Guess I got the writing bug again. WOOP. I think I’m better at random thoughts, so here goes..

1. I was FaceTiming my mom this weekend when I heard some clicking noise in the background. I asked her what it was and she casually responded “That’s just dad cocking his gun”. –> Side note to this: He was perched on the floor near the dining room window with a BB gun aiming at some pesky squirrels in the backyard. –> Side note to the side note: He USED to trap them and name each of them Darrell and release them further in the woods. Now, they get no such mercy as they  interfere too much with the myriad of bird feeders out back.

2. We cleaned our basement this weekend!!!!! Pardon the excessive exclamations, but our basement was converted into a suite by the previous owners and we’ve had friends/family staying in it on and off since Tyler originally bought the place. NOW IT”S ALL OURS and we’re reno-ing it to make it a comfy extra TV/lounge room (with bonus of bathroom, additional kitchen, and sleeping area). First step: cleaning up all the nasty (garbage/storage/yadda yadda). When I say nasty.. I mean it stunk like garbage meets rot meets dirt meets armpit. Now it smells like a spring meadow and I can’t wait to re-carpet and spend some QT down there.

3. Can anyone think of a successful way of staying the most asleep when you have to get up to pee in the middle of the night? I usually try to keep my eyes closed and feel my way to the bathroom, but lately I have been massively tripping on the corners of all furniture, the fan, and umm a dog or two. By the time I make it in there, I’m wide awake and end up having to peruse Instagram for an hour or so once I get back in bed.

4. SUITS. Let’s talk about it. First season, I was hooked. I LOVE ME SOME HARVEY SPECTOR. Why is he so dreamy sexy? I’m also pretty jealous of Rachel, minus all the high-waisted pencil skirts. Fast forward to season 2 and 3 and I’m having a slightly difficult time staying interested since it seems to always be about the whole merger/managing partner biz-niss. Anyone else feel the same way? I’m still going to be a trooper though, because: HARVEY.

5. Here’s a Calgary gripe: I live(d) at the end of one of the train lines so when I got to the station every morning, I always had 2 sides of the track to choose from. Last week, they opened a new stop that extends from mine and now I hate it. The platform is in the epicenter of all wind activity and it seems that no one is really opting to use the new station and mine is still as crowded. First world problems, I know. But a girl can complain.


6. I am going to NY/Boston for Thanksgiving (NOTE: Canadian Thanksgiving, not the ‘real’ Thanksgiving. Hint: It’s the second week of October.) I’m super excited to just be home, see some friends, eat some good food, and maybe try to catch the tail end of kayaking season.

7. That just reminded me: My 10 year high school reunion is coming up and I have all sorts of thoughts on how completely ghetto the event will be. First of all, I’m not even going nor do I care to go because I only went there for 2 years. Second, the ‘reunion’ is a 2 hour get together at a local bar and organizers have said (via Facebook) that an ad will be put in the paper to let everyone know more details and that there will be a slight fee at the door to cover decorations/food/etc. Does anyone see how wrong SLASH stupid that is? You don’t advertise it in the paper (um, hello I live in Canada now), nor do you have the event only last 2 hours in the middle of the day. I have to keep reminding myself though that it’s a really small town and half the people still live there and probably already have 305923 kids. So, very appropriate to also hold this at a bar. END RANT.

8. Should I even talk about workouts? Probably not. I have been sticking to some stuff at my work gym during the week and opting for home workouts/outdoor activities on the weekend. I also ordered a couple new DVDs to check out since I’m kinda over T25. (I sometimes follow Tonya, WHAT)

9. I bought a bottle of Dandelion wine not too long ago. Yup, I’ve tried just about everything the market has to offer, so now they’re putting weeds in the booze. I put it in the cellar for now, but will let you know how good/earthy/front yard-y it’ll probably taste. I NEED PUMPKIN BEER TO COME OUT NOW.

10. Football starts this week which means I lose Tyler for 3 days out of every upcoming week. PROS: I can watch all my shows in the other room; I can do laundry; I can bug him; I can think about buying myself something online with his credit card but won’t because I’ll feel too guilty. CONS: Everything I say will breeze in one ear and shoot out the other; I have to do laundry; all conversations outside of game time with have a football-esque theme. At least there will be nachos.

Guys, I am so wordy. I need to stop now.

3 thoughts on “WOOP

  1. Oh Harvey, he is really what keeps me coming back each week, trust me get through season 2-3 and season 4 ramps BACK up..can we talk about the ladies wardrobes??? Like Donna, Jessica…LOVE me some Rachel…and I mean Lewis..poor little Lewis -okay clearly obsessed!!

    I also just got into the Good Wife? Like I have must have lived in a whole for 240000 years!!! My husband actually watches with me -saaay what and we are nearly caught up..now about this show Scandal…..

    Oh can’t wait for Turkey weeekend!! My favourite time of year -yes I”m talking about the Canadian Turkey day! Though I do love the sales you kids have in the US …just not the same here!

    Keep these posts coming!

  2. I love Tonya! And the super sweaty 40 year old guy in the back they always tell you is 40, in case you forgot. Side note, the should have considered the dangers of energetic jumpy lunges in basketball shorts before they went live with the videos.

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