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So we think we’ve figured out why Wes was so grumpy- the kid is just like the dogs and likes to go OUTSIDE everyday. He was just having a nasty bout of cabin fever! After our usual morning routine and his nap (which lasted AN HOUR!) we bundled up and headed outside for a walk/run errands. He stayed awake the whole time and seemed to be so happy to look at all of his surroundings.

photo 1-128

I was able to go to the bank, pick up some groceries and round out our walk to the library and get both Wes and I library cards! (Seriously, non parents friends- I know this is such a snooze fest, but I am beyond thrilled to bring up to 99 FREE books home for Wes at a time. Not 100…only 99 at a time. That’s what the library said.)


Since outdoors and activity seem to be a constant need for the wee one (at what point do they transition to wanting-to-do-nothing kids…college?) I waited a bit after Wes’s lunch to throw in the Happy Baby Workout DVD that was gifted to me (thanks Athena, Liz and Ashley!)


Good news: he only barfed twice! Thank goodness it wasn’t during the bench presses.

photo 4-59

I was a sweaty mess after this workout- a 21 lb baby is quite the workout equipment. This tired him out enough for his second nap of the day.

Fast forward a bit, and we had stir fry for dinner, I walked the dogs and that’s the end of that.

photo 2-124


Today’s objective was to keep Wes as busy as possible to alleviate any grump attitude. Our morning went by pretty smooth, so after the breakfast/play/workout/nap, we went over to the mall to pick up a few more fleece pjs for Wes. Size: 24 months. INSANE.

photo 1-131

After we got back, we had lunch then walked over to the library to check out some books. I quickly grabbed a ‘Quick Picks for Baby’ bag and it wasn’t until I got home did I notice one of the things I checked out was a CD of lullaby renditions of Madonna songs. Day= MADE.

photo 2-125

I put Wes in the jolly jumperoo and played the CD and entertainment was had by all.

For dinner, I had a salad that I put together the day before and let marinate in the fridge overnight. It consisted of shaved brussel sprouts, walnuts, mozzarella, raisins, apples and a homemade maple honey vinaigrette. YUM. We also had some cheese tortellini (but that was mostly for Tyler).

photo 1-130

photo 3-90

I took the pups for a nice long walk after dinner. Mostly to help my digestion. But I guess in a sense it was also to help the dog’s digestion as well. Aka: Layla does her major pooping on our walks.


Another pretty good day in the books! I did a pilates workout in the morning and even managed to do my hair/makeup while Wes took his nap! GASP. We then ventured out to the mall because there was a vest I wanted on sale.


photo 1-132

I guess I wore a vest to go out and buy a vest.

It was a successful trip and I wanted to get more steps in, so we kept walking the mall for a while. Wes told me when he was done browsing, so we beelined to the nearest exit and got outta there.

Mr. was HUN-GRAY! He ate with a wide open mouth and was so happy to eat eat eat.

photo 2-126

photo 3-91

We played around for a bit and before I knew it, it was time for Wes to nap again. I’m trying to get as much as possible done around the house when he sleeps but sometimes I think I just need to nap too. If only I could fall asleep as fast!

To get more fresh air, we walked back over to the library to return yesterday’s books and pick up some more. We are really lucky to live so close to practically EVERYTHING. After I picked out about a dozen books, we left and I wound up walking around our neighborhood for an additional hour.

photo 4-61

Dinner was turkey burgers and roasted potatoes.

photo 5-37


Ugh. I don’t even want to talk about it. Got a 3:30am wakeup courtesy of THE BABY. He didn’t go back to sleep until 5:30 and then still woke up at the usual 7:45. My whole day started out of whack, because I wound up eating breakfast at 5am and then when back to sleep when he did. I guess I can’t complain because I did get a cumulative 8 hours of sleep from the night, but those early morning hours are very headache inducing.

photo 1-133

I didn’t get my workout done in the morning because mum SEE ABOVE. But it’s all good, I’m rolling with this *off* day. As close to tears as I was over the course of the day, I am super appreciative to have a happy and healthy baby so I’m just taking it all in stride.

I bundled us both up around 10am and walked over to the UPS store to pick up a package only to find the store was closed due to an emergency. WOMP. Trying to make the best of it, I walked around the neighborhood for another hour and Wes slept for most of the ride. Phew.

His second nap of the day wasn’t until 3pm at which point Tyler asked me if I wanted anything from the liquor store on his way home. My response? “ALL THE ALCOHOL”. My lunch consisted of some fruits, some veggies, some cheese, and a POT of coffee. Ay yay yay.

Again, not upset about this off day because I mean….CUTE MAN ALERT.

photo 2-127

I ate leftovers for dinner, did my workout, then headed to bed. I am all about hitting the hay as soon as Wes does. I need sleep to function!



How was your week? 

7 thoughts on “…From the Week

  1. My week was pretty good! I took today off and am dedicating it to a complete “wellness/ME” day.
    YOUR VEST OUTFIT: please tell me where you got your shirt & black vest from. I love it!

    Wes looks like the happiest baby I’ve ever seen. I want my own someday.

  2. My week was good! I got my butt handed to me in a workout last night, which doesn’t happen as much as I would like it to happen, so that was awesome. Wes has the cutest cubby cheeks in all those smiley pics- love it!

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