Just Thoughts

Let’s see how much I can bust out before I leave for the gym in exactly……12 minutes.

Here goes.

1. Blogging. Starting to not like it. Both the writing of it and the reading of it. I think blogging has integrated too much with other forms of social media and I just can’t catch a break when I want to read fun/random things- no sponsored stuff, or top xx number of reasons to do this or that, or how many ways to bake with bananas. Perhaps I’ve just been around so long that it’s all getting repetitive? Or I’m following a lot of the wrong people. Sure, point the blame at me why don’t you! That’s why I just now love to follow my fellow little guys (re: bloggers) who maintain ‘KEEPING IT REAL’


Was that offensive to anyone? Sorry.

2. On a lighter note, I love wine.


3. And I love Downton Abbey. Oh Christ, did I just admit that? Yeah, I hopped on the DA wagon recently on Netflix. It’s quality film to fall asleep to each night. It also sparks some interesting dreams. Like….Mr. Darcy-esque dreams. Those are the good dreams, yaknowwhatimean?!!



4. Literally….I can’t…. (watch the video and nod in agreement)

5. I am going to make this public oath to now try to make as many different types of nut butters as possible. Because? Delicious, that’s why.



6. I am looking forward to this weekend. Yeah, sure, for the whole “let’s go to pick out appliances then hit up Costco then meet the cabinet lady’ business, but also for PJ’s and Beer. And maybe pizza.



I did good for 12 minutes.


So here’s the situation:

I bought two tickets to see Kings of Leon in Calgary on April 1. I bought them back in December when they went on sale thinking they’d sell out quick. Mmmmnope.

And I thought it would be easy peasy to find someone to go with me since Tyler came out of the gate saying he wasn’t going to attend.

Well, not so easy peasy. I’ve posted it on Facebook a few times and no bites. What the heck?! Same thing on twitter. STRANGERS on twitter don’t even respond to my invitation when using hashtags that include #free #concert and #yyc (I.e. Calgary).

I obviously texted all acquaintances as well. Nothing.

I’m not going to NOT go. I bought tickets to see them a few years back in NY and my friend bailed last minute so I flew solo. But that was an outdoor venue and a totally different scene. Plus, I ran I to people I knew since I’d lived in NY. But now I’m in Canada where I know insignificantly smaller portion of the population.

Any advice?? Should I sell the other ticket? Bribe Tyler (won’t work)? Or just go alone and use the extra seat for my coat and beer holder?