It’s December!

It’s December and I’m super freaking happy because the next month consists of cookies and candles and food and presents and CHRISTMAS MOVIES.

I’ve already burned through a ton of 3-wick candles and managed to whip up large batches of peanut butter blossoms and iced oatmeal cookies.



What have I been up to, hmmmm…..

I put on real clothes for a wedding

photo 1-20

I did yoga at home with Layla (lately she has been stuck to me like glue and follows me wherever I go. As I type this, she is laying under my chair with her chin resting on my foot.) ALSO- my workouts have started to pick up again! I’ve added more interval training back in because I think my body- even going through this HUGE change- was getting ‘settled’ with my workouts. I have had a ton of energy and have really felt great.

photo 2-20

I bought a ton of baby crap. It’s both overwhelming and exciting. So far, we have a crib, pack n play, stroller, car seat and dresser (that my mom and I will be refinishing!)

This is also currently en route to my house:


Tyler didn’t get it at first, but I bought it as soon as I saw it because it’s hysterical. Probably because I know Spanish and he knows French. Hashtag language barrier.

Also, can we please talk about how my SON (WHOA SO WEIRD TO TYPE THAT) is going to be a dual citizen before me? No fair.

T-minus 136 days until I can refer to this chart:

photo 3-16

My Christmas spirit animal is THIS LADY

I think 90% of my xmas shopping is online this year. Downside of this? It takes approximately 472 days for ANYTHING to ship in Canada. Oh well.

Speaking of online shopping, does anyone have any Etsy shops they recommend? I am literally obsessed



with Etsy and could buy just about everything. Please leave comments with any recommendations!!