On the Radar

This week, I’ve been obsessively scouring Etsy. It’s kind of ridiculous. But just as I’m adding things left and right to my shopping cart, I realize how much I hate spending money and how much I’ll need to actually save before going on mat leave (FOR A YEAR, you guys. Canada is so cool like that). ┬áBUT, if you have any favorite Etsy shops you think I should check out, PLEASE let me know!!! ­čÖé

I’ve also been pretty obsessed with candles and ice cream and hot chocolate this week. Tyler and I scored a massive deal on 3-wick candles and I’ve been lighting them up all over the place. It makes me feel so cheery. So does hot chocolate with way too many mini marshmallows.


Next on my obsession list is how much I’ve actually enjoyed researching what baby items I want. (But it’s only enjoyable if I don’t look at the price tags). It’s crazy how different Canada is versus the US on top picks for various items. Plus, I have the help of my trusty ol’ Baby Bargains book.


10th edition, obviously. For all the latest and greatest. I’m way too excited to head to a baby store tomorrow after work to check out all my top picks in person!

Know what else I’ve found to be addictive as hell? Two Dots.


Thanks to this game, I’ve been successfully occupied (at work) for hours!

Other things on my radar lately:

  • dried fruit
  • homeland. OH MY GOD this week’s episode got my SO worked up. I won’t say anything in case anyone out there hasn’t seen it yet. But……SAUL!!!
  • any exercise using a kettle bell. SO fun.
  • Christmas decorations. I’m currently on the hunt for a few stocking holders and maybe some other decorative bits for the mantle. Anyone have pointers/suggestions?
  • vitamin D gummies. I can’t wait to have 2 every morning. So tasty with my daily glass of chocolate milk.
  • lululemon wunder unders. Life savers for every day. every occasion. every size of belly.
  • actually going online after shopping and filling out the surveys mentioned on the bottom of receipts to win stuff. Yes, I spent the good part of an hour completing a dozen or so of these last weekend. Fingers crossed I win something!
  • My parents are coming to stay with us for the holidays (4 WEEKS!!) and I was just able to find them each a good comfy pair of slippers and robes to use while they’re here. Can’t wait for them to be here! Not so secretly bummed that I can’t wine it up with mom on Christmas.
  • Figuring out what the hell I want for ME for Christmas. Diamond earrings will always top the list until I get another pair (I know, so spoiled that I have a set already and still want another for the extra set of holes in my ears)
  • Going to spin again this weekend! It’s so fun and exciting to do these high-intesity workouts now incorporated with a ton of my stretching, yoga, pilates and other low-impact workouts as of late.

PS: Guess what?! We’re having a BOY!!!!!


Riddle Me This

Riddle me this, internet. WHY would it cost only $10 for me to mail something to the US and have it arrive a week later, but it costs $14 to mail the same size box within Canada- only it takes TWO weeks? Silly Canada post. 1 point to Newman.


I built another wine rack this weekend! Because you know, I’m really into wine these days. Pffff


Oooh, and I FINALLY went to a spin class this week! I originally bought a 10 class hot yoga pass to my favorite studio Hot Yoga and Spin on Crowfoot, but when I found out I was preg, I asked if I could transfer the pass to spin instead. Then I just felt like shit for 3 straight months, so I never got to go. Good news: I loved the class! I’ve actually never taken a class that requires clip-in shoes, but I found it to be WAY better than using cages. The instructor had a rockin’ playlist and attitude which really got me pumped up.

I was actually nervous the first few minutes of class because I didn’t want to get my heart rate up too much and hurt the thing in my stomach (read: baby). But I managed to keep everything at my own pace as much as I could and pushed myself a little bit. IT FELT GOOD. End of story.



