I’ve found lately that I’ve been skipping overĀ a ton of the new posts in my blogroll. All of them are starting to mesh together and just sound the same. What I *do* like are the random posts because they are funny and they keep me reading. So I figured I’d only write stuff that I’d actually want to read myself.

But first I just want to get something off my chest. The sucky part is that most all the people important in my life read this blog, so it might come off offensive. To those people: I apologize, but it’s my internet space and I just want to put it out there because otherwise, I’ll find myself on the train again tomorrow morning gritting my teeth thinking about it. So shh.


Here goes: I’ve spend a TON of my money (and Tyler’s money) to go back to various places in the states to visit my friends. In the 2.5 years I’ve lived here, I’ve only had one visitor. WAHH! Sure the excuses are valid, but damn it, I got over the guilt and pain and sadness of emptying my bank account on expedia. (Don’t worry, I’m already prepped to answer any incoming emails or Facebook messages about this. I’m not holding it against you guys! I’m just expressing my bummi-ness over it!! And if I DO get sad about it, I workout and/or drink.)

On to funner things. Remember, this is my internet space so I can use words like funner and bummi-ness and ERMAHGERD.

Another fun song in my playlist rotation:

Here’s where I DON’T talk about the status of our kitchen reno and the current state of our entire home because I’d get CRAZY


I have no new fitness news other than I’m now on week 2 of T25 (supplemented with about 3-4 additional workouts throughout the week, because…I’m crazy)


Apparently wearing sunglasses indoors after a workout is a thing now? No, no it isn’t.

We went to Five Guys for dinner Friday and for 2 burgers, one drink and one fry it was TWENTY FIVE FREAKING DOLLARS. It also took 21 minutes for our food to be ready. Consider this my official complaint.


I bought some cards at Papyrus today- because apparently the drug stores don’t carry them anymore and no one buys them so I have to go to the specialty card store where they come individually wrapped and I’m like WHAT- (deep breath after that quick rant) The cheapest ones I could find were $5.99. Since went did cards get so damn expensive? And it cost me $1.80 to send ONE to the States.

PS: I’m poor

And yes, I do get excited for every dollar I have in my possession.


Side note: the housing market here is NUTS. We live in one of the more mature neighborhoods of the city (brief pause: my computer keeps autocorrecting ‘neighborhood’ because it’s freaking Canadian and wants to add a ‘u’ to the word. Not happening, Canadian Macbook, not happening) back to the story: so the neighborhood is desirable both in location, size of plots, and maturity, yadda yadda and the average price seems to be around $500k for something, say, 1300 sq ft, 3 bed, 2 bath. Well, I’m super nosey and went online to check a new listing on the street behind our and it’s listed for $730k! WTF. Also, I want $730k.

(ps the house isn’t pretty)

This week is super crazy at work because my coworker that I’m paired with is on vacation. So of course, I’m deflecting tons of extra emails *DUMB EMAILS* and just overall stressed. When someone asks me a question, I’ve basically given them the Dwight look for the past two days:


Ending on a high note: Tyler and I made a trip to the bottle return on Saturday and made a whopping $78. BOOM.