Hey guys, happy Monday. I’m in need of a GIANT cuppa joe today (thank God I jumped back on the coffee wagon. PHEW). I managed to get 8+ hours of sleep each night, but all the fresh air from the weekend has me wiped. Not many eventful things happened with us, so here’s some highlights.

Friday: Wes and I walked over to the library to pick up the current book for Brie’s book club. After we grabbed it, we continued to walk around the neighbourhood for an additional 45 minutes or so. There was still a bit of snow on the ground from the day before, but it was sunny and quickly warming up as we were outside!




We had a quick and easy sausage dinner then Tyler played video games with his brother (do they ever grow out of that? Seriously!) while I watched Room then hit the sack.


Saturday: Tyler brought all our empties to the bottle return just as Wes went down for his morning nap. He brought me back a Nutella donut from Tims so I was a happy lady! Later in the day, we went to Costco0 – the usual. One of the most exciting purchases? Stemless wineglasses.


I helped Tyler with some of our en suite demo before quickly getting bored of it and opting to take the dogs for their walk instead.


We ended the day with some pizza and watched The Hateful Eight. Holy hell was that a long and boring movie. Waste of a Saturday night in my opinion!

Sunday: Morning play time is getting a bit more fun with Wes crawling around. Although, I do have to be super careful to keep on eye on him and what he gets into.


He had some leftover pb toast from breakfast and kept having ‘drive-by” snacks. (a bite each time we lapped around the table).


We headed over to Glenbow Ranch for a nice walk after lunch. Turns out, mister Wes was still hungry from not eating most of his food, so he was a bit of a grump. Luckily, I was able to hold off the whining with some snacks I packed. That, and he just didn’t want to sit in the stroller.


Wes enjoyed some leftover pizza for dinner. He is his father’s son and loves the pie! And I am just about finished the book club book already. Enjoyed with a beer of course 😉




I think I have to blame my lack of pictures on my latest love for snapchat. Are you on it? Add me!


How was your weekend?