On the Radar

This week, I’ve been obsessively scouring Etsy. It’s kind of ridiculous. But just as I’m adding things left and right to my shopping cart, I realize how much I hate spending money and how much I’ll need to actually save before going on mat leave (FOR A YEAR, you guys. Canada is so cool like that).  BUT, if you have any favorite Etsy shops you think I should check out, PLEASE let me know!!! 🙂

I’ve also been pretty obsessed with candles and ice cream and hot chocolate this week. Tyler and I scored a massive deal on 3-wick candles and I’ve been lighting them up all over the place. It makes me feel so cheery. So does hot chocolate with way too many mini marshmallows.


Next on my obsession list is how much I’ve actually enjoyed researching what baby items I want. (But it’s only enjoyable if I don’t look at the price tags). It’s crazy how different Canada is versus the US on top picks for various items. Plus, I have the help of my trusty ol’ Baby Bargains book.


10th edition, obviously. For all the latest and greatest. I’m way too excited to head to a baby store tomorrow after work to check out all my top picks in person!

Know what else I’ve found to be addictive as hell? Two Dots.


Thanks to this game, I’ve been successfully occupied (at work) for hours!

Other things on my radar lately:

  • dried fruit
  • homeland. OH MY GOD this week’s episode got my SO worked up. I won’t say anything in case anyone out there hasn’t seen it yet. But……SAUL!!!
  • any exercise using a kettle bell. SO fun.
  • Christmas decorations. I’m currently on the hunt for a few stocking holders and maybe some other decorative bits for the mantle. Anyone have pointers/suggestions?
  • vitamin D gummies. I can’t wait to have 2 every morning. So tasty with my daily glass of chocolate milk.
  • lululemon wunder unders. Life savers for every day. every occasion. every size of belly.
  • actually going online after shopping and filling out the surveys mentioned on the bottom of receipts to win stuff. Yes, I spent the good part of an hour completing a dozen or so of these last weekend. Fingers crossed I win something!
  • My parents are coming to stay with us for the holidays (4 WEEKS!!) and I was just able to find them each a good comfy pair of slippers and robes to use while they’re here. Can’t wait for them to be here! Not so secretly bummed that I can’t wine it up with mom on Christmas.
  • Figuring out what the hell I want for ME for Christmas. Diamond earrings will always top the list until I get another pair (I know, so spoiled that I have a set already and still want another for the extra set of holes in my ears)
  • Going to spin again this weekend! It’s so fun and exciting to do these high-intesity workouts now incorporated with a ton of my stretching, yoga, pilates and other low-impact workouts as of late.

PS: Guess what?! We’re having a BOY!!!!!


4 thoughts on “On the Radar

  1. Congrats on the boy! Canada is awesome for their health care and their mat leave – except when you don’t get to pay into E.I. (like me) and have to go back to work early. That’s my own pity party there but you really really enjoy yours when it comes!!

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