The Nursery(!!)

Alright, I couldn’t hold it off any longer. The nursery still isn’t 100% done, but I think it’s somewhat put together enough that I thought I’d share some pictures!


This is by far my favorite part of the room. PS: I still need to vacuum, I know. And stock the shelves with diapers and wipes, etc. They’re in the closet- which is currently a disaster filled with baby clothes, the pack n play, the stroller, high chair, bath, and a billionty other baby-necessities. 

It took me a couple hours last night to actually figure out how to arrange the frames on the wall. No joke, a couple of hours. Pregnancy brain is in FULL effect (to further back that up, I just painted two paint samples side-by-side on our living room wall and couldn’t decide which I liked better. Until I discovered that I paint the EXACT SAME COLOR two times. doh). I whipped out some tissue paper and cut out templates and taped them to the wall to make sure I was really sold on the formation and it turned out to be a pretty genius, pinteresty-y type thing to do.

Wanna know where I got some of these goodies?

Wall gallery, starting with the top left and going clockwise:

I Heart My City by HouseOfBoysShop on Etsy

Frame from Michaels (bought cork board and cut to fit the frame)

Peter Cotton Tail print from Market Collective, Dec 2014 (I can’t recall which vendor!)

Teddy Bear print (with cuddle blanket seen on rocker) from BeckyMcCreary on Etsy

Frame from Michaels (bought canvas and cut to fit frame)

Mirror from Winners

Changing pad cover by Aden & Anais

Dresser found on Kijiji (painted white and found these crystal knobs)

Silver cart from Ikea

Swaddle blankets (I want 100 more of these!!) from Aden & Anais. I hope the baby likes them as much as I do

Rug from


I still don’t have any stuffed animals in the room, otherwise I’d probably show a wider shot, but I had to share the print hanging above the crib because I absolutely LOVE it. I actually first wrote about it here and then immediately purchased one for myself (from Minted) The throw was knit by one of the mom’s friends- which I also love!


This corner is almost done as well. I just need to hang a few things and get another rug to put under the chair because the rocker actually slips back a bit and bumps into the wall when I stand up out of it!

Here’s what I’ve got going:

Ottoman from Target (<- this is the closest I could find on the American website, since never listed items online. Oh, and they’re leaving Canada.)

Birch spice racks from Ikea (yet to be hung and will be used for books/stuffed animals)

Rocking Chair from

Pillow from Winners

Night Stand from Ikea, painted white

Lamp from Ikea (took from our guest bedroom)

Ceiling Lamp from Ikea (I am grossly obsessed with this light even though it’s about .00000002 seconds away from being in your grandmother’s house)

The center of the room is also crowded with the bouncer and car seat since I have no other place in the house to put them. I guess that’s what happens when at least 30% of any part of your house is being reno’d at any given time.

It’s crazy how bare the room still feels, yet I feel like I’ve shopped till I’ve dropped and spent more money than I care to admit. How does that happen? Oy.

PPS: Now i feel the need to shop for more baby things after having to link to all of them for this post. Wish my credit card good luck!