Winesday Wednesday

It’s that time of the week. Winesday Wednesday. But to me, it’s like Winesday Thursday because I took Friday off this week. I can’t WAIT to have an extra day to myself- which is already pretty much packed with things I want to do.


COOL THINGS UPDATE: My friend Susie and I are doing Beer Fridays! We will be meeting up each Friday after work at a different place for some chit chat and a beer or two. We both agreed it’s a great way for us to both get out and socialize, but done right after work so that we can each go home and spend time with our men. Last Friday, we met up at Bottlescrew Bill’s and enjoyed a couple brews and about 5 hours of conversation. Second best part? (with first being beer and friends) NO HANGOVER the next day! Fantastico.

So that’s cool.

NOT so cool would be that I have no new wine to share with you this week.


wine fail.

However, I did get some stuff from YOU GUYS!!!!
Michael sent me this gem:

This is for Winesday Wednesday! Glad you brought it back. Anyway I went to Montana for work and being the craft beer seeker that I am, I decided to try this. It’s a brown ale that was actually pretty delicious. Like an American/better version of Newcastle. It’s made by Big Sky brewing company. I ran the gamut when it came to trying their beer offerings, ranging from IPA ( Big Sky IPA) to wheat ales (Trout Slayer).

I also had one called Cold Smoke by Kettle House Brewing company. I forgot to take a picture but it was my favorite while I was there. It is a Scotch ale and was highly recommended by the locals. I bet some are available near you!


Funny thing, I have actually had this! And it was in Montana, too! For me- it paired perfectly well with a super greasy pizza 😉

Liz sent me the link to Wine Glass holders (like, the kind that suction to the wall in your bathtub!!!) But by the time I clicked on the link, the dang things were all sold out. Womp womb. That’s ok, I’ll still with my straw-in-my-wine-glass scenario for now. Thanks Liz!

Stuff to share:

I watched last night’s episode of New Girl and now I *MUST* play True American. Too bad most people here probably wouldn’t be able to recite as much American history. (or could they??? Raised eyebrow)

I need this:


The end.

Your turn: Have anything to share?