Hi friends. I really need to get better at posting. Meh.

What’s been going on? Same old, same old. We’ve turned into pretty boring folk as of late, and to be honest I kind of love it. Except most of that boring bit is now consumed with home reno type stuff which I could totally do without. I’ll just be really happy when it’s all done!

Friday, I left work early to head to a doctor appointment which yielded several ‘greats’ and ‘everything’s perfect’. RELIEF.

Later in the evening, I had another prenatal massage which was GLORIOUS. I always make sure to book my appointments with the same girl because she is really just so amazing. Either that, or I’ve always landed crappy masseuses in the past. (Is masseuses a word?)

We rounded out the night watching The Judge–>long movie–> then bed.

Saturday, Tyler went out to run errands then spent the rest of the day working on wiring in the basement. I schlepped all over Calgary picking up various baby items and groceries. Woof. We ended up not eating dinner until 8:30pm! Which is really weird for us since we’re senior citizens and generally eat around 5-5:30. ha!

PS: babies are expensive.

Really expensive.

Please send baby items.

I’m not joking.

Sunday was fun! Well, as fun as Sundays get when you have to head to work the next day. There was a lot of laundry/cleaning up/etc. And bacon.


I was in the middle of doing a lower body-intense workout when the Seahawks finally decided to step up their game. Not one to miss the excitement OR my workout, I would up doing a few hundred lunges around the kitchen island.

Now you’re all caught up. Perhaps I’ll check in tomorrow and be a bit more witty.

What’s up with you? Leave a comment!

4 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. Sounds like a good weekend!! We have a basement full of baby stuff so if you’d like to borrow anything – let me know! šŸ™‚ PS. They are damn expensive. Nice work on the massages. I wish I went for more!! Glad everything is great with the babe! You look amazing.

  2. Seemed pretty witty to me!

    Yup and they don’t get any cheaper as they get older. I’m looking forward to when they start being useful- cooking, cleaning, get a job to earn their keep… Must be close to that now with an almost 3 year old, I think!

    Mm bacon! Must add to grocery list!

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