hate that much..she DID get her own TV show). Also, I now read her blog.



4. Anchorman 2: I LIVED off the first movie, DIED when I heard a sequel was going to be made, and have now made 2 attempts to watch at home and just can’t get into it. I hope I’m not losing my comedic appreciation. Must be all the Downton Abbey in my Netflix queue.



5. I met up with a friend after work on Friday and managed to be responsible enough to leave at a reasonable hour so that I could still take the train/bus home. I unknowingly timed it PERFECTLY, because my bus had just pulled up as soon as the train pulled into the station. I was so giddy I think I skipped the whole way over…only to see the bus driver had fallen asleep in his seat. So I knocked and knocked. And knocked. And he finally woke to open the door. No sooner did I get in a find my seat, there was another passenger¬†knocking on the door- and the driver has already fell back asleep! The good news is: he stayed alert the entire drive home. The bad news is: if I were to tweet this to Calgary Transit, I don’t think they’d give two hoots. Also, during said meet-up, I drank a Japanese beer.


6. MAJOR DILEMMA: Calgary Beerfest of Banff Food and Wine Fest? I shall give pros and cons to each and allow you to help me decide.






  • It’s beer.
  • And I love beer.
  • And I think I’ve tried every thing there is to offer in Calgary.
  • So this would help me find some other stuff I might like.
  • And it’ll be an easy commute just off the train.


  • Admission is $19 plus the cost of tickets used to sample beers.
  • If I find a beer I like, chances are it won’t be something available regularly, which is kind of what I want.

Banff Wine and Food Fest (May 31)


  • Wine AND food.
  • In Banff. In the FAIRMONT.
  • A lot of these wines may be available for immediate purchase and may be more accessible for future purchase.
  • It’s interesting to talk with smaller vineyards/producers since we may our own wine and can learn a lot!


  • $24/ticket Plus tasting tickets.
  • Farther from home, so $$ for gas and the overnight trip.

ORRR WAIT: there’s a third option. Since these are both in May, I can just forego the events and celebrate Cinco de Mayo with my Margaritaville machine at home. Much more cost efficient AND I don’t have to put on a bra!

Honorable Mentions (meaning: things I want to tell you, but not in paragraph form)

  1. I have been eating a crap ton of avocados lately.
  2. Reggie pulled a muscle in his leg this weekend.
  3. We picked our appliances, flooring, and backsplash this weekend.
  4. I made my phone last ALL DAY on Saturday with only 28% battery power.
  5. I have Friday off this week and plan on having an uber ‘me’ day.

Do you have any honorable mentions from the weekend? (Feel free to write a whole paragraph if you want!)

My Reaction to Babies

I want babies. Correction: baby. Singular. Probably sooner rather than later. Problem is, Tyler wants to wait soooommmmeee moreeeeee- you know, ‘to get financially ready” yadda yadda yadda, and I kinda want to keep drinking, so yeah that’ll probably make it a while. But just because I want one of those little things of my own, doesn’t mean I’m goo goo gaa gaa over the bajilliionty of them I see on Facebook, Instagram, and in real life.

No, I don’t want to hold your baby. No, I don’t want to hang out with you and your baby. Because that’s just not me. I can’t get into that. (I know what all you moms are saying: “Oooooh but it’ll all change once you have a kid. Trust me.” PFFFF I know that. But until then, I will stay AWAY.)

I mean, I’m probably just not ready for it, anyways. Some of my reactions aren’t entirely favorable around the youngins.

When I hear babies screaming in close proximity:


When I see someone changing a poop explosion as I walk into a public restroom:



When I have to wait 49 minutes for the lady with the baby in front of me TO GET OUT OF THE WAY:




When people want to show me pictures of their babies:



When people are gushing over babies, I’m all:



When Tyler and I watch a movie with Chris Hemsworth, Charlie Hunnam, or Ben Affleck:



Whoops. How did that slip in there.

When I see a kid throwing a bitch fit:



Ugly babies:



Those are rare, since babies tend to just be naturally cute. Everything about them is miniature. But there are a select few where it’s like HOT DAMN.

When people ask if Tyler and I are going to have kids:



When people are stuck at home wiping up spit and shit and having a fit, I’m over here all childless and like:



When I think about childbirth:



And when I realize that I get to mother one of those brats one day:


All this baby talk makes me want a beer…

Winesday Wednesday

Happy Winesday Wednesday, folks!



It’s been a while. Too long, really. This whole ‘working’ gig has really put a damper on my Wednesday drinking schedule. I really just can’t do alcohol during the week (even a glass!) otherwise, I’m totally thrown off for the rest of the week. And Friday becomes less fun.

But I’m gonna try to bring it back. Keyword: TRY. Just to share what I’ave had. And maybe get some suggestions from you guys. Or maybe it’ll just turn into a reason for me to find wine-related photos online. I DUNNO.

What I want to share with you this week (Hint: It’s alcohol)





THIS. Do you know who makes this? Wayne Gretzky, that’s who. And you think it would be one of those craptastic wines to bring as a funny dinner party gift. But you know what? Bring it as a gift. Because it’s actually pretty tasty. And here in Canada, it costs a measly $20. Then imagine everyone loving the wine and drinking all of it and having a grand old time.



That would be if you’re social. But me? I like to drink my wine in my pajamas on the couch. In the dark. With 2 dogs worth of drool and hair all over.¬†

Here’s another wine to try:




Jo introduced this to me last weekend on my visit. It’s too bad the bottle was half empty when I got there, otherwise I would have had a much bigger buzz going into the hot tub! (If this is the part where I’m supposed to explain to you what it tastes like: it tastes like red wine. Red wine that is super easy to drink.)


Boozy things of interest: