From the Week

Happy Friday, everyone! Tyler has the day off because of Easter (already?!!) so we’ll be doing some familyish things 🙂 This past week seems a blur- lots of ups and downs, ins and outs. Backtracking..

Monday: Wes slept in longer than I anticipated, so I started the day by baking a cake! More specifically, a cereal bowl cake. Of course if I placed the photo of mine next to the one from the site I followed it from, then it would look like a total Pinterest fail. The good news? It still tasted fantastic. (even if it was loaded with way too much shortening and butter for my liking and I have been bloaty as hell all week from eating it!)


Afterwards, I made my To Do list for the day. And almost immediately, one of them was crossed off: quitting my job.


I was scheduled to return to work on April 17th but submitted my resignation letter making it final! I could make this a really long story, but to cut it down: I had been in talks with HR about possibly working part time and/or from home…blah blah blah…since I was the best performer in my position that my head boss had seen in 16 years it might be an option…blah blah blah….a quick (and less than friendly) phonecall later, I was told no.

That’s all I needed to really solidify my decision to stay home, so I quickly typed up the letter and POOF I’m a SAHM. I’m still looking for part-time work, but I’m finding that to be a bit more difficult than I anticipated. I know everything will work out in the end, but it’s still giving me lots of wishy-washy feelings. And lots of sleepless nights.

Back on the happy track..

We got a package delivered that happened to be some goodies I won for Wes. Yay!


Later in the afternoon, we headed out to Chestermere to pick up a Bob stroller. We already have one, but this one is a bit newer and was a steal! Now if only I can sell our existing, it’ll be a wash.

The trip there and back took longer than expected and Wes turned into a Grump McDump in the car. Once we were home, a bottle and lots of snacks did the trick. And by the time dinner came around, I was able to enjoy chicken fajitas while Wes was a happy baby in the tub.



Tuesday: Wes is getting a lot more mobile and loves to hoist himself up on the couches. Especially when Reggie is napping. So far, Reggie doesn’t seem to mind, but I don’t trust that beagle at all! I make sure to be close by whenever Wes tried to get playful. And we’re also very interested in taking all the workout videos off the shelf.




We bundled up and headed out for our inaugural ride in the new (to us) Bob. So nice! Wes loves sitting more upright, so it was a pleasant walk.


Eats for the day included cake (duh) and BBQ pulled pork quesadillas for dinner. Wes is slowly starting to love squishing bananas rather than eating them. Good thing for us: he’ll actually eat the then squished banana.




I wish I remember more from Tuesday. But……nope.


Wednesday: I always wait for Wes to go down for his morning nap before diving into my workout for the day, but I’m thinking that might have to change. He’s been protesting naps which has been keeping us in the house longer than I’d like to be. And then I don’t get my workouts done until later in the day when he finally does go down. Maybe *that’s* why I’ve been in a funk all week? I’d like to think so. I’m going to change up the ‘schedule’ next week and see if that helps!

Once the nap was had and lunch was eaten, we got dressed and ran a couple of errands before heading down the street to the park. PS: Apparently our community is getting rid of this one park and replacing it with a sport court. (Yes, it’s as dumb as it sounds). I got pretty ticked when I heard about it, so I wrote a VERY opinionated letter to the board. Fingers crossed the park stays as is! I remember living across the street from a park growing up and I would go there every evening after dinner with my parents. I want to be able to do the same with Wes!






Poor boy was crawling up into his bin of toys the night before and fell face first into the TV console. I am DYING over the gash on his lip and have been putting cream on it in hopes it’ll heal ASAP.

Once Tyler got home, I ran out real quick to drop resumes off at some local businesses. I got quickly rejected so THAT was a huge kick in the face.

We had leftover pork for dinner. Nothing fancy!


Thursday: I wish I could say Thursday started off nice, but it didn’t. I didn’t sleep a wink the night before and was in the worst fog. I think it’s the combination of my hormones levelling out + anxiety from quitting my job (aka no more money coming from me) + feeling dejected from applying to other part time opportunities. Grrr.


The good news is that after a good cry and a quick soak in the tub, I was able to take Wes out for a nice long walk. I knew the fresh air and stretching my legs would help me get a different perspective. And it did.

Until the babe decided to fight his nap again. Then I felt let down again. (Maybe it’s too much one on one time with Wes and I need more adult interaction? Probably. But that requires pants. Too hard.)

Once he passed out, I got my workout done and BOOM the better mood returned!




He’s so sweet I can’t even stand it.

The nap didn’t last long, and fortunately for me, neither did the rest of the afternoon. We headed out to get an Easter outfit for him, came home for tacos, then he was out! I took the evening to enjoy a LONG bath.


And just like that, the week is over.

18 thoughts on “From the Week

  1. quitting your job must’ve been so hard, but I kind of felt like that was coming! You really seem to love being home with Wes- and now you can save on child care 🙂 I’m sure you’ll find something- have you thought of starting to teach again? If the gym has child care that might be fun!

    • i MUCH more prefer the mom job than the finance job. if only being a mom paid the bills hahaha. i would teach again but it’s either at the Y (and they have insanely crazy guidelines) or Goodlife- where it’s pretty much either zumba or body pump. There’s no place besides starting my own bootcamp that would allow for creativity! I’d love to maybe see if I can get a few gals to do an outdoor bootcamp this summer, so long as the $ is hush hush haha

  2. I’m curious – because you aren’t returning to work do you need to re-pay your may leave to revenue Canada? Brave you either way it couldn’t have been easy for you or Tyler making that big decision.

  3. Awww the pics of Wes sleeping on you are so sweet! What an emotional week for you! What kinds of jobs did you apply to this week? I definitely think time out with adults (without your kid) is crucial to your sanity! You can do it – and you can still wear leggings! or a dress! or shorts! no one said pants had to be worn! 😉

  4. I am so sorry that your work wouldn’t work with you to work part time. I would love that if mine did as well. I need to work (money), but hope someday soon I won’t have to. Poor Wes. I am so sorry that he cut open his lip (it happens) and he hasn’t been napping as well. My girls are going through a change in their napping as well.

    • the financial loss part of it is what absolutely kills me. BUT childcare here is SO expensive, that I would be going to work full time and be away from my child 40+ hours a week and only taking away a couple hundred bucks a month. not worth it in the long run. plus, I’m trying to stay optimistic that I’ll find something to supplement. PS: have you ever tried Beachbody (haha that’s my sales pitch right there)

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