Flashback Friday

Another week in the books. Nothing too exciting to report on this end. Perhaps this picture can help give you an idea of how I’ve been spending my days:

photo 1-36

Pillows, blankets, dogs, nutella, water, tv and some fitness equipment. (Disregard the background- we are pairing that room this weekend and refinishing the fireplace. Finally. And by *we* I mean Tyler because it takes me 45 minutes to stand up from this couch.) So boring, But totally needed since I can’t really do anything anyways! I did try to run a couple of baby-related errands yesterday and 3 stops earned me a 2 hour nap and lethargic afternoon/evening. And my appetite is now gone. Which sucks because I kind of like food.

I did manage to pick up a smaller rug to place under the rocker so that it wouldn’t rock into the wall every time I stood up. I think I need to add a dog bed to the room as well because Layla is doing a good job of hanging out in there too.

photo 2-36

I’ve gotten incredibly clumsy over the last few weeks and dropped a figurine when I tried to put the rug down and it broke into a billion pieces. You might be able to see some of the pieces under the crib still because I’m lazy and didn’t want to reach for them yet.

Yesterday, my mom sent me some pics of when *I* was a baby, so I really wanted to share those. Can you tell I’m really getting into this whole baby thing? Holy crap it’s exhilarating and exhausting. PS: Why is Home Depot the only place with expectant mother parking? Sorry, but if I need something from Home Depot, I’m sending Tyler. Give me preferential parking at the grocery store! And the drug store! And the froyo shop!

Ok, back to some old pictures. Sorry if this is boring, but I find them completely hilarious either because of my whackadoodle chub or because of the glorious 80’s-ness (new word?) of my outfits.

photo 3-29

Glorious. Just glorious.

photo 4-19

These photos are rare because they capture some of the few moments where I was actually smaller than my mother. Case in point:


See? She’s tiny. (Mom, don’t call me after you read this and yell at me. You’re cute in the pic so that’s all that matters)

photo 5-14

photo 1-37

^^This is what I’ll look like if I keep it up with my current nutella consumption.^^

photo 2-37

Striking a pose. Remember when I tried to recreate one of my poses? Here’s a refresher:


Cute/Not cute?

photo 3-30

photo 4-20

Hope you have a great weekend! I know we will- Tyler and I are going to learn about breastfeeding! Cue the excitement!!