From the Week

Woohoo for Friday! Forecast for this weekend: chores and sleep. Sleep sleep sleep. Some stuff that happened this week:

Monday: We started off the day nice and early with a  stroll to the library. Gotta love nice weather that allows for us to get some fresh air! We picked a little corner and got some books and just hung out for a while. There were some other kiddos there too, but they sounded a bit destructive otherwise I would have had Wes try to mingle.





We left a while later with a ton of new books to enjoy at home. I even checked one out for myself!

Then I got a huge surprise in the mail. Tyler ordered me a professional light tent set! I am entirely too excited to use this (and it’s WAY better than the light box I constructed myself. I know a few of you were asking how I made it, but it was so crappy that you’re now spared the instructions. haha).


I already have it set up on a table in the basement and it’s just waiting for its first victim! 🙂

The weather was all too sunny, so I decided to take Wes for another stroll around the neighborhood. This time in the wagon! He just sat there pretty content and checking everything out.






We had leftovers for dinner and spent the remainder of the evening just hanging out. This guy is really starting to enjoy his bath time and gets super giggly throwing all of this toys out of his basket over and over again.




Tuesday: I checked the monitor before getting out of bed to get Wes and he was sitting up! Oh man, he’s just minutes away from crawling and I am just not ready for that yet!


We met up with Alison and her kiddos at the zoo. Just my luck Wes fell asleep about 5 minutes before we got there. And of course he woke up when I tried to transfer him into the Bob. There was no one at the zoo and we whizzed through almost the entire park in about an hour before heading home. Then, Wes fell asleep AGAIN five minutes before we got home. Same thing happened and he woke up when I took him out.


I attempted getting him down for a nap a couple of times before he FINALLY fell asleep around 2pm. He slept for 2 hours, but he was so out of whack that he woke up SUPER grumpy and stayed that way until bed time. Boo.

The only thing keeping him somewhat entertained was trying to pull himself up on the step. Or maybe he was doing a yoga pose? Who knows. Babies are weird.


The grump took a lot of my time and energy that dinner was easy peasy: chicken, cous cous, and spicy roasted potatoes.


Wednesday: After a yummy pancake breakfast, Wes and I walked to Safeway for a grocery run then browsed around a few other stores in the shopping center before heading home. The early morning air + an exciting WesOnWheels session tuckered him out for a good, long nap!


I seriously love taking advantage of this crazy good weather, so we headed over to a different shopping center after lunch and walked around for a bit. (Picking up a few necessities, of course. Dang it, even going for walks causes me to spend money!) Before heading home, I ran the car through the car wash and Wes was amazed.


Oh- and we had a delicious dinner! I made Crockpot Minestrone Soup (+ added chicken). I also made a cake. The cake is already gone. Never leave me home alone with a cake. Full disclosure: Tyler did help eat it.


It’s funny that the day after Wes has a ‘grump day’ he tends to be extremely happy. Case in point:


All smiles the whole day! His lack of afternoon naps lately have caused him to zone out pretty early which has been a pretty nice treat for me and Tyler.

Thursday: No morning outing for us. It was entirely too windy to go for a walk, so we played with EVERY toy in the house and hopped from room to room to keep it interesting. After lunch, I tried to take some photos of Wes with Layla (wearing some of his latest goodies from our Wee Nation box) but it was a HUGE no go. Mr Grump did not want to wear his hat. Or sit still. I was seriously considering a glass of wine at that point.





Even his non smiley photos are adorable!

We got out of the house and went to the dollar store, Walmart (strictly to stockpile on Easter candy before it sells out), and Michaels. I just realized that I’ve been on the same tank of gas for 3 weeks now. Woohoo!

When we got home, Wes pulled out his personalized plank (A gift from his aunt, uncle and cousin for Christmas) and was mesmerized by it for almost 2 hours. Seriously, a piece of wood is that interesting.


We had naked dinner (Ok, just Wes. Tyler and I kept our clothes on) and bedtime came early once again.


Workouts from the week: Week 1 of Beta from Focus T25 and a 45 minute walk the the doggies each night.

Phew, I am exhausted! But I am so happy with the amount of out-of-the-house time Wes and I had this week. Here’s to hoping the weekend is just as nice!

PS: *Shoutout to all you readers that never comment* I’d love to hear from ya! That said, I dare you to comment below! You can tell me a joke or something random from your week or a new recipe you’ve come across that you think I should try!

16 thoughts on “From the Week

  1. Um, invite us to the zoo next time?! 😉

    I love the basket in the tub for baths! He always looks so happy! Do you ever let him lay flat in the water? (Obviously in like an inch deep). Sully loved doing that when he was younger and his little arms and legs would just go crazy kicking lol.

    Oooh and a a pro light tent?! Fancy!! Have you played around with it yet??

    • Let me know when you want to go next! Depending on the weather, I’m gonna try to get there once a week…even if it’s just for a quickie. Wes is a rolling machine lately, so I never really got into laying him in the water- he seems to really like reaching around the basket and throwing all of his toys out. REPEATEDLY. The light tent is really nice, but now I think I need to better figure out all the damn settings on my’s so advanced for me haha

  2. I need that pro light tent. I have no natural light when I need it, so this would be a great idea. I used the baskets for bath tubs. So great. Looks like you had a pretty good weekend and I love all the photos of Wes.

  3. I love the picture of him in the wagon, so cute!

    Do you like your car seat? We have the Britax B-Safe Elite infant car seat, and I think I want to stick with a Britax when we switch to a convertible seat. What kind do you have/ will it grow with him?

  4. Hey Jen! I love reading your updates, and that is one seriously cute kid! Plans for St Paddys…? I am coming over for two days (16th – 18th). Also, give “Foldio” a Google. Youre probably pretty set now with the light box that Tyler got, but this one is super handy and folds up! It’s what I use. I think they might have another Kickstarter on the go right now? Not entirely sure…

  5. That lightbox looks awesome and it looks like you guys are getting great weather too! Seriously we’ve hardly had winter, it’s so nice isn’t it?! 🙂 I’m totally one of your readers that never comments… SORRY! Haha

    • haha, you have from time to time 🙂 Plus, you have 2 kiddos- one brand new so time if premium!! I am really excited to play around with this tent, but even more excited for spring/summer this year to use natural light and take photos of Wes outdoors!

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