Randoms From the Week

Whoa, where did the week go?! I can’t believe it’s Friday already. YAY WEEKEND!

  1. Did you catch my last post for wee nation? Baby subscription box for the win. I am so in love with the idea of a monthly box of goodies for the little ones and even more excited that all the products are Canadian! There’s also a promo code to get $5 off you’re first box ๐Ÿ˜‰


2. I also posted this week about some of my beauty faves. Turns out, Reggie was channeling his inner beauty and ate my Carmex that night! He only got half of it, and since it’s my last one, I sliced off the top and am using the rest. Is that gross? Also, please send me more Carmex!


3. We’ve been having some seriously heavy dinners this week and it has left me feeling SUPER bloated. Note to self: only have these meals sparingly. For the sake of my digestive system. First, there was the pot roast, then the chicken pot pie. Then pulled pork sammies. Oof.

4. I’ve made a personal goal of hitting 15,000 steps each day this week (M-F). So far, I’m on track but it has caused for some seriously long walks each evening with the dogs and they’re pooped.

5. I’ve been doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts this week and guess who started them with me? Tyler! I’m so glad he’s back on the workout train ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel like I’m in a bit of a rut with workouts and probably need to consider purchasing another DVD program to keep things interesting. If only my wallet would agree!

Crap, that’s all I got. How you have a great weekend!

Five on Friday

(in my best Oprah voice) It’s FRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! Man, I love me some Fridays. Since I somewhat did a recap of the week with my post yesterday, I thought I’d share a few random tidbits with you today.


  1. Lately I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night sweating my butt off. So here’s my thought: yeah, I’d LOVE to kick my leg out, but this 29 year old is still convinced a monster hand will grab me. The result? I stay covered, sweaty, and awake.


2. Yesterday I built a light box. I’m pretty freakin’ stoked to take cool photos of stuff. My first subject? Donuts. I actually made them just so I had something to take a photo OF. I’ve still got some tweaking to do, so if you have any suggestions send them my way! Also, I love donuts.


3. I was walking the dogs the other night and randomly started thinking about my favorite songs. Like if I had to name my top five favorite songs OF ALL TIME what would they be? Tough. So tough. I know this is my no. 1 jam of all time (why, I have no clue. It just is). The rest are a toss up. If I had to chose, maybe…. this, this, thisย and this. I am so weird.


4. Remember that spin bike I bought a couple of months ago? Well, it finally got its designated spot in the basement….and it is currently a clothes hanger. So I’m technically using it.


5. Usually when I can’t sleep, I scroll through my phone for anything to read on any social media. Before I know it, I’m on the Explore Posts tabs of Instagram and good God ya’ll I can’t handle it. If it’s not snaps of the most adorable dogs ever, then it’s of delicious food. Or babies!. Ohmygawdddd the babies. I get sucked into the black hole and oogle over stranger’s babies like their my own. They’re so cute! Then I scroll through my own photo reel (99% of which is Wes) and bawl myself back to sleep. A mother’s emotional outbursts are no joke, I want to squish all the babies..mine included. (In a good way, of course).

What is your unusual favorite song?ย 

Happy [freakin’] weekend!

Thursday Things

It.Is.Almost.The.Weekend. Even though my routine isn’t much different on the weekend, I’m still excited for it. Mainly because A) I stay up later on Friday and Saturday nights (oooooo badass) B) I have an adult beverage or two, and C) … Continue reading