Weekend At A Glance

Hi friends! How are you? Did you have a good weekend? We didn’t do much over here, but if you’re reading this in desktop version you might have noticed I changed the blog’s format a bit. I’m still trying to play around with it- at least as much as I can without having to pay for any upgrades. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see/change! Continue reading

From the Week

Not much going on in our household this week. Some highlights if you will…

Monday: I got up early to get dressed (aka: look like a human) and take Wes to the mall to have his picture taken with Santa. Well, the kid slept until 9:15…..14 hours! I will NEVER hate on that!



We had chicken teriyaki for dinner, yum!


Tuesday: Took a trip to Michaels then hung out around the house the rest of the day.



I think Reggie is finally warming up to Wes. We had pork tenderloin for dinner and it was delicious!


Wednesday: I had two wisdom teeth removed in the morning. UGH. Honestly (and I’m writing this 2 days post-op) I’d rather go through natural childbirth again than have to deal with this. The procedure was quick, but the discomfort and inability to eat solid food is a huge freaking pain in the ass.


Eats throughout the day: smoothie, runny oats, soup, applesauce.

I had a later afternoon nap, so I was able to stay up and watch Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation with Tyler before getting to bed.

Thursday: Such a bummer that I have a swollen face and can’t eat. Tyler had even taken the day off to celebrate Thanksgiving, but we wound up just snacking on different things throughout the day (I had scrambled eggs, a smoothie, soup and pudding. WOOO).

I skipped a workout on Wednesday for obvious reason, but NEEDED to sweat so I did a lower body workout and only modified a bit on the jumping.

I did manage to get out of the house for a bit and pick up some necessities for Wes, but it wiped me out.

It was also my parents 49th anniversary! They spent the holiday in Woodstock, VT and I wish we could have been there with them!


After Wes went to bed, we watched Inside out in 3D and I fell asleep before 9pm.


That’s all from this end (at least from what I can remember), how was your week?

From the Weekend

No play by play on the weekend this week. I’m pretty sure if you scroll through the past dozen or so Weekend Recaps, you’ll see the same things happened. These would include:

  • eating pancakes Friday morning
  • watching a movie Friday night
  • pool class at the Y on Saturday afternoon
  • Costco
  • Sunday BRUNCH
  • hanging out
  • the end.

See? Same old same old. I hardly took any pictures either. But here’s what I’ve got..


Yup, Friday morning pancakes. While I watch an upside down, tummy sleeping Wes.


Snack: Apple slices w/pb, raisins and chocolate chips. I didn’t even want this, but it was the only healthy option in the house that wouldn’t fill me up too much before dinner.


Dinner: Leftover lasagna, caesar salad + garlic bread. Afterwards, I went to pick up another EXACT SAME jumperoo off Kijiji. Now we have one upstairs and downstairs!

Saturday dinner/dessert: CPK BBQ Chicken Pizza. I saw Costco now carries them! They’re one of my favorites (well, when you order it in the restaurant. The frozen ones aren’t the same quality, but they’re pretty OK for being frozen) & melted chocolate with Halos. Yumm.

I’m quickly realizing that many of my photos are of food. Too many.


There ya go, a photo of my boy. And Layla!


Committed a major party foul and accidentally used ONE CUP of butter for this recipe instead of 1/2 cup. The results? Not terrible, but yeah…super buttery. I am hoping that after a couple of days in tupperware they’ll set nicely and be edible.

Who am I kidding…I’m  still gonna chow down on them today. And tomorrow. I used this recipe and used Oreos, dark chocolate chunks and semi-sweet chocolate chips. And double the butter…don’t do that.


Another non-food picture! Wes, of course. He is an absolute black hole for solid food. As soon as I buy it, it disappears. It actually makes meal time for him pretty entertaining for me. Despite the fact that he chucks his toys on the floor about 20597139523502 times.


Random dinner of a mini cheese quesadilla and a portion of southwest chopped salad. 

Some other tidbits:

  • The pool was way too cold this weekend and Wes did NOT want to be in it, so we left after 5-10 minutes.
  • I had my first fall of the snow season and completely wiped out on the ice as I was getting out of the car at Costco. Made me GRUMPY.

How was your weekend??

From the Week


Mondays. Mondays are already ew on their own. But to start it off bright and early with a consultation for my wisdom teeth? Barf city. On the way to the appointment, I had a pretty delicious smoothie (vega chocolate nutritional shake, pb2, quinoa, greek yogurt, almond milk.)


I put Wes down for his nap as soon as I got home so I was able to fit my workout in. Once he was up, we played for a long ass time. My knees are starting to take a severe beating with all the up and down from the floor with a heavy baby!


After Wes went down for his afternoon nap, I headed out for yet another appointment, this time for my annual physical. The good news- my blood work came back with flying colors and I was in and out of there in about 20 minutes.


For dinner, Tyler whipped up some fajitas. SO DELICIOUS. It’s one of our go-to’s when we can’t decide what to have. I could probably eat them every day.


The evening was pretty typical- I walked the dogs, Wes got a bath, and we hung out until it was time for the dude to get to bed. I put him in his jolly jumper to wear him out a bit before bed time, and the kid.can.jump.

