Weekend Recap

Well, this is my 3rd Monday in a row that I’ve called in sick from work. My boss must think I party hard on Sundays…even though I no longer have alcohol as an excuse! Two weeks ago, I was super dehydrated, last week I was just extremely exhausted and this week I seem to have a stomach virus! Lovely. At least this time I went to the doctor and got a note to excuse me from work for a few days. Can’t hate that!

This past weekend was pretty low key-

Friday: Left work early for my prenatal appointment- everything checked out great. Although, I do have to say that landing a male doctor for this visit made it feel extremely different. Weird. We grabbed takeout from Brewsters for dinner and watched a few movies.

Saturday: I was up at 7am and got ALL the laundry done before we ventured out to Costco and to purchase yet another beloved wine kit-from The Home Vintner (cabernet sauvignon this time!). Jalepeno burgers on the BBQ and homemade french fries for dinner and a couple more movies. PS: I always fall asleep through the Lord of the Rings movies, but managed to stay up for the entire Desolation of Smaug EXCEPT the last two minutes. So close.

Sunday: I did ZERO things. Zip, zilch, nada. I was progressively feeling yuckier, so I plopped in front of the TV with the dogs while Tyler did a bunch of stuff around the house.

Fingers crossed I get a bit of shut eye today. And I totally just typed ‘shit eye’ and laughed for approx 524592073 minutes.

PS: Cadbury eggs come in little plastic capsules now? I miss the foil. Is that weird?

How was your weekend?