PS: If anyone at work asks me ONE MORE TIME how I’m feeling I’m going to bop them on the head. (Does anyone else get annoyed by this? I get the genuine concern and all, but that doesn’t mean it’s ALL I want to talk about)

I went to a tea party last week with my Calgary pal, Susie! Good news: It was fun to hang out and try some new teas. Bad news: I found out that I can drink like ZERO of them because apparently there are SO many different things I can’t consume. Whatever, I still bought some and a really cute glass mug/steeper thingy.

bubble cup


Things I’ve been obsessed with lately:

-fruit by the foot/fruit roll ups (yup, stopped at Safeway after spin class and bought a few boxes. They’re gone already)

-The Good Wife. Still on season 1- only because I watch it in bed and usually fall asleep in about 5 minutes.

-the Lush Snowman Shower Jelly┬áand their Lovely Jubblies breast cream (it was REALLY hard for me to type that B-word.) And I’m actually using that -ish all over my body since it’s basically a firming cream and it smells like heaven mixed with rainbow sprinkles and ponies and naps. (it smells good)

-I can’t stop listening to Fergie’s new song. And I can’t stop laughing about it- because if that video is supposed to rep people from LA (cough cough, where I was born and raised) should I be wearing a massive platinum braid and riding around in a bus decorated with palm trees and a giant skull? And I’m also laughing if there were ever a song about Canada Love- everyone would be drizzled in syrup with fuzzy boots and hockey pucks.

I was looking on Etsy for some new Christmas stockings and ummmmm, they’re expensive. I sent a pic of some I like to my mom and she sent me back a pic a few days later of some she made for me…FOR FREE Y’ALL.


P.S. Note the price on the top Etsy pic. And I think that’s the price for only THREE.

Ooh, and guess what? My otter box iPhone case broke a few weeks ago and I got a replacement from them for free! Pretty sweet, huh? Their website shows you what you need to submit to get a replacement under their warranty.

photo 4-12

And I got a new dress for a wedding. It’s peplum so apparently that makes it flattering around the midsection??

photo 5-8

Last but not least, the best photo I could get of the three of us at the river before the friggin snow and -29 degree weather kicked in:

photo 3-15

No Elsas

You guys- prenatal massages are legit the best thing ever (minus bagels with cream cheese). I had one last week and it was SO relaxing. I went to ┬áThe Spa Ritual right by my house and had an hour massage followed by a mini nap on the heated stone chair. Oh boy, I’d do anything to go back real soon. In fact, I already booked my next appointment in a couple weeks!



I’ve started to pick up the intensity of my workouts in the last couple of weeks, which is sort of a double edged sword. On one side, it feels amazing to move my body and sweat. On the other, it makes me so damn tired! (Don’t worry, I stop whenever I get too tired, I get that there’s like a CHILD to consider). But, WOO!







I bought a few maternity tanks at Target when I was in the states a few weeks ago. I’m kind of kicking myself for never having bought them before I was pregnant because they are nice and long and I love them. I’m also majorly bumming that Athleta is super expensive┬áto ship to Canada because I NEEEEED all the Breathe tops (tanks, short sleeve, long sleeve).


I made bread pudding for the first time this weekend. Let me rephrase that: I made bread pudding for the last time this weekend. The verdict? I don’t like bread pudding. Lesson learned. I do, however, know that I like cinnamon Life cereal.


I’m reading a book! Ok, well I am reading a couple books, but the non-baby related one is worth sharing:



We had ZERO Elsa’s trick or treat at our house on Friday. I thought for sure every little girl was going to show up as her. Just our luck, we only had a few kids and they were either super little babies or older boys.


I also have about 3059723059273 full sized candy bars still in my cupboard, so THAT’s deadly.


Just when I thought home renos were over, we have started redoing our basement. Yuck and yay at the same time. I’m not looking forward to all the mess and chaos and stress (ok, who am I kidding. Tyler is doing most of it. And I have a good excuse) but I AM looking forward to having a more useable, comfortable living space!

Your turn: What’s your favorite recent purchase? (I’m on an online shopping kick)