Chicago Bound Round 2

Hi friends!

Ok, so remember a few weeks back when I predicted how my last trip to Chicago was going to go? If not, you can read about it here. And then you can read about what really went down here.

I thought I’d predict this weekend’s trip to Chicago as well. Last time was with Athena and Ashley, my gym besties from Boston. This trip, I’ll be staying with my college roommate. Aka: we were college boozebags/good times.


Here’s how it’ll go:

Friday, Katie will be picking me up on the Blue Line and immediately, we’ll be:


And then it’ll be one huge blur the entire weekend mostly involving booze, pizza, gossip and laughter. Sorta like a mashup of all of these:


Dance parties.


Weird public antics.


Oh no, that’ll be us in like 30 years.


And then us in 50 years.


What they said.


And totally judging.

And then when the weekend is over and it’s time to go home:


Cant. Wait.

Winesday Wednesday

First, I’d like to just do some quick housekeeping:

  1. What the heck are {} used for? I really don’t get it.
  2. I haven’t been to Subway in ages, but with ZERO kitchen and our propane running out yesterday, I was forced to pick up some sandwiches there tonight. And again, it was a chore to get the order correct. Snap.
  3. I am SO OVER this reno. I go to bed every night screaming in my head because I am so frustrated with the lack of kitchen and disorderliness everywhere. PS: totally grateful for Tyler doing so much about it himself though!
  4. Work has been really crazy lately. Like INSANE crazy. I actually called a broker annoying today. Good thing he thought I was kidding and sent me an email after our phone conversation saying I made him laugh. Ha!
  5. I am patiently waiting the day I don’t have to wear a jacket to work.
  6. I have been playing my iPod on shuffle lately, and during today’s workout Wanted by Jessie James played. I normally skip over that song but felt obligated to listen since I had a pretty dreamy dream about her hubby last night. (insert goggly eyes here)

Now where were we?


Nothing new on this end. Except that I found the Shock Top Summer pack at our local liquor store. It was nice to have a taste of home while we were pulling wire for the kitchen. Totally not dangerous, by the way.

I fully anticipate lots of fun stuff to share next week after I spend YET ANOTHER weekend in Chicago!

Things of interest:

  • I need this shirt:


  • Holy shit, I NEED this in my life: Stack Wine. What a genius idea. It would totally prompt me to go on more picnics. Except they don’t sell in Canada. Guess I’ll just have to fashion my own stackable wine.

stack wine


  • I feel like this is something that my mom would put on her front porch:



  • I like these reasons:


  • When they pout mimosas, I totally judge OJ to Champs ratio


See you next week!


Winesday Wednesday

Hey friends!


PS: I call a lot of people everyday at work and depending on the province, they’ll answer the phone “Hello, Bonjour” and it ALWAYS reminds me of ^this part of Beauty and the Beast. And I usually reply:


Happy Winesday Wednesday! I was super bad last week and didn’t post (ok, who REALLY cares??!) because I felt like ish and ended up drinking a few margaritas and watching the Discovery Channel. Because apparently that helps.

ALSO–> While I was sipping said margaritas, I noticed from our front patio that there were a lot of marked and unmarked police cars in my neighbours driveway. The officers were all pretty chill, but they were taking a ton of pictures of the house and going in and around it quite a bit. I was super nosey and NEEDED to know what happened. THEN, the next day I saw online that there was a huge bust from several locations around Calgary and one was supposedly in my neighborhood. HMMMMM….

A quick round-up:

  • If you missed it, check out my latest favorite homemade margarita recipe. (LOTS of these were made this past weekend at a Cinco de Mayo party. YUM. PS: I had my stylist ombre my hair this weekend. I liked it when she styled it… HATED it when I got home. Going back later this week to add to it so I don’t have so much anxiety about it. And YES I have been having major anxiety about hair color that no one at work has even noticed.
  • Whenever Calgary decides to not have snow, I really want to make these Cherry Beer-garita popsicles. For you lucky folks with nice weather already, let me know how this taste while you sunbathe.
  • I always love a quirky Jezebel article. Especially when the topic is alcohol. Cider is Fucking Awesome. End of Story.


Also, I’m becoming a HUGE fan of brunch. And well…. I NEED ONE (OR BOTH) OF THESE:



I need to buy a buttload of prosecco and keep it chilled because every Saturday I wake up and NEED a damn mimosa. Or four.


Michael sent in this gem last week: It is the first Trappist brewery in the US and happens to be in Spencer, Massachusetts. It was really good — spicy, hints of clove, banana-y. I would definitely have it again if I can get my hands on some.


Sounds like a local beer I’ve had here in Calgary! But I’d really like to try this 🙂

Anyone ever see this movie?


Ok, time for bed. Night!

THE BEST margarita

Hey everyone! Just sitting in the salon with tons of foil on my head waiting for the stuff to work its magic. Sweet, huh? I’m off to a Cinco de Mayo party tonight and I wanted to share my new favorite margarita with you.

You know, in case you wanted one. Or twenty.

This is probably my favorite homemade margarita recipe that I’ve done. I was inspired to change it up a bit after going to Anejo last weekend and indulging in a couple chili coconut margaritas (ps if you haven’t been to anejo, you MUST go!)

So here it is–>

In a shaker with some ice, add: (makes 2…if you feel like sharing)
-6 oz coconut water
-1.5 oz lime juice
-2 oz triple sec (or other orange liqueur)
-3 oz coconut tequila

Shake well, and serve (yo’self)

NOTE: This isn’t what I would consider to be a coconut margarita. In fact, I don’t think it tastes like coconut at all. But the coconut water and coconut tequila give it that edge that I feel really separates the restaurant quality margs from the ones you make at home with a sugary pre-made mix. If you can’t get your hands on coconut tequila, I don’t think it would make much of a difference, but it is a nice addition.