Unexpected hiatus

Well that was a longer than expected hiatus. Whoops. To catch up:
Yup, I’m still doing them. I’m still rotating through stuff, but have lately used a lot of my T25 DVDs for cardio, pinterest/blogs for strength workout inspiration, vinyasa prenatal DVD (regular and short forms), and Tracy Anderson’s Pregnancy Project. I’ve also been walking for an hour every work day- which surpringly is the most tiring of all!
I’m still trying to eat as good as I can- making sure to get in fruits/veggies/protein every day. Carbs are easy, obviously. My favorite thing lately has been smoothies since I finally got my Vitamix in the mail! It takes a lot of willpower not to whip up a chocolate peanut butter smoothie 2-3x a day because HOT DAMN those are delicious.
Still working on getting his room put together- lots of items are slowly trickling in via Amazon/online orders. It’s currently a bit messy and I’m using a wine kit as a side table (until it can be replaced with a side table I actually like). I bought a TON of diapers from 3 different stores a few weeks ago when I went on a shopping binge. I was the crazy lady with my calculator out trying to see what was cheapest- according to what some baby blogs consider ‘cheap’. PS: diapers are not cheap. PPS: send diapers. PPPS: and whatever else babies need. (wipes/creams/lotions? I have no idea. I’m so stressed)
Fun things tomorrow! (for some reason, wordpress wasn’t working for a long time today, so this is all I got!) Ok wait here’s some random pictures:
photo 4-17 photo 3-24 photo 2-30 photo 1-31 photo 5-12 photo 4-16 photo 3-23 photo 2-29 photo 1-30

10 thoughts on “Unexpected hiatus

  1. I never crunched numbers with diapers! But we only used disposables for 4 months. Now we buy a box of a 100 every few months since we use cloth 90% of the time. It’s so hard to say when baby will move up in size so don’t stress about having tons, you’ll want to have an excuse to get out 😉
    Get lots of wipes! But find ones you like before buying tons. We use Huggies, and buy them at Costco.
    I’d buy a couple types of lotion and body/hair wash but like above don’t go buy a ton since you’ll need to see what you like and works for baby. Plus, we have yet to go through a whole lotion and maybe have used 4 body washes! Not a ton.
    Have gripe water!! I have never used a diaper ointment but love Angel baby bottom balm.

  2. Those photos we re very funny in my late night feeding stupor. For diapers, my kids never fit newborn sizing so only get a smaller bag of that just in case and then get the cases. I personally liked pampers which isn’t a costco brand our first got rashes with huggies this one doesn’t care what we put on her. I second wipes from Costco but I love the costco brand.

    I’d also recommend getting ovol (gas drops) infants Tylenol and Advil (get both as you can use them at the same time – like one at hour one and the other at hour three and then space them out as directed as they work differently) I remember not having any in the house until after the first round of shots and someone had to rush out to get them while I consoled our shrieking man. And get a tub of Vaseline (in case of circ) and diaper cream.

    Like above don’t stock up too much as you’ll need/want to get out of the house.

  3. You don’t need much in terms of creams/ lotions for baby. They only need to be bathed every couple of days when they are newborn (they don’t get that dirty and you have to be careful of the umbical stump). I’d highly recommend getting nipple cream if you are going to try breast feeding. Your nipples will seriously thank you! The Medala stuff is good and I also bought one from Earth Mama that is more natural and works well too. What type of diapers did you buy?

  4. Your belly. Love it. And your dogs. Nice work on all the workouts and walks. We love wipes from costco, the costco brand. We like huggies diapers, they have a line so you know the diaper is wet. Hubby says it’s a must. Get nipple cream. Gripe water. Vaseline for bum if a little diaper rash..I dunno what else. 🙂

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