Wes jumping from Jen Linton on Vimeo.


Same old same old kinda day. Lots of playing with Wes.


Baby boy is obsessed with flipping now. He even slept on his belly during his naps! Layla’s not super impressed, but she’s tolerating it. Reggie could care less since he hardly touches the floor (he sticks to his bed or the couches as often as possible).

Long naps are great because I can get in my workout, shower and attempt to look somewhat human.


Later, I met up with Leigh and Brie at Craft for dinner. It was really nice to get out of the house and have some girl talk- even if I did stay up way past my bed time! Fish tacos for the win. The only downside: it started to snow while we were out. Ewww.



I woke up at 5 and noticed that Wes was on his tummy again, so I slept pretty crummy for another hour or so before getting up- it’s still a new position for him so I’m a bit paranoid he will suffocate or get stuck and freak out. (I know, I know, he’s most likely fine but I can’t help it!)

I did a lower body workout in the late morning that left me absolutely dead and wobbly. This means not only was it a great workout, but it was a CHORE trying to walk back up the stairs afterwards.

We had an appointment for Wes to check on a scratch he has on his nether region which turned out to be fine. I’m betting he just wanted in on the doctor-appointment action.


We picked up some groceries before heading home for lunch.

You know it’s a pretty decent day when you can take a 2pm soak while the baby sleeps. I’ll take it.


We had pulled pork sammies for dinner and went to bed just after 8pm.



It wasn’t even hard getting out of bed at 6:15am when you’ve had about 72 hours of sleep. That was fantastic. And yet, my cardio workout for the morning was ROUGH. I was gasping for air like a fool- but it was so worth it afterwards.

Wes has been really great going down for naps lately- he’s out in almost 5 minutes each time. I think I have finally started to pick up on his tired cues so I don’t haphazardly attempt a nap time when he’s not ready.


He slept on his tummy the entire night before, so I won’t be wrapping him in a blanket anymore.

Another thing- he figured out how to use a straw! I bought one of the Playtex straw cups and had him attempt it only twice before he got the hang of it. Solid food feedings are now just too funny- he wants to eat EVERYTHING and drink EVERYTHING and throw EVERYTHING.


And I somehow manage to still get in my snack plates. Even if it does come with a staring owl.

I also baked a loaf of apple cinnamon bread that is delicious! I didn’t make the topping as listed in the recipe, but instead topped with sliced apple pieces and dusted with cinnamon/sugar.


Dinner was a stuffed sweet potato (loaded with pulled pork, broccoli, cheese and green onions).


I took the pups out for a walk and it was SO SLIPPERY. Goddamn snow and ice. No wait, goddamn dogs. They’re terrible on the leash (better lately) and when combined with inclement weather..I am doomed.

I poured myself a glass of wine after Wes went down, but ended up only taking a couple of sips before calling it a night. WHO AM I.

Three Things Thursday

This week, I thought I’d share three of my latest favorite things

  1. TEXTURE. Oh man, you guys this app is my favorite. When Tyler got my new phone, he renegotiated our contract and a free subscription of texture came with it! (I think it’s for 3 years, yay!)


There are a TON of different magazines you have access to, and you can personalize your library with favorites. You can also see past editions, save articles…you name it. I’ve favorited a lot of family, parenting, health and fitness magazines and have already loved the ease of navigating the app. It’s about $10/mo and I think totally worth it, especially when you think of how much the physical copies are running these days. I think I love it even more now that I can view it on my larger phone screen!


2. Vega One Chocolate Nutritional Shake. Yup, I actually really love this stuff. I bought a large tub of it a few months ago when my Shakeology supply was running low and did NOT like it on my first try. BUT- I’ve since thrown it into my breakfast rotation a few times now and I have become a fan.


My go to smoothie recipe is as follows: 1 scoop vega, 2T PB2, 5T quick oats (or cooked quinoa if there are leftovers in the fridge), 1/4c frozen plain greek yogurt cubes, 3/4-1c unsweetened almond milk. TRY IT! (If Shakeology just so happened to appear in my stocking this Christmas, I wouldn’t complain).

3. Ava Anderson Products. When I was home in October, my friend Amy introduced me to these products (they have everything from home cleaning products to makeup, skincare, a mens line, baby line, etc) and even gave me quite a few samples to try.


This included full sized samples of the entire baby line! I’ve used all but the baby powder on Wes and love how gentle they are on his skin AND they smell heavenly. There is nothing better than smelling a baby’s head. I just soak up the post-bath lotion lathering time because it’s just a nice little bonding moment I get with Wes and I love knowing that I’m using a safe product on him.

Other samples she gave me included the cleanser, toner, hyaluronic acid, eye cream and moisturizer. I used them all and now only have the eye cream left which I USE RELIGIOUSLY.


Which reminds me, I need to order more…

I HIGHLY recommend these products to anyone interested in switching to non-toxic products. Or if you already do, try this brand out- they’re reasonably priced! Only downfall: they currently do not ship to Canada. (I will have my orders sent to my mom so she can forward them up to me! If any of my Canadian friends are interested in ordering some product, let me know and we can work out the shipping kink;) )

*the link provided above is to Amy’s consultant page where you can order through her!